[GW] Your Thanks Are Enough

Today I found the quest Too High a Price. There is a loan shark involved, and “I tried to return the money, but he is demanding that I pay him a fee of 250 gold! We do not have that kind of money.” The quest reward is 175 gold. Maybe it takes NPCs a long time to make 75 gold. The player, of course, takes the money from someone who needed a loan shark to afford life-saving medicine, in a setting where a plague is transforming people into monsters and potentially devouring their souls.

One notion I like about GW2 karma is that the rewards make more sense and you should feel less like a jerk for taking things from the poor people you are supposed to be helping. The farmer has some spare vegetables, or will give you a good deal on buying sheep.

: Zubon

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  1. It is one of those MMO-issues. Some suspension of disbelief can be asked for, but there are situations which are beyond hope: When an NPC in a high-level area gets trapped, and asks for you to kill ten boars for food. And your Mage should answer: “Well, I can also open a portal to Stormwind, if you want home. Or I can conjure you food. Or I actually carry around 60 Great Feasts for the raid in half an hour. Or you know, you could just hearthstone, everyone has one, right?” – But no, you have to kill ten boars. And the developers wonder why people don’t read the quest texts…

    Google Shamus Young’s Let’s Play “Star on Chest” for Champions online. It’s a hilarious write-up of how nothing makes sense.

  2. It’s just an example of poor writing, nothing more. See it every day in novels, film, comics, journalism. No reason MMOs should be any better-written than any other medium that uses prose.

    One thing I’d really like to see is author credits on quests. I’d like to be able to discover and follow quest writers in the same way I discover new authors every week.

    1. That’s an excellent idea… I vote for authors of quests to be revealed also.

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