Of Checklists

One reason I like achievements is because they give you a checklist of things to do. I like seeing the entire game, and large, complex games have facets I would not even think to look for. There are many ways to direct players to that content, but an easy one is just listing, “Hey, have you tried X?” In Guild Wars, the Hall of Monuments and the wiki are helping me find all the things I can do.

Honestly all I can think of when I start reading this kind of stuff is… work. For some reason, it just all seems like too much effort for not enough reward. To me, when I feel like I need to read a guide about how to make something happen, it feels like the game designers really messed up. I have like 3 points and I guess that is about all I’m going to get.


I obviously differ, but let me point out that, if you have played through Guild Wars and have Eye of the North, you already have more points than you may know. If you have completed any campaign, you have at least 5 points available (3 for linking, 2 for first Honor monument). A level 20 Ranger pet is another 2. Any miniature is another 1, 2 if rare or unique, 3 if you have both. Any fancy armor or weapon is another 1-4. If you already ran through the campaigns and have your Monumental Tapestries up in Eye of the North, you just need a few minutes to figure out how to cash in your checklist. And from there, you can see if there is anything else interesting you forgot to try. Getting a lot of points is work, but you can get a dozen on accident.

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  1. True, I’ve been playing guild wars for a while now, and I kinda ignored the HoM until the reward tool got revealed. I really didn’t want to go through all the stuff to get it filled, but it turned out I already had 15 points from the get-go.
    Got 32 points now with a minimal of effort, still only have about 6 titles, which are the story titles.

  2. I only got one tapestry and I put it in the wrong spot before I even understood what that meant. Have not been able to get another one so my miniatures points go unclaimed so far. Again, bah.

    1. Then you have two, because Honor comes pre-installed. Pop in your titles. The others come from the Eye of the North primary quests. I liked them. I haven’t completed Eye of the North, but I did the three legs, which, I was pleased to discover, opens up all your tapestries. You have options, and you only need one to redeem those miniatures.

        1. Have you completed any campaigns or elite missions? Those each count, so that is up to 9 “titles.” If you did the “Beak of Darkness” quest in Factions, or can pick it up and know anyone who has done that (me), you can charm the Black Moa with a level 20 */Ranger character. That counts as 1 statue, pet statue, and rare pet statue, so 3 points for 5 minutes.

          1. I do not think that I have completed any of the campaigns and I do not know what an elite mission is, so probably not. I’m just going to keep playing my ranger as I am having fun. Let the points fall where they may.

            1. That’s the default, yeah. You’ll most likely finish at least one campaign playing normally. That’s 2 more, and you already have that tapestry. :)

  3. I like the achievements in Rift, they contain just the right amount of information, some of them set the player a challenge ‘how do I jump off this height and survive?’ and some that would never occur to most players ‘I’ve to dance on all the mail boxes on the island?’, and most of them reward either a vanity pet token or a loot box or a title.

    Since you have all the campaigns, the ‘black moa chick’ pet is a fun quest, it starts by beating Zho in the norn fighting tournament.

      1. I’m working on the black moa chick now. And by “now,” I mean that I have the day off work and I am alt-tabbed from the game. I made the incubator last night, 2/6 items in it, going for some berries.

        1. My Assassin’s had his incubator full for ages now, like around 3-4 months before I took a half-year or so off the game. :P

          Major pain in the butt getting Sorrow’s Furnace done. Still only got one of the four To Sorrow’s Furnace quests done. Hard to find PUGs and even harder to find PUGs that can get any of them done. And on days when the Iron Forgeman (The Final Assault) is the bounty, people seem to get VERY picky about who they take… Still, you have a guild, so will likely have far less trouble than me. :P

  4. when hom calculator was released i already had 34 points :D atm i have 47 and im aiming to 50, just enjoying the ride playing when i want to

  5. I had 27 points when the calculator was put up. This was from 5 years of playing casually.
    Now I’m at 40 and I’ve pretty much stopped caring. It’s all grind or needing more money for things I’m only going to use to get titles for GW2.

  6. I have two Guild Wars accounts but I’m probably not going to use either of them for GW2. Chances are I’ll make a new one. New game, new start.

    Nothing I’ve heard about the Hall of Monuments so far makes me want to use any points I may already have accrued, far less do anything to acquire more. But then, I’m not really reading much about GW2 unless it turns up on blogs I’m already following. I’m quite happy to wait until I can experience it at first-hand.

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