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I have had Guild Wars for two months now, as you may have guessed by the sudden change in posting topics. So where is Zubon?

I have completed Nightfall and Factions. I am a few missions from the end of Eye of the North and a few into Prophecies. I have a couple dozen elite skills, a set of prestige armor and a maxed bow on my Ranger, and all but one of the heroes that do not require the completion of post-campaign content. (I will not be trying Winds of Change until I vanquish Cantha. I can read the story on the wiki.) While I have a full set of runes and insignia (maybe not the best, but it’s something), my heroes do not, and the new heroes from finishing Nightfall are still below level 20.

I have 10 Hall of Monuments points. You can check “Zubon Ganaimad” if you’re curious. I have several potential statues on the cusp, like an un-leveled phoenix and Protector of Cantha nearly done, but I am not going to worry about cleaning those titles up right now.

My next priorities are adding a little more strength to my hero options and starting to participate in guild events (now that I have two campaign hard modes available). I want to finish leveling the Nightfall rangers so that I can use them as touch rangers. I want to push into Prophecies to pick up some elite skills that most people seem to take for granted (Offering of Blood, Panic, Unyielding Aura). I want to finish the campaigns to open up all my options. I want to drop a bit of money on runes and insignia to finish decorating my heroes.

Then I can just mess around doing whatever I want, because I will be a full participant in the endgame. :) Since I have been doing a lot of “whatever I want” along the way, this will not be a huge change. I also have some alts to try, but they are all in the single digits (except the gradual Legendary Defender of Ascalon character, at level 13 right now).

: Zubon

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  1. Out of curiosity, what’s your main build? Been having great PvE success, even in Hard Mode (except against Molotov Rocktail – *shudder*) with a zealous bow and a simple Beast Master (Expertise 6+1+1, Marks 11+2, BM 12+1) build using:

    Enranged Lunge (Elite; massive damage + deep wound, cheap and fast)
    Predator’s Pounce (big damage, cheap and fast, very nice heal on hit)
    Crossfire (basic bow attack, unblockable since you’ll be shooting at what your pet’s fighting)
    Savage Shot (best of the interrupts)
    Call of Haste (30s IMS & IAS for the pet on a 25s recharge)
    Otyugh’s Cry (+24 pet armor makes a huge difference, especially combined with…)
    Call of Protection (18 damage reduction at 13 Beast Mastery)
    Comfort Animal (not so much for the heal but to have the pet with you and to rez it on the very rare occasions it’s needed)

    Once you get used to attacks not being instantaneous and watching your pet’s panel to see when an attack has actually been done (since activating pet attacks just overwrites the current one instead of queuing them up), it’s quite powerful… And, frankly, I’m doing far better with this build than I ever have with a Marksmanship build. :)

    1. I had been using this solo:
      And this in groups:
      But I recently switched my solo to Discordway and have been using this:

    1. There is a repeatable daily quest (with scaled opponents) in Pre-Searing now, though you have to hit level 10 first (so grinding from about level 7). No more need to death level.

      1. Colour me gutted.

        I would never have dreamed of trying to do it myself but I always felt that death leveling was just about the most epic activity in all of video gaming.

      2. This.

        I saved most of my quests until level 9, and then I got a good group in late 8, so I am saving them until it feels grindy again. The recommendation I received was using them at level 17, that being the hardest level with the new quests.

  2. Well it seems you’ve done quite nicely in these 2 months, If you ever need help you’re welcome to contact me.

  3. I’m not sure I’d put off Winds of Change for vanquishing. Vanquishing is more a long time goal and too much of a chore, and WoC could be completed in a week or two, it tells a good story, plenty of nice rewards too, platinum, weapons, panda pet. It might be challenging at your current set-up but it’s worth starting to gauge its difficulty.

    1. Well, I think Zubon wants to do vanquishing first because WoC changes the spawns (for the worse) in many zones of Cantha.

      1. True, but now you have the ability to change back the spawns with that flashback quest you can take in Kaineng center, and when you abandon the quest post-WoC mobs return

          1. Indeed. However, I believe that that quest only becomes available after you have completed the first part of WoC.

  4. I’m flabbergasted. Thats a LONG way to go in 2 months. Personally, I’ve had the game for years and barely touch it… even now I might play once or twice a week. But to do all that in two months?! Impressive.

  5. I’m impressed as well. I’ve had Guildwars for nearly 4 years now (IIRC), but the best I could do was just barely finishing Prophecies. Well, as far as PvE anyway. I also did several hundred hours of GvG and a whole mess of other PvP along the way. Unfortunately Anet thought that amount of play should only be rewarded by about 3 HoM points. o.O

    My biggest issue is just that I find the builds and tactics necessary to be successful in PvE intensely boring – and I include playing with the wiki open in this, a tactic I refuse to use. This is just exacerbated by the terrifying repetitiveness of simply trying to move across a map, being accosted by trash spawns every few seconds the whole way…

    Suffice to say, GW has never been the game for me. I honestly wish I could get into it, but I’ve tried pretty much every profession and campaign, and just find them all totally unexciting. Eventually I just gave up.

    If nothing else this post gives me a slight glimmer of hope that it is possible to make progress relatively quickly in GW, should I choose to. About how much did you play per week to get to where you are, Zubon? Or is that too personal a question? :)

    1. Steam says I was at 195 hours played, although that is not all hardcore, at-keyboard time. For example, once someone pointed out that I could add a title to HoM with 29 AFK hours on the festival rings, I threw a little money at some AFK time. I funded that by farming tokens AFK in an empty Dragon Nest. I don’t think that I had much “load it and let it update overnight” time like I have in some other MMOs.

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