A big difficulty of playing Dungeon Defenders around launch has been the post-release re-balancing. There has been a lot of it. Daily patches have not been unusual, and those have contained both bug fixes and balance changes. I don’t know if strategies that worked last week still work. I do know that some things from two weeks ago don’t work any more.

This is not a good post-release state. It will presumably pass, but to paraphrase SynCaine, WTF kind of developer releases something that needs a 50% nerf? That particular one got walked back a bit, but the numbers you see in patch notes are not small. Scroll through patch notes and count how many times something has changed by 20% or more. 20+% is not a tweak.

This is interesting in the sense that there is always something new to re-learn, but one does not make plans on that basis. It is hard to feel invested in a character or a world when this much is in flux.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Re-Re-Balance”

  1. Oh my, that’s quite the balancing situation. Never noticed myself, been waiting for custom content to be released/made.

    Aren’t they trying to add some PvP modes into the game too? Hah! Good luck with that mess…

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