[Eve] Skinning Cats

Someone told me recently that “in Eve there is always more than one way to skin the cat.”

I haven’t done much cat skinning in my day, but since according to the ‘media’ the entire Eve community is sociopathic, sado-masachists who try to murder each other in and out of the game, do all sorts of nasty things and kick puppies for fun, the saying sort of fits…

So there I was ‘skinning my cat’ with little to no success for hours on end… scanning low-sec systems for what we were after… a wormhole to call home.

One of the amazing things that I have come to understand about Eve, is that everything, and I mean everything, is for sale.    Especially information.  You need a reliable contact who knows how to get what you want, and you need a lot of ISK.   Fortunately we have both, and the prize we have been hunting fruitlessly for quite some time was just a several hundred million ISK payment away.

While I was out scanning down sites, the CEO had discover another technique for cat skinning…  Eve Wormhole Real Estate Brokers.   No…  really.   Everything in Eve is for sale.

Last night, after a grand adventure, we moved into our new home, and I couldn’t be happier.   It is exciting and crazy, epic in scope, and so totally unpredictable that it makes me smile that MMOs can in fact deliver content that is dynamic and changeable in a gigantic sandbox.