[Eve] Highway To The Dangerzone

I am in the soup now.

24 hours ago, orders came down from the CEO that my particular proclivities could benefit the Corp’s current near term goals in a very specific way.   I enjoy this sort of thing, so fast forward to now, and I am cloaked deep in questionable territory with potential enemies all around, scanning me while I scan them.   So far, I haven’t had to test my evasive maneuvering skills, but I suspect it will only be a matter of time.

Did I mention I like soup?

We are a relatively new Corp, and what attracts me most to this group, is they have relatively clear goals that align well with my own.   My current mission is proof positive of that.   I wish I could elaborate more on the specifics…  If I told you, I’d have to kill you.  Top secret and all that…  This is Eve after all, and unless you aren’t a spy… you are one.

In any event, here I am, firmly entrenched in un-policed Space.   In Eve, there are roughly four classes of Space…  There are three distinct zones in Known Space…  Empire, or High-Sec.  This refers to the high level of CONCORD police presence and makes for more-or-less safe travel.   1.0-0.5 Systems fall into this category.   Low-Sec refers to k-space in systems 0.4-0.1 and Null-Sec 0.0.   The fourth is w-space, and is akin to 0.0 with regards to CONCORD police presence.   This is an over-simplification, of course, because each can further be broken down into multiple system types and classes, but you get the general idea.

Up until yesterday, I spent my time in Empire Space.   Not anymore.   Until my mission is complete, I am living the nomad life deep in the soup, far from the safety of CONCORD gunships.  It is definitely a different animal, and hones an entirely new set of skills.   Use of Local and D-Scan become paramount.   Always moving, always scanning.   Creating safe spots, staying cloaked and away from warpable objects.  Scanning more.

I fully expect to die soon.   When you invade hostile territory alone, in a ship with limited defences and no guns, you do your best to avoid others, but eventually someone decides they want to find you, and they will.

This is the beauty of Eve.   There is no end-game, but this feels close.   I am doing something reserved for skilled, veteran pilots, and yet here I am less than two weeks in doing it as well.  All because I want to.   In Eve, you do what you want, when you want.   There are no restrictions on your actions.   You might die, but you can try if you are so inclined.

I’ll keep you posted on how this progresses…


9 thoughts on “[Eve] Highway To The Dangerzone”

  1. I like your EVE posts so much I baked you a cake!

    Just give me your current coordinates, and I’ll ship it to you. ..

  2. These sorts of posts are like junk food to me. Damn you!

    I’ve always thought the variety in EvE was just amazing, and it’s a shame that other games constantly fail to offer a similar breadth of experience. You can seamlessly move from running bog-standard combat missions, to playing what is essentially a survival horror game: Sneaking through the “shadows” of a system, unarmed and unable to defend yourself except by deceit and cunning. The next day you might be relaxing with a beer while mining, or jumping lazily through highsec worlds with a cargo of random stuff. It’s really amazing.

    Also: F&*#. I’m going to have to give this another go soon. GW2 isn’t coming out for a few months anyway…

    1. Brise, (and anyone else reading this) if you want to join a great Corp, let me know. We are looking for new or veteran, mature players to help us grow.

      Send me an email for details.

  3. even if the GW2 releases it doesnt have monthly subs to bother you keeping and EVE alive ; )

  4. Fired up my Eve account a few days ago. Been a while since I visited the game so I rerolled completely. Was wondering if you had any good links to newbie guides to follow? So much going on I feel a little overwhelmed…..

    1. Join a noob-friendly corp. The amount of information to learn is overwhelming. I could point to a guide, but WHICH guide? THere is one for 1000 different beginner activities in Eve.

      As I wrote to Brise above, if you need a group to help you along, send me an email.


  5. Funny thing is that you’re having a blast and enjoying the tension and excitement of not actually doing anything.

    But WHERE you’re not doing anything and what it could mean if you somehow screw up not doing anything is genuinely fun.

    And that’s the beauty of EVE. :D

    1. Careful to assume I am ‘not doing anything’

      I am not doing the typical noob activities of mission, station trade, ship 10km3 of this from here to there for pennies…

      I am actually doing quite a bit, but more in line with what someone whose been around a while might want to be doing… That is a direct result of having a corp that helps feed you direction and advice.

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