[Eve] Tiericide

CCP has announced some vague changes to the way the Eve racial ship tier system will work in the upcoming patch/ expansion.   No one is quite certain what they are planning or how they will implement it, but the prospect of the changes has me in a mental quandary…

Should I postpone my current skill plan for a month, effectively halting my improvement as a combat pilot during that time, for the chance of a huge power payoff down the road?

In order to understand the question, and reason out the best answer, you need to understand the way ship skills work in Eve, and what the proposed changes are likely to look like.

New Eden has four player character races, the Minmatar, Caldari, Amarr and Gallente.   Every player starts out as one, but may cross-train into the other faction’s ships by purchasing skill books and investing the time necessary for the trainings.   Ships are designed currently to be reachable in tiers…   Each skill has five levels I-V, and as your skill progresses you unlock the ability to fly ‘better’ ships of that skill type. 

Now occasionally you come across ship classes that are grouped into one skill, rather than racially…   The examples we will use for this discussion are Destroyers and Battlecruisers, because it is widely expected that these two skills are on the chopping block.

If I wish to fly the Caldari Battlecruiser, Drake, I need to train the Caldari Cruiser skill to III, and Battlecruisers to II.   Once Battlecruisers is trained, simply training another race’s Cruiser skill to III will open those additional ships without any additional skill training at the Battlecruiser level. 

Concurrent to this situation, is the reality that only a few ships of any class are really useful.   Sure some people fly contrarian builds, but they are the exception, and many ships collect dust while their newer and more powerful sisters are the ship of choice.   CCP is proposing to fix this by making changes to the ships, their bonuses and roles in gameplay.  How they will do it, and whether it will work is another discussion entirely, but for now we have laid the ground work for the Tiericide changes.

CCP has said publicly that when they implement the ship skill changes, they will not punish players who already can fly certain ships…  i.e. if you could fly Caldari Battlecruisers before the changes, you will be able to fly them in whatever form they appear after the skills are reworked…   based on precedent, it is assumed by many, that this will be in the form of a skill point reimbursement (like a free respec) that players will then ‘respend’ those points buying up the new skills until they have the ability to fly all the ships they could previously…

Or not.

As a very new player, I have an unprecedented opportunity to advance my pilot, if these changes occur as it is speculated that they will.   Currently I can fly two racial Battlecruisers…  the Caldari Drake and the Minmatar Hurricane.   In order to fly the remaining two racial BCs, I have approximately 4 days of training.   To take the current Battlecruiser skill to V, I have approximately 24 days.   With very rough math, this will be the equivalent of around 750,000 skill points in Battlecruisers.

When the patch changes split Battlecruisers into 4 separate skills, I will need 3,000,000 skill points to regain the same ship hull skills that I had before, because each racial (i.e. Caldari Battlecruiser or Amarr Battlecruiser) subskill for the Battlecruiser hull will require training to V to maintain the same effectiveness I had before…

Thus they will reimburse me 3,000,000 skill points, which I would then divert 750,000 into Caldari Battlecruisers, and the rest I would use to ‘buy up’ near perfect Drake piloting skills, core fitting skills to V, and missile skills to as far as I can take them.

I would be trading 30 days, that I need to train eventually anyway, for four months of free training that I need to do eventually.  My 2 month old pilot would then fly like a 5 month old pilot.

Or not.

It is quite possible that all the speculation will be for naught, and CCP will uncharacteristically design a solution that reimburses the relative time, vs. the mathematical equivalent…  In that case I will have spent my second month doing very little to progress my pilot, aside from training a skill that I probably wouldn’t have on my radar for another 6 months or more…

What would you do, if you were me?   What do you think CCP is going to do with Tiericide?   How have you adjusted your skill plans to account for these potential changes?



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  1. If you end up getting unspent SP, you should not spend them right away. You save them for ‘oh shit’ moments when you need to fit something NOW but need a skill you don’t have.

