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The first few titles I saw had just a couple of tiers: survivor, drunkard, party animal (I started during a festival, so I had booze and candy before I had a secondary profession). Then I met “Cartographer.” That is normal, an achievement for exploring the whole map. It starts at 60% and tiers up, makes sense.

I did not notice until this weekend that it goes all the way to 100%. This explains much that I have seen in the wiki. Zone descriptions talk about how the docks count as 0.1% of the map, or you can get an extra pixel by “scraping” the walls of a zone, or that 101% is possible. When I was thinking that you were done at 80% or 90%, that seemed super-Completist. Now I’m worried that I need to step foot on almost every square centimeter of the world if I want to add that to the Hall of Monuments.

I am saving that one for once I start trying hard mode vanquishing anyway. I just feel for folks who were stuck at 99.8% and spent weeks scouring maps for the dozen pixels that needed to be stepped on because they had an invisibly brief lag spike one day while pushing against a rock.

: Zubon

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  1. Welcome to 2007. There are easier ways of doing it though, one of the few mods you can get is one that tells you exactly where to go for those .02% parts of the map.

    1. Yeah, I actually did Prophecies by hand, so to speak, and that was so painful. Tex-mod is essential for Cartographer, and makes the achievement back in the fun zone, for the most part.

      I hated having to cheat parts of the map off though.

      1. I got as far as 95% or so in Prophecies without the mod, but I’ve used it for all my cartography since (and finishing up those elusive bits of Tyria) and it’s a life saver. It doesn’t feel like cheating the title to me, just making sure that I’m sufficiently thorough.

  2. And arenanet don’t consider it cheating so they won’t string you up by the testicles if you use it.

    At least, not unless you ask politely.

    1. Ask politely???

      I’m pretty sure something like that requires at least a box of chocolates and dinner out…

  3. vanquisher and cartographer titles are probably the most painful titles of the game (and you are right, those are preferred to be done together, maybe together with elite skill capping).

    Think twice before starting them, because they can easily kill your motivation. I vanquished the 4 campaign during 2 years, with several months breaks in between, as I got tired of the “wall-hugging”. Vanquishing in hard mode is not a trivial task, there are difficult zones to deal with, especially those where you can have only 4 characters in your group. Or there is the rotwing zone, which can come as a huge surprise to casual vanquishers:) There is also a concept of caravan vanqing starting from Temple of Ages (or what it is called), there you can have 8 players, and basically can vanq very far away from there with 8 chars.

    I think it is better to go for easier (and more fun) titles in my opinion, like the protector, guardian titles.

    Drunkard, party, sweet tooth titles are money sink. Unless you are super rich or have a taste for daily mission grinds, those will be difficult to achieve.

  4. I’ve been at the Cartographer for five years and my highest bar is still only 97% or so. Mind you, I’d not gotten round to sorting out the generally accepted texture mod techniques mentioned by others so far. The Skill Hunter track are a lot easier to do.

    My advice is not to obsess too much about those progress bars – some of them are ridiculously brutal to fill in, and I suspect more in the nature of practical jokes on the A-net team’s behalf. I mean death-levelling – good greif!

  5. Playing for two years, and decided early on not to touch either the Cartographer or Vanquishing titles. Protector and Guardian can be a challenge to overcome, the others are just a boring grind. Getting the mission, protector, guardian trophies, Fissue of Woe, Domain of Anguish, Sorrow’s Furnace, and possibly Underworld/The Deep/Urgoz (but those more than likely would require grouping), that’s 13-16 statues for HoM and a huge amount of gameplay, more content that the other ‘content’.

  6. I’m one of those tiresome obsessives who tried to remove every bit of fog possible in all zones even *before* there was a Cartographer title. <.< Legendary Cartographer was my first three-flag addition to the Hall of Monuments. But I still wouldn't have made it without texmods.

  7. Definitely combine vanquisher and cartographer; that’ll make both more bearable. As it is, I can’t stand starting up with vanquisher unless I’m doing the day’s Zaishen quest or doing it with guildies; adventuring with just heroes has gotten old.

    1. That is the only whay I was able to do it: in combination, and together with guild mates.

  8. Actually, the explorable map is about 106% of the cartographer title, so actually you discover only 94% of the real map when you get the title. About half of the ruptured heart was still left when I got 100% in Elona.

  9. Vanquishing is easier and more fun now that they’ve lifted the restriction on the number of heroes allowed in a party. Vanquishing in Elona you can work on four titles at once i.e. Vanquish, cartographer, Sunspear and Lightbringer.

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