[GW] Impossible

I have mentioned playing Guild Wars with the wiki open. Here is a great example of why, one I wish I knew about before heading in.

“An Avicara near Mineral Springs may spawn behind portal requiring to rezone.”

That is what you are seeing in the picture: at the far side of the zone, a group of enemies can spawn outside the zone. Those tricks you’re thinking of to possible reach it? They don’t work. There is no outpost on that side of the zone, so to vanquish Tasca’s Demise you must cross the entire zone, and if that spawn is outside the world, you must leave through the far portal, come back, and keep re-zoning until those enemies spawn inside the zone.

This bug has presumably existed for years and absorbed hundreds of hours of time from players who stumbled upon it while trying to vanquish the zone without having read the wiki first. No one ever prioritized fixing a bug that made part of the content impossible without repeatedly restarting.

: Zubon

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  1. Well luckily 2 other areas with the same bug have been fixed this week, and hopefully this one will be fixed soon too, true that it took them a long time, but they are looking into small bugs as of late.

  2. Why’s he called “Avicara Fierce” not “Fierce Avicara”? Assuming that’s what it says – it’s a bit blurry.

    1. Naming nomenclature tends to put the race at the start. I think this case extends from the Avicara Brave; “brave” as a noun is an established term for warriors, so the avicara extend it to “wise,” “fierce,” etc.

    2. Forgot about the zoning bug’s implication on vanquishing – probably because my only vanquisher cleared the area in one go… :P

      And it’s “Avicara Fierce” because “Fierce” is their class/profession name, same as you’d say “Human Warrior” or “Stone Summit Gnasher.”

  3. Haha — I have to wipe a tear away because your post brought back painful memories for me. I did the EXACT same thing you did. I cleared the whole zone and then found that guy out of reach.

    I rage quit at that point and came back days later to do it again.

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