[Eve] Wormhole Living

The last few days have been a roller-coaster ride… a  flurry of activity, acclimation and excitement.   We have settled the Wormhole, gotten nearly all of the equipment that we needed into our Station and onlined both our industrial capacities and our defences. 

The past three days have seen us focused on beginning to reap the rewards of our risk-taking, and clear Cosmic Anomalies, mine in our Gravametric sites and we have even had a few members out hitting the Radar, Mag and Ladar sites…

As it turns out, Wormhole living is very ideally suited to a Corporation like INQ-E.  

The diversity of content that is available to us inside has been very rewarding.   As a Corp with a strong sence of teamwork and comradery, we have had tremendous success already, in establishing our systems and processes designed to maximize the profitability of the business side of this adventure.  

We have always been a Corp that enjoys Asteroid Mining as a group.  It is relaxing, and a great way to spend time with friends, chatting on Vent and doing something together for the common good of the entire group.   Pulling a few million m3 of ABC ore out instead of pyro and veld, just seems to add a little spring to our step…

We are all working hard on establishing our Planetary Interaction model so that we can both achieve self-sufficiency and maximize profits, while reducing the overall m3 of the finished exports.   Thankfully, a few of our members are quite experienced with PI and excel, so we seem to be moving in the right direction.  No doubt there will be significant tweeks necessary as the system is tested, but we are producing with a plan and that is good enough for now.

Things haven’t been all profit and sunshine, however…   we have had quite a bit of activity from the space tourism industry.   I have managed to get a few ships blown up (two indys and a mining vessel), and I got podded once during a cov-ops invasion that targeted our mining team.   In our typical fashion, we have worked our new protocols and strategies as a group, with our CEO SynCaine leading the way to achieve a more secure and safe environment for our pilots.   These losses were more the result of my inexperience in the game in general, and us not having the proper defence strategies in place.   Simply growing pains, and our losses are FAR lower than our gains and we have barely gotten started.

I am amazed at the diversity and volume of content we have available to us, and we haven’t even had time to poke around outside of our little space paradise.  A whole new set of adventures, challenges and experiences await us beyond our home system, but all in due time.

Very exciting times indeed, for the members of INQ-E!


If you want to join our space adventures, contact me (you can find my email address here) and I will get you started in Eve, or explain the process for veterans of Eve to join our team.

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