Sometimes I Need That Carrot

I’ve been in a gaming funk for about a year now. I may find something fun for a while, but within a few weeks I’ve tired of it. I don’t have any active MMO subscriptions either. All I have left is MMOs that are subscription free, or ones I’ve signed up for a lifetime account.

I’ve been almost forcing myself to keep playing Lord of the Rings Online because it is still the one game I feel “connected” to. Regardless, as I play less and less, I get more and more lost. I will often log in, pay for my house upkeep, see if anyone I know is playing, and log out.

To make things worse, they reset my Legendary Items again. I get tired of trying to decide if I want 1% more of this or 1% less of that. This time I just dumped it all into DPS until I had capped the weapons. The next issue was to find out where I “should” be in Moria. Honestly Moria has been wearing me down over the last few months. I ended up going back outside to do a bunch of quests well below my level, just to be outside.

I did some research out of game and decided to head to “The Rotting Cellar” in the Waterworks. All of a sudden it all came back to me. The spark was lit. Quests! Direction! Level 55! I keep thinking about how much I love the freedom to just choose to do whatever you want in games, but I frequently need to get reminded that sometimes I really need that carrot to get me back on track.

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7 thoughts on “Sometimes I Need That Carrot”

  1. You should consider the nature of the carrot. Does it have to be some kind of spreadsheet/game mechanic number? Can the carrot be a more immersive, in-game goal?

    A Lotro example might be: I want to be able to explore Lorien so I have to get to level 57 and earn some Lorien Elf rep.

    In a sandbox/crafting game like Wurms the carrot might be that I want to be able to grow watermelon so I have to build a fenced area and a rake.

  2. I’ve been really surprised these last three or four months by just how much of a hold EQ2 has on me. I was under the impression I had about sucked the flavor out of it three years ago, and yet no matter where else I wander I keep coming back.

    That wouldn’t be surprising if I found each visit ending sooner than the one before and entertaining me less, but the exact reverse is happening. I’m currently enjoying the game more than at any time since launch and I have more goals and motivators than I think I have ever had.

    I have a slew of other MMOs I want to be playing, not least to give me something else to write about, but every time I play one I find myself itching to get back to EQ2. It’s a pleasant problem to have.

    Rift peeled me off of EQ2 for about 8 months. Can’t see anything else doing it until GW2.

  3. Moria is KILLER! I hated that whole zone so much, and the more time I spent in there the more I hated it. Honestly it kept me from ever leveling up alts because I knew I would have to take them into Moria. I think that area along with all the go kill whatever critter quests killed my love for LOTRO.

    I haven’t logged into LOTRO in a long time, and have yet to find a new game to play. I am waiting for GW2 and what it promises to deliver makes it harder for me to find a game to play. I also can’t pay to play right now. I have tried to play F2P games but none of them have grabbed me yet. To many of the games lack the carrot that grabs me.

  4. I have found that the carrot sometimes needs to come from within. It is great that a game gives you so much variety that you have to struggle to settle on one goal for the night. But every once in a while, it is nice to be able to set a (fluff) goal yourself an set off valiently in its pursuit.

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