Loving Skyrim

Another great night in Skyrim confirms my original opinion, that this is the best game I’ve ever played.

Here is just one highlight:

I was out exploring with my constant companion Lydia by my side when we came upon a horse standing there, saddle and everything. I started thinking to myself, free horse. I approached with caution when I heard the screech and roar from above, a dragon! It looks like the dragon wanted the horse more than I did and it proceeded to attack the horse. The owner of the horse, a hunter, came out of the woods to try to defend. We joined in the fight.

Over the next 20 minutes we fought all over the side of the large hill covered in ruins as well as in the forest. It was as close to an epic battle as I have had in a game. I was close to death several times and I lost track of Lydia at some point. I burned through all my arrows and had to find little hiding spots to heal up.

The end result: dead dragon, dead hunter, dead horse. Lydia survived.

That was amazing fun.

P.S. Mammoths are killers.

– Ethic

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12 thoughts on “Loving Skyrim”

  1. There are so many things to do, just when i thing my quest book would not hold any more, it gets bigger. With this game you really need to manage time, and quest goals.

    my current goals are daedric items, but only if they are on the way to another quest, and it seems to work great, while i search for a scroll, I have found a couple items.

    good luck and be prepared to do evil for the scrolls.

    1. I’ve hardly done that many quests. Mostly I’ve just been exploring. I find a cave, I go in and clear it out. There are so many things hidden away, I love it.

      1. The nice thing about that is sometimes you can ‘complete’ a quest early by getting the item, other times you won’t be able to progress passed a locked door or something. Much better than an invisible wall in every quest cave until you have the quest.

        That said, in my current game I’ve actually sold (and hence permanently lost) one quest item already, so I would recommend storing anything that looks like it might be a unique item in your house chest just to be safe.

  2. For me it was the quest up Paarthurnax’ mountain. first that epic climb, then the scenario that followed (which I won’t spoil), all I could think was “this is the greatest quest I have experienced in my entire life”. I have played fantasy RPGs since the SNES era, I’ve played them on so many platforms for 20ish years – Skyrim had me dumbstruck, fighting tears. it is plain beautiful and feels, maybe for the first time ever, like a genuine, living breathing world.

    not all the time of course and there are quests and moments that will still frustrate, but all the epic moments in between make up for everything. and I keep looking forward to the future – image just how much better games can still get!! we live in wonderful times, hehe! =)

  3. These are the exact same experiences I’m having! Glad someone has time to write about them, because everytime I go to blog about Skyrim, I decide I’d rather play it instead.

    And yeah, those mammoths are killers. I watched one dispatch some ice wraiths with EXTREME prejudice.

  4. Here’s an interesting thing…
    Once you get out of the tutorial bear cave, both of your companions will say “We should split up”. On my first character, I chose to follow the guy down to Riverwood, and away we go!

    Three weeks ago or so, I started a second character*, and when he said “we should split up”…I did exactly that. I wound up in Falkreath. There’s not a whole lot to do there, but one of the first quests sends you across the map to Riften and back, while another sends you to the northern most part of the map and back. This makes for an interesting journey when you refuse to fast travel. =)
    I’ve been to Whiterun for a couple of things. I’ve been to Riverwood a couple of times. I’m not deliberately avoiding either place – but there just hasn’t been anything that has sent Mindy to either place, then led to something worth her sticking around for.
    The result?
    I’m now level 21, have three or four Words of Power, and have yet to see a dragon outside the one at Helgen. I’m starting to wonder if it’s possible to ‘save Skyrim from the dragons’ by doing everything *but* the main questline. =)
    I’m a bit of a roleplayer at heart – or author, depending how you squint your eyes. I view the world through the character’s eyes. Man, Mindy is **confused** by all that word of power business. And when she got to Whiterun, and took the sword to the Jarl, and he started in on this business about dragons at Helgen?
    “Wait. What? Jarl Druul or whatever… Like, that was…um…a couple of *months* ago. Haven’t seen a dragon since. No offense or nothin’, but I think your sense of imminent danger is a little tilted.”

    * Mindy Clarkson, a download off of SkyrimNexus. The author set up a sort of interesting backstory, and did a couple interesting things in the console like ‘setscale .85′ – so if the men are 6’ or so and the women are 5’9 or 5’10”, then Mindy’s about 5’1″. It’s a subtle but fun change. I wound up writing a Skyrim batch file that adjusts a targeted NPC’s height by X, and an autohotkey script that runs every 10 seconds that randomizes the X in that batch file (random between 0.85 to 1.05)

  5. I got Lydia killed off by accident early on, I have had better luck with Marcurio the mage from Riften. I took on 2 dragons & a giant with him & survived with no issues. Dragons don’t last long against arrows & magic.

    1. I like Lydia – she has a nice voice and takes an occasional accidental smack or two when she gets in the way. So whenever she dies I re-load and make her wait while i kill off everything. I’m upto level 39 with her.

      How can you let her go if she swears to protect you with her life? :)

  6. Skyrim is indeed an awesome, awesome game. I hit my 30 hour mark yesterday and Lydia was finally killed in a dungeon from an intense fight from some necromancers and a few bandits.

    I have never played a game before where I was so saddened to have lost an NPC companion. I dragged her corpse to a nice area of the dungeon and laid her weapons about her. It was very difficult to leave her behind when I exited the dungeon.

    That’s the kind of experience that Skyrim provides and I’m loving every minute of it.

  7. I really want to go on and on about this game but I am also trying to avoid any spoilers. I’m playing this game without reading anything about it so if I can’t figure it out in game, too bad. Therefore I’m trying to avoid posting anything that might ruin the same feeling for others.

  8. I’m absolutely loving it. My first playthough ate 116 hours, and I only decided to finish the game because I accidentally overpowered myself, so I decided to wrap up that playthrough and be more careful next time

    Warning: While stealth and magic scale reasonably and maintain a good difficulty level, if you play melee combat, smith and enchant, you can very easily get grossly overpowered very quickly. One-shot Alduin on master overpowered.)

  9. A best game? Meh…

    I guess you’re just lucky to elect to play it the “proper way” (which I guess is not touching magic, stealth, and probably archery — so I guess only melee). If you’d make a mistake of selecting e.g. destruction magic, you’d be roasting mammoths and giants by level 6 or 7 without any real problems… And if you make a mistake of actually using healing magic and having a bow with you — dragons are so underwhelming, it’s not funny — hell, a boss bandit in a cave is far more dangerous that a dragon.

    Yeah, I guess I’m bitter and disappointed about the whole “game” part of Skyrim. I do grant it the “world” thingy.

    Anyway, if it works for you — then by all means of course enjoy it! You might want to steer clear of magic/possibly stealth/possibly archery if you don’t want to trivialize the fighting. Oh, and most definitely don’t ever enchant fire on your weapon!

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