[GW2] Collector’s Edition Announced

This skritt is getting real, girls and boys. ArenaNet announced this morning the three editions of their game to purchase. Basic access is $60, which was pretty much expected. A Digital Deluxe edition jumps to $80 and has all the digital extras, while the monstrous Collector’s Edition tops out at $150 and includes a statue of Rytlock, custom prints with a frame, a book on making Guild wars 2, and of course the soundtrack.  Pre- purchase any of these and get beta access, a three-day head start, and a nice little Hero’s Band starter item that gives small buffs to a bunch of stats.  The Buy Guild Wars 2 site has a nice little scroll over feature that describes all the different features to each edition. It looks like the pre-purchase sale date will be April 10th.

It all sounds good. I mean the CE is pretty much a sure buy for me, but I am a little unsure about a buyable elite skill, wich the Digital Deluxe and CE have. Elite skills are locked until level 30, so as far as I know this is not like getting a free elite skill at the start of the original Guild Wars. It is also likely that expansions will have skills available only to those that bought the expansions. I’d personally have preferred a more cosmetic effect, like a special dance than a deluxe skill, especially given that the deluxe edition’s elite skill will likely see much less use than profession-specific elites.

The other interesting thing is that the basic edition is called the “Digital Edition.” This means that if gamers pre-purchase directly from ArenaNet, they get a bunch of cool stuff and a three-day head start. Pre-purchasing from a retailer entitles gamers to a one-day head start, and it seems possibly no beta access or Hero’s Band. Just like Eye of the North, ArenaNet appreciates when consumers help to cut out the middle man.

Anyway time for me to start saving up! I need that soundtrack.


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  1. All elites are locked till level 30 since you have a slot that is locked. I guess you just don’t have to pay skillpoints for it after level 30.

    1. Yeah, it’s probably going to be skill point free, fun, and not in sync with your build. Be a fun “hey cool”-moment, but honestly that’s as far as I put that feature, IMHO YMMV.

  2. Another good side note is that collector edition perks are almost always purchasable in the cash shop. At least the one time use stuff

    So this means, at least I think so that we can probably ‘confirm’ (high suspect)

    Glory pots
    XP pots
    golem banker (wtf i don’t even)


    1. Nice catch! I’d guess the golem banker is a bank on command or something… like how you can summon a merchant in Guild Wars.

    2. What interest me about this post is the hits towards cash shop than the actual CE info.

      I don’t mind the xp pots but I hope they don’t sell character power via the cash shop. I wonder why they have not talked about cash shop yet… Details about the cash shop will affect my decision to purchase this game.

      Another interesting info is the very low min system requirements. The game looks absolutely beautiful in all the videos so people will decent PC should be able to run the game at max settings.

      Minimum System requirements also released:
      • Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or better
      • Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, Core i3, AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 or better
      • NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800, ATI Radeon™ X1800, Intel HD 3000 or better (256MB of video RAM and shader model 3.0 or better)
      • 25 GB available HDD space
      • Broadband Internet connection
      • Keyboard and mouse

      1. I highly doubt they’ll sell XP enhancers in the cash shop.

        Glory Chalices are purely cosmetic items used to earn instant glory, a currency used to purchase purely cosmetic armour from an in-game vendor, which means that these will most likely be purchasable.

        Transmutation stones will also most certainly be buy-able from the store, since they only apply cosmetic changes.

        I anticipate that costumes will be purchasable, as costumes in GW1 simply worked out too perfectly not to bring them back (though hopefully with new iterations; i.e. new dances or emotes while wearing costumes).

        Tomes of influence may be purchasable from the shop, through I cannot say right now due to the lack of knowledge regarding the usage of the Emblems you could purchase with the influence. If the emblems end up doing only cosmetic things, such as giving you golden painted toilets within your guild hall (in other words, a purely cosmetic change), then I’m 100% positive that these will be sold in the store.

        I find it laughable to think that people believe damage, defense, xp modifiers will be sold on the store. That’s almost as stupid as saying this game will stink.

        1. one year i would have laughed at the fool who tells me i can buy fame in the shop. look where we are now ;)

  3. CE price is just too much, especially in Europe. I’ll have to beg them to make the soundtrack available seperately.

    1. My guess is that a different version of the soundtrack will be available separately since the CE edition is not the “complete” soundtrack.

