[GW] In the Eddies of the Wind

While I have been thoroughly enjoying Zubon’s adventures through Guild Wars, I had hung up my spurs some time ago. I had vowed to return to the game when the Winds of Change portion of Guild Wars: Beyond was completed. Today marks that day. I wrote yesterday about the long journey to Guild Wars 2, where I suggested we all glance up to the horizon one more time. In that moment there is a peace as the sun and the wind meet at the top of the mountain. The sun warms the soul, but the wind is different. The brings smells and touch. It brings memories.

I have not played any of the Winds of Change except for the small bit I saw at Fan Day, but I am excited to do so. The Live Team seriously makes blood from stones. The love and energy they have for Guild Wars is simply amazing when the rest of the studio is so embedded in the upcoming Guild Wars 2. I hope, too, that they have helped teach ArenaNet how to run a Live Team so that the one for Guild Wars 2 will set off to a furious pace. John Stumme, head of the Live Team, writes a memoir of the main protagonist of Winds of Change, Miku, at the official blog.

The memoir describes the first two parts of the Winds of Change chapter including the Afflicted cleansings and Miku’s interactions with the Ministry of Purity. The final chapter coming today will have 9 new quests (for a total of 40 in Winds of Change) and it is believed there will be new weapon skins. Stumme writes that this makes Winds of Change the biggest free content expansion for Guild Wars to date, which is pretty amazing all told.

I am really excited to have a purpose in coming back to Guild Wars, but I am also a bit sad. I feel that even though Guild Wars will remain open long past Guild Wars 2, this journey back to Cantha is going to be bittersweet. One of my favorite instances in Guild Wars is when the final boss of a campaign is beaten and all the characters are lined up, cheering the players on, and reminiscing about the long journey. I feel like I should go on my own tour of my favorite game of the last decade with renewed vigor.

I want the wind to bring me memories of old sights, old friends, and even unaccomplished tasks. I know that the Winds of Change content alone is going to be well worth the journey, but I am also looking forward putzing around in the rest of Tyria. Perhaps I will get enough energy and resolve to get those last 3 points in my Hall of Monuments so that I can hit 40.

It is time to let the wind wash across my face.


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