    I’d say train BC and Destroyers to IV, and see what happens. Training them to V is a big delay for a newer pilot.

    1. I definatly considered that as a possible avenue to follow, since I need BC IV in the near term anyway, and adding the additional 2 racial Cruisers is only ~4 days…

      However, the real money-shot is that V skill multiplied by a factor of 4… Going to IV is like buying only one share of a stock that could make you rich, if only you bought 10,000 shares.

      It is a tough call for sure. I have a few days to decide since I am 1/2 way through BC IV right now, then have 4 days for the racial Cruisers.

  2. Eve is all about risk/reward.

    DO IT.

    (Then again, I AM vicariously living through you on this. I win either way – your writeup will likely be enjoyable as heck regardless of what CCP does.)

  3. Battlecruisers is one of the best skills in the game, and getting it to level 5 helps immensely. For example: each level of BC adds 50 DPS to the Hurricane. If you fly BCs seriously, it is an amazing skill to train.

    In terms of Skill reimbursement, the last I heard was that pilots would receives all 4 racial BC skills at the same level of their regular Battlecruiser skill. No raw SP would be given out; after downtime you simply have 4 new skills.

    What hasn’t been determined is what they are going to do with the racial Cruiser skills. The racial BC skill will require level 4 cruiser, but because of the way prerequisites work, it does not sound like CCP needs to give you Cruiser 4 in addition to the racial BC skill. E.g. You have Caldari Cruiser 3, BC 4. After changes, you’ll have Caldari Cruiser 3, Caldari BC 4. Drake requires Caldari BC 2, which you possess. Even though Caldari BC requires Caldari Cruiser 4, you will still be able to fly a Drake with just Cruiser level 3.

    What I am worried about is that they are going to look at your cruiser skills to determine which racial BC skills you need. Thus, you’ll need to train up all the racial cruisers to 3 in order to receive all the racial BC skills. Same with destroyers.

    In terms of timeline, I don’t think you need to worry that this is going to happen soon. In an interview, CCP Soundwave hinted at these:

    – Frigates rebalanced for the summer
    – New line of destroyers (for winter)

    One of the reasons for adding more racial spaceship command skills is so they can make more ships in that class without unlocking 12 with a single skill (which is how Battlecruisers is currently). I suspect that the Destroyer change will happen first, and it will coincide with a new line of ships.

  4. To be honest I hardly doubt that you’ll be able to spend skills by a factor 4 more than before that certain patch.

    I think if you get battlecruiser to V, you’ll get the racial BC skills to V automatically after the patch. You’ll end up with more SP, yes, but not more spendable SP.

    Imho that’s the best solution. Nobody will lose, but nobody will really win either, unless you consider having more SP, but not being able to do/fly anything more/better is actually winning :P

  5. I already have Battlecruisers V, and have for ages, but I am investing in a few of the non-racial ship skills, like interceptors, just to get on board with them before they become… maybe… four skills.

  6. The dev blog also mentioned the ship line-specific skills, but didn’t really go into specifics. I think it’s a bit premature to start minmaxing.

  7. Two things:

    – The Destroyer and Battlecruiser skills have confirmed to NOT be coming with inferno. Take your time.

    – When the changes do come it’s likely that rather than a flat SP payout SP will simply give you the appropriate skills. Have Battlecruisers V and Caldari/Amarr Cruiser IV but not Gal/Min Cruiser IV? Then you will receive Caldari and Amarr Battlecruisers V but not the others.

  8. Interesting to hear that it’s confirmed as not for Inferno. That could make a lot of difference for some.

    I very much doubt anyone will get any free SP out of this: far more likely to be given the skills. I suggest you value it based on which races you intend to use; since you already fly two races of BC I say go for V, even though that’s a big deal for a newer pilot.

    Personally I’ve always had ‘collecting’ ships as a personal goal, so making sure I didn’t lose any ground when destroyer and BC get divided up was important to me.

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