[GW] Tooth Enamel and the Aging Adventurer

This weekend, as I was taking a chocolate bunny from the remains of a land-going fish assassin, a man carrying 1250 ingots of iron in a belt pouch remarked to me that it was unrealistic that he could salvage wood from charcoal. I had trouble hearing him speak from a different continent, partly because of the way 13,507 gold coins were clinking in my pockets, but he strangely evoked another worry in me.

My character has not consumed anything but candy and alcohol for the past three months. “Not even skale fin soup?” No, allergies. To some, this just sounded like college, but he is getting on in ranger years, and I became seriously worried about the state of his teeth. Perhaps the alcohol will kill the bacteria?

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “[GW] Tooth Enamel and the Aging Adventurer”

  1. I had to have a serious talk with myself about ten years ago to make myself stop caring about this stuff. To think about it is to weep.

    1. I think of it as being akin to a D&D player complaining that having to roll dice to make an attack ‘ruins the immersion’.

      All games have tools that are not part of the world. Why some people torture themselves over obsessing how those tools ~*ruin immersion*~ instead of suspending disbelief and going on with playing the game is beyond me.

  2. QOTD right here, folks: “My character has not consumed anything but candy and alcohol for the past three months.”

  3. What is this “eating” that you speak of? The last consumable I’ve eaten was an Armor of Celerity…it’s either gold-wrapped enchanted chocolate or darn do I need to visit the dentist.

  4. you raise an interesting point, i never noticed that its strange my characters survive on candy corn and sugarcoated apples. yeah, i overfarmed halloween, so what? :P

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