[LOTRO] Sensible Folk

My captain is legendary. His name has been sung across Eriador, in the depths of Moria, and his legend is swiftly growing east of the Misty Mountains. The captains latest tales tell of crippling Dol Guldur’s armies. During his journey into Enedwaith, he happened upon a lost colony of hobbits. Good folk living on their own in some small canyonlands. Some big, armored galoomph comes along, and what do they ask of this god walking among mere mortals to do as a token of friendship. Well this picture has a couple dozen words:

Turbine devs doing this kind of reminds me what Viktor Taransky (Pacino) did to his digitally created star in the movie Simone. I expect to be cleaning horse stalls in Rohan as part of mounted combat pre-training.*


*mounted combat not confirmed, as far as I know.

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  1. Maybe they’re particularly stinky turds and only someone of your legendary constitution can withstand the stench long enough to collect them?
    It does seem a little silly… Ranks up there with having a Jedi kill ten rats.

  2. Clearly he’s either never heard of you, or none of the other hobbits are willing to do it and he’s willing to foot the substantial bill to hire a legend like yourself to go poo-collecting.

  3. He has trouble collecting his own, what with being rooted to the spot and unable to move. How he will use it with that disability is another question.

    Luckily, the quest is repeatable.

  4. LOTRO seems to have an extraordinarily excessive number of such quests. Other games have them, but the LOTRO devs seem to revel in sending “heroes” off to do the most idiotic and/or demeaning tasks imaginable.

  5. Honestly, I skipped that quest hub, the quests from the ranger camp nearby were interesting enough, but when I got to the hobbit village, took one glance at the quests, it was kill 10 of that, pick up 10 of this, collect 10 of that, and thought better of it. I think the devs thought the players might enjoy the ‘whimsy’ of it, there is even a hidden deed to repeat the boar dropping quest for an apt decoration for your lawn.

  6. There are two major things wrong with this quest:

    1. The existence of a “lost colony of hobbits”.

    2. Said hobbits voluntarily bringing themselves to the attention of large men in armor.

    Compared to those two giant stumbling blocks, being asked to help the hobbits gather fertilizer seems almost reasonable.

    1. It actually starts out pretty humorous. You happen upon a hobbit lying there at the town gates.

      ‘Oy, a human! I’ve heard of you. Go kill that thing over there.’

      Said hobbit is then tickled pink that you did what he said, and all the townshobbits start their conversations with ‘that one hobbit sure does like you.’

      So, it really is a lost colony of hobbits believing you are there for the purpose of helping them.

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