[GW] Contagiousness

This Van Hemlock post inspired my ranger’s use of conditions. Fleshy foes are fun targets for Apply Poison-Hunter’s Shot-Epidemic. Oh look, that entire clump of enemies is poisoned and bleeding. (As I have mentioned, I really hated non-fleshy foes when I was using that build.) Broadhead Arrow-Epidemic-Volley is a fun way to oppress groups of casters. I have grown fond of spreading conditions, so I love having heroes that spread them further. “You move like a dwarf!”

I’ve read Saramago. Blindness is totally contagious. I don’t see why cut hamstrings should be any less so.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “[GW] Contagiousness”

  1. For crippling, Shared Burden is my new favourite elite, it’s nearby range so beats epidemic. I have been having fun with epidemic with Finish Him! on a necro build involving Icy Veins and Putrid Bile. Edge of Extinction is great bonus damage for degen builds, Toxicity to go with poison or disease, Lacerate for bleeding. I never use nature spirits on my ranger just because of the lengthy cast times and having to constantly recast it when moving out of range. Just noticed Pestilence, that spreads conditions to nearby range but Fevered Dreams beats it hands down. There is always Summon Spirits, so EoE and other spirits could be set up and dragged along through an area.

  2. This is the first Blindness reference I’ve seen in a gaming blog. Well done, and thank you for using punctuation.

  3. I’ve been using BHA+Epidemic on my Ranger for many HM areas. Vanquishes, dungeons, missions, anything that contained a lot of AoE spamming caster foes. It worked well to keep my clustering heroes & henchman alive (most of the time).

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