    2. Indeed, for Europe they made 1$ = 1€ (as they usually do).
      Which puts the CE at 196$.

      I’m really thinking I should hate ArenaNet, even if I will most probably buy it, as I want it.

  4. I want the art book (assume it is not the same one they sell now), the rest I don’t care. Probably get the digital deluxe and hope for art book sold separately.

    1. No doubt you’ll be able to find everything individually on ebay soon enough.

      1. The CE prices are also on the detail page, with different countries/currencies depending on where you are.

        1. Ah. There’s the CE price. Didn’t spot it ‘cos white text on a light-grey field on a white background is easy to miss. :)

          Pity I can’t seem to find an actual link to the press release anywhere, though. Annoying. (and, yes, I’ve been looking for the last 20 minutes or so :/)

  5. Wow, that was disappointing news. I don’t want a statue; a soundtrack and art-book would have been nice, but I’m not going to spend $150 per account to get those. And the only thing in the digital deluxe edition worth having is the mini-pet, and I can’t see paying $20 for (effectively) just that. Guess I’ll be getting standard editions.

    ArenaNet must have hired the same person that came up with the terrible SWTOR editions. Bleh. But now I can go ahead and buy some other games knowing I won’t have to budget for GW2 CEs. Let me see, Crusader Kings II is pretty interesting and that leaves plenty for several more.

    Shame, ArenaNet could have just done a $80 CE with mini-pet, special dance emote, art book, and soundtrack and I would have bought 2 of those. :(

    1. Yeah the statue or other large physical item (Halo helmet) seems to becoming the norm for pushing the CEs up to $150.

    2. $20 for a mini-pet, an elite skill you probably won’t use in the long run, and 3 consumables. This is not great value…

  6. All I want is a beautiful paper map and I will buy the CE any day for any price :)

    However paper map does not appares to be included. Only hits of the map is the steel case.

  7. Anyone know much about “Glory” in PvP?

    It sounds like you get “Glory” for winning matches yet they are giving away Chalice of Glory pots with the CE edition. So chances are you might get them on the cash shop and that sounds more like pay to win to me.

    1. you can’t buy better gear with glory anyway, only different looking gear. No pay2win here.

  8. Yeah, glory is just the pvp currency used for cosmetic gear. Or at least that’s all they’ve said you can buy with glory so far, and I haven’t seen any different from the press beta.

    The thing that interests me is the Banker Golem. The ability to access shared storage anywhere is pretty useful I imagine (though maybe less so when you can map anywhere). But the hover popup says “for 5 days” which seems to imply that they’re focused on ‘renting’ convenience stuff rather than outright selling it as an account upgrade.

    1. I saw someone compairing it to the Mercantile Summoning Stones in GW1 and that seems right. Meaning they’re just for convenience, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there is a way to get them in-game for karma as well.

      But if I see “1 extra storage pane for 14 days for X amount” I’ll probably ragequit. ;)

  9. It’s pre-“purchase”, not pre-“order”, Ravious, pretty big difference.

    In my understanding that means the game will be available for purchase earlier directly from ANet and official partners than anywhere else, i.e. from 04.10. onward. So you’ll have it on your desk maybe Thursday/Friday that week already. That’s pretty rad!

    I don’t care for digital and physical extras, it’s just cheap clutter and not actually worth the money you pay for it anyway. I’ll save the extra money and buy character slots and maybe some nice cosmetics from it! :)

    1. Fixed, thanks.

      Yeah, I am starting to think that too re your last paragraph. I’ll get the CE, but I’m starting to think that the money might be better spent on upgrades and stuff.

      1. The Price Is Too Damn High!

        The more I look, the less I want anything more than the base box. If they did the CE with art book and sound track for $80 or so I’d be all over it.

        These prices are too high for what they are giving us. Shame.

        1. This. This is exactly my feelings on the subject.

          Back in 2008 my $80 Warhammer CE bought me a nice hardcover art book, a metal orc mini with a decent sculpt that would probably retail for about $15 in a Games Workshop store, and some in-game cosmetics. I wish Anet would have gone that route instead.

          Hell, even the deluxe edition is lackluster. They could have at least give you a choice of between several exclusive cosmetic armor sets like LotRO did for the Isengard expansion.

