[GW, LoL] Half-Naked Women of the North

Having met GW’s Norns and LoL’s newest champion, I notice that Jora and Sejuani have about the same costumes, certainly in terms of square millimeters covered. The Norn men are similarly attired, so I presume they have human-looking skin that is actually warmth-preserving hide? They turn into bears, so I can see why you might not want to be encased in metal when you hulk-out. Sejuani must be hide-bound as well, because she is a mounted champion with no pants. She has big furry boots but no chaps. I might go for “maybe their shaggy boars are soft rather than prickly,” but she has a saddle. Any stories about how your legs felt the day after you rode a horse in just bikini bottoms? Not a gentle ride, mind you, since this is a war mount going full out, and she has no reins (and both hands full anyway), so she is steering a raging boar with her legs while also clinging on to anchor herself while swinging her flail. The big WoW shoulderpads that are presumably stapled to her bare shoulders are a nice touch.

Looking at the other snow-themed champions, Nunu (little boy) is in a full parka; Anivia is a bird; Frostfire Annie (little girl) gets a knee-length dress; Freljord Ashe (female) is just as covered as Ashe (mostly, with bare thighs and upper chest); Arctic Warfare Caitlyn (female) gets full marks for snug wool; Frost Queen Janna (female) is about as covered as Janna (bikini with some trailing cloth); Freljord Rammus is an armadillo; Volibear is a bear; and I don’t think most of the holiday skins (Snowmerdinger, Reindeer Kog’Mow, Festive Maokai, Candy Cane Miss Fortune, Silent Night Sona, Earnest Elf Tristana) count. I’m sure there are more examples, but I’m tired of looking through champion skins.

TV Tropes has several hundred examples of chainmail bikinis and their variants in fiction (and some in real life). Sejuani seemed especially noticeable as someone wearing almost nothing (1) while going into combat (2) in the frozen north (3) riding on a saddle. Or is the idea that she actually wears clothing in the snow, but the Summoner’s Rift feels like the balmy tropics to her (but she really likes the furry boots)?

I’m thinking of putting together a variation on the Bechdel test for video games. For human-like player characters and major NPCs, take the number of male characters showing more than 20% of the skin below their necks and divide by the number of female characters covering more than 20% of the skin below their necks. This has the added bonus of automatically factoring in how many games have important male characters outnumber important female characters 3-to-1.

: Zubon

But I totally want Sejuani tanking and Ashe as our AD carry when I’m playing Anivia. Easy double-damage on E, woo!

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  1. Clearly, she joined the league to get some sun tanning. She kept the boots and helmet since it’s one thing to decide you want your skin to be chocolaty goodness, but another thing altogether to state you are no longer a freljordian.

  2. Yeah, there was actually a blog post about the norn. Apparently their bodies generate an enormous amount of heat, so even in the EotN areas they’re pretty cozy. The bear form thing apparently acts like DnD druids’ wild form, where their armor merges into it or something.

  3. I think the idea behind this is that gamers are mostly young teen boys with raging hormones. I don’t believe gaming companies have caught up to the idea that there is a much higher percentage of women gamers. Also the male gamers are getting older, and are often playing with a female girlfriend/wife these days. If I recall correctly I read somewhere when writing a paper for school that the average gamer is 34 years old these days.

    I know for myself I am 32, play games with my wife, and my 7 and 4 year old sons are wanting to play the games I play.

    Game companies really could start to dress the women characters more realistically now, I don’t think it will cost them in sales.

    1. Agreed. I’m 30, with a wife and a 2-year-old daughter. It would be nice to play League of Legends and not have to feel embarrassed when my wife comments on my AP carry’s choice of wardrobe.

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