[GW2] Sunrise on the Plains of Ashford

Fanfic Warning: the following is part of my actual play in the press beta written “in voice.” I just needed to write something quick in a different way because my PvE article is getting monstrous. It’s a small, early part of the charr zone in Plains of Ashford. I had started there when I found the servers had opened early like my bud, Lewis B at Tap Repeatedly (read his amazing account here). Hope you enjoy, but if you don’t… you’ve been warned.

It was early. Most of the Plains of Ashford were quiet because a few of us saw that they had opened the gates to the Black Citadel an hour too soon. I saw a fellow charr go down on my compass. He or she was close, and I knew exactly who did it. It was a Titus Gearclaw, charr trainer. Say they he trains skills, but really he just likes to throw mines at us. Fellow charr didn’t skip about quickly enough and was lying on the ground begging for mercy. The mines kept coming. So did I.

Got there just in time. Helped the fellah to his feet in between mine blasts. Jeers of the instructor were drowned out by the mines roaring up in response. Gearclaw saw me coming this time. Knew me from before. Still had pink scars on his face from when my astral claws raked across his face. Bled him ‘til he stopped throwing mines. Minions liked the blood. That was then.

Now he would be tougher on the both of us. Didn’t like that I helped the other youngblood up. Mines kept coming. I saw him shrug off the first few blows I sent his way. I wondered if the charr I helped was still with me or if he had fled. Finally saw him jump in just after a mine clipped me. Had to kill off my blood fiend to remain in the fight. It’s alright though. Just a puppet anyway, clipped of its strings.

Gearclaw went down quick after we attacked him from both sides. Didn’t want to drop a mine at his feet to get us both. We finally won. Or, rather Gearclaw put his paw up to show that no more mines would be thrown our way.

Ran back to where I had been before. The other grunt ran the other way. I saw a charr hiding in a cave entrance. Waterfall ahead made her hair damp; devourer farm behind her made her smell bad. Ignored her as she waved at me. Said something about the skale I was going to kill anyway. Big skale. It would be a worthy life to end. Not like hers.

I stood up the hill watching the skale move, too early for anyone else to help. The other fellah would probably just go down anyway in front of the skale’s razor claws. Mortar fire exploded behind me as siege whelps were learning to fire their craft. Bits of Ascalon stone from a ruined kingdom rained down at my feet. Siege whelps wanted to fight rock instead of the ghosts. Can’t blame them much, but they were cowards.

No one was coming, so I made a move on the skale. It was a tough fight, but I had sharpened my axe a bit on some weaker skales’ faces on the hill. Skale wounds heal fast except when they bleed on the inside. That’s the trick. Dark energy doesn’t care about inside or out. Inside’s better though.

Wet charr ran past me once the big skale lay at my feet. She went inside the cave past some docile skale. Maybe they were just afraid. They knew when a bigger predator was around. One that just killed their alpha. Other charr found something in the back of the cave and ran back out. She still seemed scared of the skale.

I finally decided to talk to her. She gave me some nice gloves she just found for helping out with the skale problem. No coin necessary, she said, although there was more talk of finding treasure. Said she had more nice gloves for other helpful folk thanks to me. New gloves weren’t wet either. They did smell like devourer a bit though.


8 thoughts on “[GW2] Sunrise on the Plains of Ashford”

  1. Wrong crowd to pitch a fanfic to, I think. Reading means your brain has to do work and we can’t be having that now, can we?

    Personally however I loved this post and though all the big sites have been hogging all the attention I’ve always liked your blog and feel that you’ve done a wonderful job at capturing the soul of just playing the game, plus this little extra tidbit was a nice treat. You’ll never get a lot of interest in stuff like this, but if it helps at all there are a handful of people like myself who appreciate and enjoy it all the same.

    1. Thanks for being honest. I definitely agree, which is why I put that nefarious warning at the beginning. It was just to get me a little more pumped to finish Part 1, which I did!

    2. Well, I loved it. Really entertaining read, and an excellent job of capturing the essence of the character in a way that was fun to just “go with.”

      Well done!

  2. I thought it was great!

    Narrator’s voice was well captured and characterized through your grammatical choices; also kept the pace engaging.

    Entertaining piece of prose! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I’ve only ever done Guild Wars role-play with ‘real life’ friends, but now there’s an idea stewing in my head for a GW2 group blog where all posts are in character… that could be fun.

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