Steam has encouraged people to use their wishlist function by occasionally giving away the top 10 items on folks’ wishlists. This is a good tactic. This year, they had the added wisdom to do so in early December. Stock those wishlists for holiday gift-giving, and oh, come and visit every day for your chance to win (and to see what you could get your friends at a great discount, nudge nudge). It’s a great marketing tactic.

And it works, because Ethic got me Guild Wars Trilogy. Thanks! I may have some comments on the game sometime. Because you know I would review Casablanca as if it had just come out.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Timing”

  1. I spent quite a while optimising my Steam wish list: I sorted all Steam games by price and picked the ten most expensive games that I am interested in, leaving out any game that is likely to come on sale on the near future.

    By the way you should totally play Guild Wars. Even if the game doesn’t really grab you it is full of “Gosh I wish other games did that” features.

  2. Yar, Ethic got me From Dust. Was very nice of him. :)

    I don’t know whether it’s good or bad though that I own many, many of the games that I had to click through. I know I haven’t played all of them. /sigh

  3. Zubon, if you decide to play Guild Wars, we should group together here and there. I just recently reinstalled it in antisipation of Guild Wars 2.

    Its been ages since I played and I was so deep into WoW at the time, I really just dabbled so I didn’t really appreciate what GW had to offer at the time.

    Looking forward to booting Prophecies up and maybe picking up the expansions if I get into it.


    1. I have a Ranger 5 named Habibu Angela in the Sunspear area, whichever one of the trilogy that is (the second?). I’m not really sure how to meet up with folks and such, but I’m up for whatever as I wander about with no real agenda.

      1. That is number three of the campaigns, nightfall. The other two are, in chronological order, Guild Wars (named Prophecies by the players) and GW: Factions.

        To meet up with Cyndre, you will need his Ingamename and then set a place where to meet, which has to be in a town or outpost, since GW is completely instanced. So, if you, for example, meet in Kamadan American District 3, one of you adds the other to the group, jumps out into the field and there you go. Not really different from picking heroes and henchmen.

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