[GW] The Accumulation of Cloth

One positive change between campaigns is that women eventually got more armor in their armor. At least, it did for Rangers, the class I have been focused on; I flipped through the casters, and they might be cold in the North. You can see in the gallery that men still tend to be more covered, but you will note the big increase from Prophecies to Eye of the North. While the “Elite Studded Leather” armor is a miniskirt and halter (plus the inevitable shoulder pad), the Norn armor defies the Norns by looking downright warm and cozy. It would be good for a snowball fight. The “Elite Druid” armor was the worst offender in Prophecies, with less coverage than the “naked” undergarments.

Viva los pantalones!

: Zubon

8 thoughts on “[GW] The Accumulation of Cloth”

  1. I always thought the norn armour is what they would dress their children in, it’s all cute fur trimmings, compared to the lack of coverage in clothing adult norns wear. It must be a development thing that the adults tolerate the cold better, and they thought humans couldn’t hack the extreme cold.

    As for the elite druid, I wouldn’t mind if the male rangers had a loincloth option, because the rest of the male ranger armour is all buttoned up.

  2. I hope the GW2 options improve and think they probably will since we already have the a distinction between armor and costumes. Armor has to be protective. Costumes can tart up characters or just be fun.

  3. When I started playing GW, I tended toward the skimpier armors. I would like to think that I matured over time because my current armor choice for my ranger is the fully covering Canthan armor.

    Well, that and actually being sexual harassed in game helped make that choice.

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