[GW] Turtle Power

The Luxon are a nomadic people in Guild Wars who use giant turtles. When I first saw one, I immediately wanted to tame it as a pet. Then I noticed that it was being used as a beast of burden. And Dungeon Siege thought it was so fancy with its pack mules. Guild Wars 2 needs this: no bags, packs, etc., just a giant turtle that follows you around and stores your stuff.

Then you enter the first Luxon town, and the buildings are on even bigger tortoises. They have ambulatory, turtle-based homes. Guild Wars 2 needs this: player housing should include a tortoise option. The Asura can use box turtles.

: Zubon

11 thoughts on “[GW] Turtle Power”

  1. I dunno, if a tiny box turtle kept hovering and rotating over a much larger box turtle, not only would it be rated M, but conservative Japanese politicians would feel obligated to bash it as one of their campaign platforms. XD

  2. Turtles all the way down. I really don’t understand why developers hesitate so much to create cool player housing. Or player housing at all. Everyone seems to want it, yet it remains at the bottom of the priority list.

  3. The house turtles might be big and all, but they’re nowhere near as cool as the siege turtles you’ll meet later on.

  4. Any chance we’ll see posts about other games at some point in the near future? In the past month there’s been over 30 posts about or related to Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2.

    1. Funny how game bloggers write about the games they are playing or looking forward to, innit?

      There have been posts on other topics and I’m sure there will be posts on other games in the future. :)

  5. They wont be able to do giant turtles until the Cantha expansion. I could easily see taming seige turtles as a part of WvWvW to attack towers and keeps.

    1. I don’t know, maybe there’s an operation smuggling giant turtles out of Cantha’s closed borders? Maybe there are turtle fighting pits in Lion’s Arch?

      I always loved the house turtles too.

  6. I can see summoning a giant turtle as a Ranger or Norn elite, maybe in the Canthan expansion.

    Perhaps a Canthan Thief might summon a ninja turtle?

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