  10. It’s just too expensive for people who can’t afford it.

    I don’t understand the complains about the prices. It’s not milk or bread, it’s just some unnecessary shiny for extra bucks. They could demand $300 for the CE and not feel bad about it. If people want and can pay for it they are welcome to. If not, don’t. ;)
    I don’t hear people complaining about the 5 million Dollars one has to pay for a trip to the ISS in Earth orbit.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I guess as long as nobody is forced to buy the CE the price is just fine :)

      When it comes to the digital CE content. Well, I am also not really impressed. I guess they have to hold back a bit for the store…

  11. I’m definitely pretty unimpressed by what’s on offer here. The minipet makes sense, but an elite skill? A ring that will quickly become useless? One-time consumable items that grant currencies? These rewards are worrying because of what they imply for the cash shop, but they’re also just not exciting things to include in a bundle for fans of a game, IMO.

    I would be much more interested in things like special emotes, unique headgear (with skins you might choose to keep via Tstones), special town clothes – things that you’ll be able to use all the time and that don’t really impact the gameplay itself. But the trend in preorder rewards is easy to see, most recently in Kingdoms of Amalur, where Total Biscuit did a great job of pointing out how stupid it is to offer rewards that undermine the gameplay itself. I want to be excited when I find my first ring in GW2 naturally! There’s no fun in just having this ring I can put on because I spent an extra $20.

    I spend money on the game so I can play it for fun, I’m not interested in spending extra money so I can get a short cut to higher levels, guild influence, or PvP rewards… Like the CE, I guess the Deluxe edition is just not aimed at me, which is fine. I have other things to buy anyway!

    1. You actually get the ring in the base version too, no need to spend $20 extra

  12. It could be better, there’s not much that makes me think MUST HAVE and it is pretty expensive (trying to guess what it would mean in my own currency!). However I already promised myself I’d give ArenaNet the maximum amount they asked because I love them, want to support them, and want them to succeed. Plus I’m still playing Guild Wars on and off, and I’ve never paid anything more than the box price in my 6/7 years for that.


    (Also, why all the Rytlock? Charr are awesome, but it would be cool if you could choose an iconic for at least an in-game mini. I want Caithe.)

  13. I was planning on buying a Digital Deluxe edition if they offered it with a cosmetic bonus, emote, etc. (Not interested in books and statues.)

    But nope. I’m not spending $20 for temporary things and a pet. I’m sure the elite skill will be pushed off my bars pretty quickly, so no interest in that either.

    The temporary nature of the bonuses have raised a few questions for me. I’m inclined to wait now until I hear more about the cash shop.

    It feels a bit weird to say that since I’ve been waiting so long for this game. :(

  14. I will likely purchase the Digital Deluxe (DD) edition directly from ANet. As much as I would love to throw more money at ANet for the collector’s edition (CE), I’m just not terribly interested in what it offers. The only selling point for me for the CE is the Making of GW2 book. The rest I’ve seen/heard before and will do nothing but collect dust like the rest of my collector art tidbits from other CEs (as sad as that sounds).

    I have my beefs like everyone else, but ultimately I’m buying the DD for the elite. The mini is nice, but I’m not all that into minis, tbh. The rest of the perks are consumables, which are meh (though I would buy an unlimited use golem banker from the GW Store, I’m just saying!!!)

    I agree with you Ravious about some cosmetic perks. I’d take a unique skinned armor or weapon over the Rytlock mini, especially if I could use a transmutation stone on that armor/weapon. Still, that’s prolly the HoM selling point more than the Prepurchase.

    I’m also sad that there is no mention of a bonus character slot or storage space in the DD, especially for the price difference, but hey, with no monthly fee, I’m sure I can afford to purchase more character slots and storage :-)

  15. Am I the only one who’s sick of Charr related merchandise? I really wish the CE had other race options for the statue (how about an Asura with golem?). Rytlock does not appeal to me at all. Oh well, at least I can sell it on EBay.

  16. I wouldn’t be surprised if the elite turned out to be a reskin of an existing racial (potentially Sylvari, who might have a Summon Thorn Wolf elite).

    And seeing as how the idea behind racials is to provide alternatives to your classes skills, while not being stronger than profession skills of the same kind, I echo the idea that the Elite will not be that powerful. But it could see use if you REALLY wanted your character to have an elite minion, but the class (anything but necromancer?) doesn’t have one.

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