[GW] Diminishing Marginal Utility

Man, that’s a great spawn you’ve put together. I bet our players will want to fight it 15-20 times in one sitting.
— GW1 design meeting minutes

I am open to the argument that Prophecies PvE content was good when it came out. Maybe if you start in Prophecies and play through, this seems fine. If I grant you that, I need you to grant me that whoever put together Prophecies hard mode did what could very charitably be described as “the best s/he could, given the circumstances.”

I would love to help you VQ Eastern Frontier, but I promised my mom I’d quit cutting myself for Lent.
— guildmate

It is not just that the content is poor and not much fun. It comes in huge doses that the game encourages you to choke down. Guild Wars encourages its players to go kill all 300 enemies on that map. There are only 4 or 5 different spawns on that map, and you get a small team size, so go have fun killing those 4 or 5 groups for an hour or two. It is a bad sign when the wiki recommends starting 6+ zones away as a time-saver because it you can run a large team from a distant zone faster than you can vanquish a zone with a 4-person group.

Vanquisher runs of this area without active quests requires defeating around 350 foes. Including quest influences, it has been reported to range from 271 to 393.
Guild Wars wiki

I’ll discuss sometime soon why balancing Prophecies hard mode is nigh impossible.
: Zubon

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  1. Uh…. yet again you have proven yourself that when you encountered broken and obnoxious content, all you had to do to get past it was go to the wiki on the web and follow its instructions.



  2. This post made me snicker. I remember how much rage I had at this when Hard Mode was first introduced. Good memories now.

  3. Huh… and, once again, tastes vary. My wife and I started playing GW1 a year ago, and vanquishing is one of our favorite features, the one I think I’ll miss the most in GW2. We finished vanquishing Tyria last december. For Eastern Frontier, we took a weekend and cleared all of the zones in the Northern Shiverpeaks and through Ascalon… a long, long haul, but interesting and unique.

    Just four vanquishes left, now… Alcazia Tangle has around 500 (!) depending on quest influences…

  4. Vanquishing prophecies provided me with some of the best and worst moments of my guildwars life. I enjoyed it for the most part, but was glad to see the back of it.

  5. I recommend you run with the PvE Sin’s Promise build and three necro heros running discord. You can find the “discord-way” team build on PvX wiki.

    I use a N/P, N/Me, and N/Rt along with my main (Mo/A). If you want I can post the skill bars.

    I’ve also run with the exact same heros, but using a spirit spammer (x/Rt). The disenchant spirit is great for those pesky elite-monk mobs that seem indestructible.

    If there are not enough corpses to feed your minion army, then you have to take another team build. I’ll typically stick with my Spirit spammer main but with a mix of necro and mesmer heroes then (Panic ftw!).

    1. Discordway is my default setup. I supplement with a Panic, a spirit spammer, and two Searing Flames spammers.

  6. Just did this one recently. It was a toughie and took me quite a few consumables and pet summons to get through the grawl parts. Terrible stuff to kill groups with 2 monks and 4 warriors. But when I was done, I was so relieved and saw it as an achievement to clear it with just 4. I was on my ranger main, with a rit SoS, an MM necro, and a UA monk

  7. I’ve logged >2000 hours on GW1.

    I’ve never vanquished a single zone.

    Why bother? If you want to experience Prophecies, just take a new character through. The slower levelling pace and skills as quest rewards structure actually made it my favourite of all the campaigns.

    1. I found vanquishing a chore and not very enjoyable. Also you can’t leave and come back later to finish.

      Regardless, if you want to max out your Hall of Monuments then some vanquishing is mandatory.

    2. Why bother? Well, honestly, why bother with any of it?

      Vanquishing tickles my explorer / achiever bits. I like it as an alternative form of play. Once I’ve vanquished an area, and completed all quests there, it feels “finished” to me. The only zones I have left are four in EotN areas, and I don’t need them for my hall (I have enough titles, and “Master of the North” won’t help, and I’d have to do all the dungeons in hard mode on top of this anyway) but I’ll do them because I enjoy them.

      “Why bother” can be applied to any part of the game. Why bother with, for example, PvP? The best answer is “because I find it fun.”

  8. I’m sorry to add another “here’s what I did” post, but the key to Eastern Frontier for me on my mesmer was power block. Bringing that plus a bunch of single-target damage made everything pretty straightforward. (I think I brought sos resto, sogm, and mm prot for my three heroes. I just wanted tons lots of single-target damage. Aside from power block, I was mostly echoing and spamming overpowered pve skills. Of course this won’t work as well on a non-mesmer player, I’m afraid.)

    But back to the main point, yeah, the whole thing was very tedious. I haven’t finished vanquishing ascalon yet, but everything else I’ve done has been from Yak’s Bend. It’s worth it just to have room for some copies of fall back! I’m glad I did one area with a 4-person team, because it made me actually think about the skills on my bar (though not my heroes’ bars at all…), but I’m not itching to do any more.

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