[GW2] Back to Beta and Poll

Congrats to all the lucky Guild Wars 2 beta testers. I will be joining you in the next beta, and ArenaNet was kind enough to extend my press credentials for the next beta. There is one thing I plan on focusing on for sure, crafting. I always diligently craft in MMOs I play, and I was so rushed getting to content or PvP last beta that I had to ignore crafting. Well, this time crafting and trading are priorities.

That leaves profession and race more open, and I am going to open that up to fellow readers. I will likely focus on one character again. What race and profession would you like me to be? Please comment in this post with your picks of two races and one profession. As a bonus if you choose human, charr, or norn as a race, you can pick my first story arc since we know those.

Human: Commoner, nobility, or street rat. Norn: Strength, cunning, or instinct. Charr: Ash Legion, Blood Legion, or Iron Legion.

Poll closes when beta starts.


p.s. Feel free to add any other things you want discussed as well.

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  1. – asura
    I’m guessing that people are going to tire out asura and sylvari since they weren’t included in the first beta, but it’s always nice to have a widely-respected blogger’s opinion on those two.

    – human/commoner
    Maybe I haven’t found the videos, but I haven’t seen much of the extent of a human’s personal story yet.

    – elementalist

  2. I’ve been dying (pun not intended) to see a sylvari necromancer with a dagger/lifesteal build with minion damage that also steals health (trait). SUPER VAMPIRE! Mhuhahaha

    And more craftung info is good too :)

  3. If they open up the rest of the races in this beta….Sylvari Engineer (the ultimate merging of nature and technology). If not…Cunning Norn Engineer?

  4. Asura- Sylvari -> THIEF!!

    We need more thief gameplay ( like seriously :) )


  5. My vote is for human mostly so I can ask you to take a look at their town clothes. You can’t craft town clothes? Purchased with gold/karma/cash? Can only be worn out of combat or multiple settings like in Guild Wars?

    Also would be nice to know more about the guild emblem gear, can it be applied to anything or do they just sell a set of skins that have a place for the emblem?

    Do all environmental weapons have a chance to break with use or can they be kept until you want to switch weapons? Details on a few of your favorites would be cool too.

  6. Could you keep an eye out for anything cash shop related. Since Arenanet still isn’t giving out details on this, speculation is running rampant. Pretty much anything that would give us actual information about the systems involved would be very helpful. Vendors, UI, the “gems” currency, whatever you can find.

    1. I would have to second this as GW2G forums blew up today with the blog post about gems, and it would be nice to know what they are looking at offering in the cash shop.

  7. In preference order, depending on what’s available:

    1) Sylvari Thief if available…
    2) Asura Thief if available, otherwise…
    3) Charr Thief, whatever a d6 roll gives you for your Legion (left to right order would make it 1-2 Blood, 3-4 Ash, 5-6 Iron)
    4) Human Thief (Commoner; Street Rat would be too stereotypical and most Human coverage has used Nobility)

    As was said above, we need more Thief coverage. :) Emphasis on the stealing to see if it’s just a neat bonus or something that will be an integral part of play as a Thief.

    Profession? Weaponsmithing, I suppose, to help with the stabbity-stabbity.

    EDIT: And I guess the press credentialed folks mentioning that they’ve gotten their invites for the next beta means that the rest of the beta invites’ve gone out as well (I know they started sending them on the 17th). Guess I didn’t get in. Sadness!

  8. Anything thief. Would like to know more about their traits as next to nothing is known about the acrobatics trait line. Also, commoner for human as I think everyone has gone one extreme or the other, ash for charr, instinct for norn.

  9. Female Sylvari Conditions Necro, and PLEASE try to find the Hall of Monuments?

    1. Also, what happens to your XP after max level, does it “roll over” to karma, gold, or Guild Influence, or does it do nothing?

  10. Since we haven’t seen Sylvari or Asura, I’d recommend one of those – there is very little information. Preferably Asura as they seem to have the least info.

    For profession, I’d recommend Necro or Ranger since we haven’t seen much in-depth info from them recently. Not to mention the widespread concern about pet AI.

  11. Charr Ranger – Blood Legion
    Norn Ranger – Cunning

    It would be great to get any of those.

  12. Hey Ravious, visiting your site with Android (Chrome) displays a 403 Forbidden error.

    Is this by design?

    1. I’ll look into it. I don’t have anything available for testing so not sure what I’ll find, but I will try.

  13. It doesn’t look like communications have changed that much, but can you confirm? Is voip supported or is everyone still going to need to use vent or teamspeak?

