[Rift] Soul Train

This sounds like a really good idea, and it sounds like it is being implemented well. Kudos.

I wondering about crossing this (or the Guild Wars skill templates) with a standard mod sharing interface. You would open up a menu of builds in use, possibly player-built but why not just automatically pull the data on what is in use? Is there some sane way to show the central tendency of other players? You would not want specially named builds, and perhaps souls provide too much granularity for an effective display. Perhaps something like X is the most popular skill/soul/whatever, 30% of players choose combination ABC as three of their GW2 warrior skills, etc. I would also want some index beyond popularity, say xp earned or kills using that build, to keep people from intentionally messing with stats by, say, making Uber Warrior Build as a main then filling every slot on every other server with a level 1 using a crap build. I don’t know if enough people would do that to seriously throw off stats, but I can see the effort being made to break any game system.

: Zubon

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  1. Yeah I really like that template system, having a short set of hints and tips and a list of the important skills helps guide players new to a class. Only thing it is missing is a shortcut to making appropriate macros. It might be better to just get the community to submit their builds and mini-guides, some kind of voting system to get people involved and keep the template system up to date.

    The Secret World has been unveiling their deck system as well, and it sounds exactly like the deck building of Guild Wars but with a neat template mechanic. Their decks are a predetermined build of 7 actives and 7 passives, and the player gets a outfit for completing the deck, so there is a compulsion to complete decks for the cool outfit even if you prefer to build your own decks. I’m not sure you need to know what other players are using exactly, but for the developers to help new players get confidence with experimenting and moving away from the set builds stepwise.

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