Platform Independence

Say what you will about their product, Taco Bell is serious about getting people to take customer satisfaction surveys. The back of the receipt asks you to visit this website, or call this number, or scan this barcode to connect on your mobile phone, or text them “TACO” to have the link sent to your phone. The survey is asking you to do something for them for the minute chance of a reward, and they are making it convenient to do so. Most companies make it more difficult to give them money.

: Zubon


2 thoughts on “Platform Independence”

  1. At least they aren’t demanding your personal information at time of purchase (like, say, Radio Shack, where they routinely told customers that they had to give up information so they could, if necessary, return the item in the future…) and letting the customer make the choice to be stupid.

  2. you should have elaborated what they’re actually doing more, as european i have no idea what they are doing :D

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