[Eve] Hunted Becomes Hunter

If you follow my adventures, or those of our CEO SynCaine, then you are aware that last week, our wormhole was invaded and camped by a rather talented band of killers.   Eve being the fickle mistress that she is, saw fit to place these killers in our wormhole precisely when we were settling into the site clearing and when we were so inundated with sites that we were out in gas ships, mining ships, and many of us dual-boxing in combat ships in Sleeper sites all at the same time, which is a really bad idea, when you don’t have that much experience in general wormhole defence and PvP.

In any event, we observed the skill level of these guys, and SynCaine chatted with their leader throughout the days they were logging kills on our fleet like Velociraptors at a petting zoo, and in the true spirit of Eve, they saw a great deal of common-ground and retained each other as contacts even after we learned not to fly into the dinosaur teeth and starve the beasts out of the Hole.

Last night, the leader of this kill machine, invited our guys to tag along on one of their covert-ops kill fests.   Just over a week after having my Pod popped by their band of Loki’s, I found myself fleeted up with them, scanning down targets and getting a fast-paced introduction into Fleet PvP, Target Hunting and General Mayhem.   It was a blast, and another layer of Eve was revealed to me, that I could not have conceived of a week ago.

After locating a target, a Drake engaging Sleepers alone in a system, this Fleet leader deftly coached us on the proper method for tracking, observation and ultimately the kill.   I was in a PvP fit Drake without a cloak, so I was outside the system as my presence on D-Scan would alert the target to our machinations, Zyref was in a Stealth Bomber and was shadowing the mark as the gang moved into position.  Our new friends were two Lokis and another Manticore Stealth Bomber…

After a long stint of planning and stalking, the trap was sprung and the team began to move in for the kill…  our Target was pre-aligned so they staged a bump to disrupt his escape prior to pointing him, and our leader began calling out attack orders to each participant.

“Cyndre warp to the Wormhole.”

I warped into the wormhole.   Oops.

My rookie mistake spooked the Drake pilot when our Lokis were nearly in bump range and he jumped away to a pre-made safe spot and logged out before we could scan him down and aggress.  It is amazing how big a difference to and into can make…

I would have loved to log my first killmail, and it was a shame my inexperience caused us all to lose a near perfect setup and kill, but regardless I learned so much about small gang pvp operations.   I also saw yet again the wonders of the Eve community…   Yesterday you are bitter enemies, today, fleet-mates chatting together on Vent and working towards a common goal.   This leader was freely training us and teaching tips and tricks.

Of course, this is Eve, and it was just as likely that they would lure us into w-space, and pod us again just for laughs, but we knew what we were getting into and went anyway.


13 thoughts on “[Eve] Hunted Becomes Hunter”

    1. I think to Eve veterans if we know your name and we know you died recently then details aren’t really secret. (He shot you in a Purifier, right?)

      1. I can’t fly any Amarr ships past basic frigs, so no. And I was mostly joking about the secret identity thing, though as a general rule I stear clear of posting people’s ingame names unless I have express permission to do so. The people in my corp don’t seem to care, and can be easily found via any search.

    1. I am generally a really good pvp’er and typically a hunter in any game I play… I am just bad at Eve (so far) and lack the skills and skill points to start logging kills. That will change. 45 days and I’ll be able to fly the Tengu I bought…

  1. Nice writeup. No worries about a little miscommunication, it happens. The guy was obviously well prepared for exactly what we tried to do.

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