    Also, golem banking, xunlai chests and storage – present and working? How?

    Finally, has iphone or android functionality been implemented? How and what is it like?

  14. Human (nobility) engineer (on higher lvl) i like to see the engi in full action in pve/pvp.
    Sylvari ranger, Sylvari necromance…. if you can play them in the beta.

    crafting: Artificers and huntsmen.

  15. Primary vote: male sylvari engineer, The Green Huntsman.
    Secondary vote (if no sylvari): norn engineer, instinct.

    Sylvari male because I’m so very curious about the voice and animations.
    The Green Huntsman; not because I want to know the details, but because I want to know if the end of the arc is acquisition of some super ranged weapon (otherwise I’m leaning towards The White Stag).
    Norn just because instinct is my favorite intro sequence, and I’d enjoy a few teasers. ^_^

    Engineer because:
    1] I want to know what happens underwater! When last we saw them they lost all their kits & turrets, and had the absolute worst underwater weapon too – I’m curious (/hopeful) they are better now.
    2] I’d like someone to check all the menus, while playing as an engineer, to see if there’s a toggle for displaying kit backpacks.
    3] I want to know if the constant sound annoys you!

  16. Norn male, don’t care about the story choices, but please choose the fattest/burliest/largest body type possible, so you can report back what it feels like animation wise, is it awkward etc… after a weekend’s worth of playing.

  17. is there an actual poll here somewhere?

    1st: female sylvari guardian with pauldrons, option “the green huntsman”

    2nd: I’ve made a thread on mmo-champion (http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1094058-GW2-PvP-Armorsets-from-Beta) which misses the closeups from all sylvari-profession and asura-profession armor. Would be nice if you could go through them.

    3rd: Traits, Jon Peters talked about 12 traits per line and that 30% will/have changed. Would be interesting to see some new traits.

    4th: we haven’t seen any traits from the thief: acrobatics traitline. Nor have we seen any traits from the ranger: nature magic traitline.

    5th: Sylvari & Asura stature options. Is it possible to create a muskular big sylvari-male? Or What is possible with Asura? Hairstyles would be great too.

    6th: find a helmet and wear it on a long-haired character. Can you see any hair or is your character bald under the helmet?

  18. Races: Charr, Asura

    Profession: Ranger (or Thief)

    Reasoning: Taking armor designed for a human and adapting it to Norn, Asura, and Sylvari physiques is fairly strait forward. Adapting it to Charr? Not so much. Since you want to do a lot of crafting anyway, you show us how those new armors look on the least-humanoid model.

    If not Charr, then Asura because they are neat.

    The Ranger, because their game play has changed the most since the earlier demos. If not the Ranger then the Thief, for similar reasons.

  19. Asuran thief w/ weather control device if possible… otherwise human/thief/streetrat

    I’m looking forward to hearing your opinion on crafting. I especially want to know how intuitive the discovery system is. From what I’ve read so far it seems like it is fairly random when trying to discover subassemblys like hilts and staff wrappings. I am also interested in a comparison between this system and list based systems like WoW/LOTRO/SWTOR. Have fun I’ll be sitting jelously on the side lines. :)

  20. I’m actually curious about exploration mode dungeon(s). Gazimoff said they were available but all dungeon videos I could find were from story mode. I wonder about the differences. But I guess crafting might be interesting too – I would not overestimate the way how new recipes are discovered though, I’m sure this is a prime candidate for a database…

    Profession: engineer or ranger

    Race: asura, if the biography section on the Wiki does not get changed, then statics college, valet-123 golem and Blipp. Or Canni, because her advice is invaluable.

  21. Human, street rat, and of course circus:)

    If you are going to look at crafting can you spend some time on cooking and what food does?

    Also can you look at the trading options? I think with the release of the microtransactions blog post that there is quite a bit of confusion now that there are three currencies to deal with. Some specific questions:

    1. Is Karma (the non tradeable currency) used by crafters at all or is it strictly for adventuring rewards?
    2. Examples of things that can be bought with gems.
    3. How the auction house works and what listing prices/options are available.
    4. Exactly what the process is to convert gems into gold and vice versa.

  22. Hi Ravious,

    Just a quick question, how big is the beta test client download? I would just like to prepare for the download as i do not have uncapped internet. No i havent been invited to Beta testing this weekend (SAD PANDA) i will be pre-purchasing in april. thank you!

  23. Ranger gameplay, of any kind, any race…Also is LA available? We haven’t heard much about it :/

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