[GW] Dialogues on Efficiency

From guild chat:

“I’ll just use Discordway.”
“Discord isn’t the solution to everything.”
“Discord is the solution to everything.”
“She kinda has a point.”

: Zubon

9 thoughts on “[GW] Dialogues on Efficiency”

  1. Meh. Never liked Discordway much. Much prefer Spiritway (an N/Rt minion master, a Signet of Spirit Rt, and a Communing Rt with Signet of Ghostly Might) and the 7 Hero Support build on PvX ( http://www.gwpvx.com/Build:Team_-_7_Hero_Player_Support ). The latter even let me clear around 2/3rds of the Underworld on my Warrior (and get a Black Widow) on my first attempt… Have to go back there some day…

  2. Sometimes I fear as if you are a little behind the loop in GW1. Post 8man hero/merc heroes update, mesmerway is the obvious choice due to shutdown/armor ignoring damage for HM.

    1. Going many-mesmer does look popular, but what are the odds that I am going to spend the money on mercs this close to GW2? Most of the vets I’m playing with haven’t.

      1. You have enough mesmers to fill all the required roles if you change Razah to one. I didn’t get mercs either and I had been playing since proph was released. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to tell you how to play the game because going through all the build combos is part of the point of it. I love that people are still discovering the game so close to gw2, I just want to make sure everyone is running the best build they can now that its a mostly H/H game.

      2. mesmers are definitly the new necromancers. unless your going through normal mode, thats were searing flames still shadows most other setups. nevertheless discordway definitly is a pretty good solution to most things. there are tons of setups that get the job done, only question is how smoothly and if you want to invest time into theorycrafting.

  3. “She kinda has a point.”

    Sad but true. Mostly I just get bored playing the same build over and over again, and so I am always the guild member who brings different heroes every time. It hasn’t turned out too badly….most of the time.

  4. I got the 8 merc pack within a week of merc release. I’ve been reaping the benefits of a 4-mesmer team ever since.

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