Endurance Mode

I made a run at that Dungeon Defenders endgame. I have run Survival before, but here we go, real attempt to see how far I can go. It was physically painful. I was on the same map for hours. I’m told that a better geared player could get through wave 25 in less than 7 hours; I must have been in the 5 or 6 range when I ended at Wave 19. I was fatigued and starting to have problems seeing things, although you don’t need to see too well to when you’re on the same map for hours. I went with a small map, Alchemical Laboratory, and I don’t know if a larger one would feel more varied or just have more running around/waiting. I did get that decent ranged DPS weapon (48k DPS before P Shot, may upgrade armor to boost that) I wanted and a bunch of improved armor, so I can try more things now.

The latest patch that improved the loot ramp (better stuff earlier) came some hours after I tried my Survival run, so it might even be worthwhile to try a bit again. With vastly improved damage, it could go much more quickly. But there is definitely a problem with incentivizing players to play on the same map for hours. It’s not even setting up a camp and farming; this is the actual game, being played as intended and designed with progression. I will definitely need to be in the right mood for that kind of thing, and I’ll need voice chat or something to distract me.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Endurance Mode”

  1. Sounds like it was still fun. Though less Disneyland-fun, and more climbing-K2-fun.

  2. I did a 15-wave Deeper Well survival the other day just to get the pet. I did this at level 50 (I’m seriously running out of steam on trying to get to 70). Even at 15 waves it was starting to get painful.

    I like Pure Strategy mode a bit better because you can set it and forget it (take that Ron Popeil). Although I’ve seen some tricks where people sell and recreate towers so they can Upgrade during the wave as a full-heal mechanism.

    I bought Sanctum over the weekend during the Steam sale (4.98 for the original plus all DLC). I couldn’t pass up that deal but I have to say it’s not nearly as good as Dungeon Defenders.

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