More Midriffs

Dungeon Defenders will be implementing gender-swapped versions its 4 classes. These will be new classes (update: new skills, same towers), not a cosmetic option for the existing 4.

The concept art shows that the Ranger is wearing only slightly more than the Huntress. And hey, so are all the female characters. Every female character needs a bare midriff, it seems, not just gnome death knights. To the chagrin of some players, the Countess is not running around in her underpants, with most parts covered except that midriff; she also lacks a gorget, but at least she’s not in a chainmail bikini.

I do like the Adept’s glasses. Jinkies!

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “More Midriffs”

  1. The Adept would be better if she weren’t also sporting the mid-riff/tube-top/short-skirt look, she could still look cute with a little more on. Also good to know the squire is protecting those vital organs…breasts I mean, with perfectly contoured plate.


    Appealing to the gay crowd now, eh?

    Sorry don’t mind me..

  3. Are these classes really new? It looks like they have two new class skills, but the tower defenses are the same as their current counter-parts… at least that’s my understanding.

    I haven’t coughed up the $4.99 to verify. I’d like to at least beat the dragon in hard mode before increasing my investment :).

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