[GW] Documentation Update

It had previously been documented that when the player sets a flag, NPC heroes will run to it and make it their “home base.” The documentation has been updated to reflect the actual behavior: when the player sets a flag, NPC heroes will run directly into AE DoTs then do laps until they die.

We hope this documentation update will improve your understanding and play experience.

: Zubon

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  1. On the off-chance that there are no AE DoTs currently in existence, NPC heroes will proceed to play tag with each other around the flag until they aggro nearby red dots who will then provide the AE DoTs.

  2. well… your supposed to set the flag outside of aoe, since they camp that flag. flags are for the experienced micromanaging player, if you cant be bothered the only purpose is flaging them behind you so you can pull the aoe onto only you and letting them escape when your dead (kind of important in elitedungeons without rezschrines)

    and for aggroing: tried setting them to defensive or peaceful? they only pull aggro with very little skills if they are set to defensive, observe which skill it is they use when they pull aggro and switch it out (normaly its skills that serve a selfbuffing effect AND target an enemy. they want to trigger the positive effekt, so they attack. example: lifestealing necromancer skills)

    1. This week 1 advice is helpful for the new people, thank you. That “flag outside of AoE” is the issue being discussed here. I posted this immediately after watching them ignore the flag and dance in a sandstorm. Later in that dungeon, I watched one of the heroes ignore the retreat flag and instead charge in hold the line solo while everyone else escaped, despite my really wanting her to retreat with the group. In this way, the hero AI accurately reflects playing with other humans who, despite being explicitly told that they are in the fire or that the group is retreating, while still suicide and get pissy about it.

        1. Agreed!
          “Charge!” is a warriors spirit, stuff like “Fall back!” is for sissy paragons!

          1. Gwen, however, is the most aggressive character I have ever seen. Mine and guildmates’ Gwens will charge like no melee character I have ever seen. She wants blood.

            1. Lol yes! I have observed this about Gwen as well.

              So much so that (my Gwen is very fat and well-runed) my guildies have started saying, ‘Bring your crazy Gwen’.


          2. Dang, I’ve been doing it wrong! Every time I shout “Fall back!” they hurtle even faster towards death and destruction! :P

  3. Yeah, the AI pathing is kind of like a child drawing on the wall with crayons sometimes.

  4. Wow that’s awesome. Sounds like the npc healer I have that would rather shoot then heal.

  5. Please not that proximity to lava will override the effect of the flag as standing in it has a higher priority.

    1. If you are in lava, then you are taking damage. Stop to heal yourself and anyone else who may be taking lava-related damage immediately. Repeat as necessary.

      1. Actually, do not heal anybody who suffers from any form of degeneration, regardless of the cause.
        *remembers some bleeding-to-death moments*

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