[GW] Very Flashy Blades

Playing a ranger in Guild Wars, you develop the appropriate hatred of enemies that have strong counters to physical attacks, such as enemy rangers using Lightning Reflexes. Assassins have a skill called Flashing Blades that lets them block attacks and return damage every time they do so.

This works at a range. You shoot an arrow from a longbow at maximum range, the assassin deflects it with a dagger, and he slashes you as a part of the block. That is a very flashy blade.

: Zubon

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  1. Rangers are a bit of an anomaly really, as they have a much higher degree of simulation in their design than any other GW1 class. There are bows with different arcs and attack speeds, arrows don’t go through walls or obstacles, they can be blocked or dodged etc. Similarly, with conditions – there are many mobs that are totally immune to poison/bleeding, which are some of the main things that many ranger attacks do.

    1. dont forget that bows and spears(and wands, but htey aren’t really importat) are the only parts of the game that use a z axis. you do more damage if you’re standing on higher ground than your enemy and get damage reduction when shooting upwards.

      against blocking fows you can either use necromats curse line to stop blocks alltogether or punish blocking. also there is always a reason for blocking, you can remove stances with wild blow and 2-3 other attacks. monkenchantments can be removed, but interrupting them works best since you’re a ranger. what out for aegis ;)

      for the lazy player: asuran scan stops blocking aswell, pve skill found in asuran territory as part of a questchain

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