[Eve] Unforgiving

Remember how I told you Eve was unforgiving of mistakes?   I recently skilled into the Stabber, got it fit up to the tune of a total ISK ship value of around 4,000,000…

I got warp scrammed by an npc during the second mission in that ship and got podded by his buddies…

Easy come, easy go.


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    1. Heh, no comment. I will leave the blog warfare and internet lawyering to others… I just want to play.

  1. Stabber is not really a good missioning ship, it is a light cruiser with not enough tank or gank, more like a heavy destroyer than a cruiser. Use Rapture instead, one of the best cruisers for lvl 2 missions.

    Btw, NPCs do not pod players, other playrs do.

  2. It is fashionable to dismiss missioning in EVE because players with faction fitted ships can do them in their sleep but for a new player with limited skills and experience missions are actually very challenging PVE content.

    I fly Minmatar ships myself and even though I never flew a Stabber I would be very surprised if you cannot do level 2 missions in one. The easiest approach is probably to fit artillery and use an afterburner to get you to long range. Don’t bother trying to shoot close orbiting frigates (the bastards who web scram you) with artillery though. A couple of Assault missile launchers should see to them.

    I used a passive tanked destroyer in level 2’s before stepping up to a Rupture. The Thrasher was a little bit underpowered but it worked and I believe it has been buffed up since. Destroyers also make great salvagers which is boring but a useful source of income at low levels. You can read about my Thrasher experiences here: http://mindbendingpuzzles.blogspot.com/search?q=thrasher

    “In Rust We Trust”

    1. I though being podded means having your ship blown up and ending up in a pod.

      Podkilled is when a player destroys the pod and the clone inside.

      I am very new to Eve, so idk? In any case i meant “ended up in a pod.”

      1. Podding is when you get your pod blown up, and lose that clone+implants.

        What happened to you is you got blown up :)

  3. This turned out to be a good thing, because By the time I got around to replacing the ship, I had skilled into the Rupture and it is a MUCH better ship.

    That, and I am flying a Hurricane now, so the Stabber wouldn’t have gotten much use anyway. Hooray for insurance checks!

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