[GW] Menagerie Filling

Something I haven’t seen in guides: is there reason to prefer one pet type over another? I have seen that some do slashing damage and some piercing, but other than that, I have not found anything saying that a bear is more effective than a flamingo is more effective than an iguana is more effective than a rabbit? While I love the idea of rampaging around with a bunny or lawn decoration, I’d hate to be missing out on special moa powers.

: Zubon

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  1. I think the different species are just for aesthetic/roleplay purposes. What really matters is how they evolve. But I’m not a ranger expert, so I could be WAY TOTALLY WRONG.

    1. Don’t choose bear because even though it has a special skill it lowers DPS… otherwise it’s just damage type, and like Elixabeth said how they evolve…. which is a tiring mini-game in itself.

      1. You don’t have to worry as much about evolution with the menagerie. Once you get it to level 20 I think that even if it has evolved to hearty you can add it to the menagerie and get new pets with any evolution.

  2. Mechanic-wise, the only difference in the pets is the damage type, and the bear. Bears use the Brutal Mauling skill which can benefit from paragon shouts affecting allies using skills, at the cost of their attack speed.

  3. So this flamingo really is as good as it gets, unless I want the cosmetic of a filled-out menagerie. I’ve put a few levels on an iguana, so I think I’ll finish that out. I’m tempted by the level 20 bunny…

  4. I usually use three wolves. Grey, Black, White.
    I also have three different moas. White, Black, Normal.

    They are basically color-coded. I know which pet belongs to which ranger/character.

    I suggest unlocking the “Hearty” and “Dire” evolutions for your favorite pet with faction points. Some prefer the higher HP pool of hearty pets but I believe higher damage and some 12 points in beast mastery make dire pets more likely to get attacked due to the lower hp max and also makes them do good damage.

  5. That there are no bad pets with exception of the bear (because of mauling) is a commom misconception. When ArenaNet updated pets to have a built-in 20% IMS some kinds got buggy. Devin from Wartower.de did a research in this thread, supported and confirmed by community members:
    (use random page translation tool to read)
    It was also posted in the official support forum, with no reaction from ArenaNet to date.

    In short: the tiger only got an IMS of approximately 5%, while raven and moss spider have none. All others are OK.
    Also all flying birds have the problem that they sometimes sit down on their way to the enemy, lowering their speed, too.

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