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I had a big Saturday in-game. I ran my first challenge mission and I joined some guildmates for my first visit to the Underworld. The guild leader was recently traumatized by my still being on the easy Hall of Monuments points, since the veteran players are mostly at the point where getting another HoM point requires maxing five titles. After we cleared the Underworld, he asked, “So, Zubon, did you get five points today?” He was gobsmacked when the answer was “Actually, yeah.” That challenge mission filled my Fellowship monument, and Underworld was my fifth title.

As I recall people saying of the Hall of Monuments, 15 is where it stops being easy, 30 is where it stops being sane, and 50 is where it just stops. Steam says it took 215 hours to reach 16 points, so there is your barometer if you want to know what is possible/convenient for getting HoM points for GW2. I started with absolutely nothing, and some of that time has been spent on longer-term goals like my pre-Searing character that is level 13.5 (halfway to Legendary Defender) or about a day AFK during the festival. A casual, 10 hour/week player can probably get to 15 points before GW2 launches, and a really hardcore player could do it before open beta.

Added: HoM guide. You’ll get most of the way there just running the campaigns and playing normally. Getting later points takes work and grinding, but I haven’t ground anything yet.

: Zubon

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  1. Yeah, if you have a guild helping you (and it’s not hard to find a friendly guild willing to do so – the community is mostly great, if you don’t look at the surface) and some willpower you can very easily get to 30/50, i’m currently at 45, and taking it easy since there’s still a bit of time to fill up but in reality if you focus on something it isn’t that hard to get. It is a bit grindy, but as soon as you get some company it gets really fun. Atleast that’s my point of view on this. :)

  2. Oh my goodness! I have nothing to do for the next five months, suddenly HoM seems do-able! I’ve been toying with new characters for a while but I feel like I should really get into it from now on. Know of any guilds willing to help newbies to GW1 get their HoM?

    1. I joined up with Assured Mutual Destruction [ICBM]. The website, amd-icbm.com, is down as I type this.

      I have not requested much HoM-specific help. There are scheduled events for the elite missions. There are daily activities that contribute to titles. You get most of the way to 15 just running the campaigns.

      Here, guide.

  3. Bleh. Been playing more recently, mostly thanks to these posts. Just reminds me that I really should find a guild again (mostly for chitchat while I’m out in the field, rather than so they can run me through missions). So hard to find a decent one, though, since I refuse to join one so desperate for members that they spam chat with advertisements… :)

    IMHO, guild recruitment is best done via PUGs – if a PUGmate’s guildless and you got along with them during the mission/vanquish/whatever, THEN ask. Relying on people you get via spam generally leads to Drama and/or guildmates who don’t give a crap about anything other than how YOU can help THEM.

    EDIT: Oh, yeah, almost forgot about the topic of the post (always good to address that in comments :P)… Just need to gain 5p or so and I’ll have enough for Vabbian armor on my male Assassin (to replace his Monument armor; Monument *looked* cool in screenshots on the wiki, but in reality looks quite bad, especially the scales which look flat and painted on), which will coincidentally put me at 25 HoM points (Stulta Militisto on the calculator, if anyone’s curious as to what I have – you won’t be, but still… :P). Can’t imagine getting the final 5 points, though. :(

    1. …and there we go. Yay. My first set of Vabbian and 25 points. :) Anyways, I’ll shut up now. :)

      1. I wanted to get some Vabbian armour, but I swear the price of rubies and sapphires rose dramatically after the Hall of Monuments was released!

        1. Yeah, they used to be 4-5p, as I recall, and are now 8-9.5p and you need 14 of each (since you don’t need headgear to display it, fortunately), which definitely adds up.

  4. I took my main account from 0 points to 30 in about 6 months of playing VERY casually. I did have help from a guild though. Recently started getting points for my spouses account as a surprise for when she logs on GW2 the first time, doing it quite casually (trying to get at least one quest or mission done every night or so) and so far Ive gone without help at all. Aiming at 20-23 points, which aint too bad of a grind, the last few up to 30 took a good while though.
    GL with your HoM, and more importantly: Have fun! :)

  5. Whoa very impressive.

    I’m on a lowly 4 but have only played around 30 hours. I’m not really looking at getting 30 points though I’m looking more at 12 so I can get the sword and shield for my warrior in GW2

    I am also soloing content so I guess I’ll be having a harder time of it. I’m currently stuck on Finding Gadd (the dungeon is nails with my hero setup) in EoTN and in nightfall I have just freed Koss but dont have my sunspear rep high enough to progress :(

    1. I did not find Sunspear rep to be that difficult in Nightfall. There were a couple of points where I needed to run quests to progress, but … run a few quests. There should be about a dozen around Kamadan and the Sunspear Great Hall.

      I have mostly soloed. Someone is just donating time to you if they help with most missions, because they are all through normal mode, so I have only solicited help with The Eternal Grove (Factions) and only because getting mastery with heroes looks rather unlikely there.

      If you are hitting Eye of the North early, I’d recommend henchmen over heroes, because you don’t have any elite skills. The henchmen do. What really slingshot my progress was picking up a few key elite skills for a build. There is very little that Discordway is not rampaging through, although I have not tried to solo all that much of hard mode.

  6. Honestly all I can think of when I start reading this kind of stuff is… work. For some reason, it just all seems like too much effort for not enough reward. To me, when I feel like I need to read a guide about how to make something happen, it feels like the game designers really messed up. I have like 3 points and I guess that is about all I’m going to get.


    1. The guide is only there to make it happen faster.

      About it being work… I guess it looks like that if you’re starting just now, with people playing just for points and not because it’s a fun game.

      Personally I don’t see it as work, a chore or a grindfest but that might be because I already had 47 points before the calculator even came out. Ahem.

    2. I have found the checklist helpful because it is showing me what is available. Between the Hall of Monuments in the wiki, I have a long list of potentially interesting things to do. If I don’t like one, I don’t have to do that.

      I have no idea how long it would have taken me to stumble over some of the content without that as a starting point. I did not know the Domain of Anguish was there until I worked backwards from the Ritualist hero I was missing. I ran Dajkah Inlet four times this weekend, but I did not know it was there before seeing it the HoM reward. The elite missions are good guild events, but I doubt they would be as frequent without the HoM reward.

      If you have played through the game, you already have a fair number of points. Ethic, if you visit the Hall of Monuments and dedicate the miniatures from birthday presents, that will be 2-4 more points. Visit the Honor monument and plug in your titles, another easy 2-5 points. If you have any fancy armor or weapons, that’s 1-3. Level 20 Ranger pet? That’s 2. The early points are easy because you get them in the normal course of play. If you’ve done anything remotely fancy, you get more. And then there’s work.

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