Misleading Metrics

I wanted to give DC Universe Online another shot, so I booted it up. “Download a GB.” Hmm, I have a bunch of other games I could play right now. Before bed, I started a bunch of games and programs that needed updates. They were all ready to go when I next came back. But Steam is now under the impression that I have spent more than 12 hours playing DCUO.

I’m wondering how many other /played stats are driven by overnight AFKs. In City of Heroes, it was common for badge hunters to leave the game running overnight to farm healing, damage, or time under crowd control effects. The /played will be how much time that character has been logged on, but it’s not quite what we mean by how much time you’ve spent on that character.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Misleading Metrics”

  1. Raptr recently logged a 23 hours session of Battlefield 3 for me. Turns out that the game didn’t quit correctly and the bf3.exe process was still running.

  2. The killer for that was Everquest, where you had to leave your machine on and a character logged in in order to have a vendor up in the Bazaar. We left both PCs on 24/7 for a couple of years back in the mid-noughts. I’d imagine our vendor characters show as our most-played ever.

  3. EverQuest II selling was all online at the start as well, so I used to leave my first character logged on all day while I was at work and all night when I was asleep. At this point, 7 years later, I am not sure I have actually played the game in total for as many hours as he was online in those first months.

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