CLOSED – M.M.O. 7 Gaming Mouse Giveaway


Mad Catz/Cyborg Gaming has been kind enough to send us a brand new, $129.99 retail value, M.M.O. 7 gaming mouse to give away to one of our readers. If you are not aware of this beast of a mouse, one that scares small children and pets, read on.

The M.M.O. 7 gaming mouse is extremely adjustable and customizable. It comes with 3 different pinkie grips and 3 different palm rests. The palm rests even have the ability to slide back and forth to fit your hand just right. The thumb rest/button area also adjusts forward and backward to allow you to place it just where you want it.

It has 13 programmable buttons that when combined with a 3-position mode switch and a 2-position shift button allows for a total of 78 programmable commands. 78! I could go on and on about the features of this thing, but it’s probably better to just give you a link so you can see for yourself.

M.M.O. 7 Gaming Mouse at Cyborg Gaming

The question I’m sure you are asking right now is; how can I get my hands on this mouse? Well, you can go buy one. Oh you mean the one we are giving away? All right here goes.

All you need to do is post a comment below telling me your most embarrasing moment in an MMORPG. Your worst blunder. Your biggest mistake. Something you might not dare to share with anyone. Your reward just may be this new, crazy customizable, mouse. Perhaps it will be just awesome enough to help you get over your traumatic experience.

I will choose my favorite 20 comments and then roll a d20 to find the final winner. Current and past KTR authors and their family members are not allowed to enter – or win. Limit one entry per person so make it count. I will ship the M.M.O. 7 gaming mouse at no charge to the winner. I’m not going to limit it to any specific countries either. I am going to limit it to planet Earth though. Sorry, Martians!

The last day to submit your entry is May 6th, 2012 to give me a few days to go over all the entries. I will choose a winner on May 9th, 2012 at noon US Central time.

Comment away, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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  1. Well, there might have been one time I had agreed to go on a run in FoW in Guild Wars. Little did I know it was a full clear run (literally full clear, killing all the monsters before even starting a quest), which resulted in after 4 hours, me being so tired that when we got to the Burning Forest (an area filled with monsters to the brim, all packing AoE damage) to accidentally wander with my character (and my mind) right into the middle of the enemy groups, aggroing all of them and causing a party wipe. It was terrible! 4 hours of work gone, but atleast I managed to score 1 Obsidian Shard from it! :) … Oh who am I kidding it was just 1 for heck’s sake! xD That mistake cost me a few subsequent runs aswell. :/ Always remember you’re well rested and ready to take on a run in any elite area -anywhere.

  2. I personally had the worst of accidents by being the newb. At the beta of rift I upset a lich and he followed me right to a level 1 area. Of course the guards were not responding and it glitched so all the level 1 guys around me were destroyed and some even left the beta. A lot of people thought I glitched him on purpose mind you he was level 10.

  3. I think my most embarrassing moment was leading a relic defence battlegroup in DAoC (NF era)… and I aimed us towards the wrong keep for defence. Mids took the right keep and opened the relic gates. (cue the slide-whistle woooohn-wooohn-woooohn-WAAAAAHN sound)

    I didn’t lead any more large-scale RvR for a while after that.

  4. My most embarassing moment had to have been in Dark Age of Camelot. I’d been playing for at least a year, and running around on my ranger. I forget what exactly led up to it, looting something I’m sure, but I found that all of a sudden I couldn’t move. Panicing, I complained in guild chat, and opened a GM ticket. Approximately ten minutes later I was told the bad news: I was over-encumbered. It never occurred to look at my inventory, because clearly I am smart enough not to pack my bags with that much crap.

    Thankfully the MMO world has fixed the problem for me by getting rid of encumbrance, so instead my wife sighs every time my characters exclaim “My bags are full!” But at least I can run around.

  5. I had just finished solo power-levelling my pally as full prot (never ran an instance). Guild needed some DPS for karazhan, so I volunteered. I really thought I was doing the right thing by BOPing the tank during some of the big-hits!

  6. This happened in World of Warcraft, after the Dungeon Finder was added but before it was cross-server. I had used the DF to find myself a band of ragtag heroes and was in the middle of a dungeon.

    It wasn’t going well. The tank could not hold aggro. The healer was letting people die left and right. The DPS, of which I was a part, was not up to par. For some reason or other I felt this group was particularly bad, and decided to whine to my guild about it. Typing between fights, I quickly hit the character limit for a message in WoW, and sent it off to my guild with the last sentence unfinished. I sent a couple unrelated messages to the party, and then set to work on Inane Bitching Part 2. It was a masterpiece. The height of grievance. The king of bellyache. I hit enter.

    The message appeared in the chat log as usual, except for one minor difference: It was party-chat blue, rather than guild-chat green. I was too stunned by my mistake to do anything but stare at the screen. None of my party members so much as moved. Not only had I insulted each one of them individually, I made it clear through starting mid-sentence that this was not the first message of its kind. I should have left the group in shame, but I was paralyzed. We all stood there, unmoving, unspeaking, for minutes.

    At some point the tank started moving towards the next group of mobs, and we all followed. I finished the instance, head hung low, too mortified to utter a single word to the party or my guild, and almost as shocked that I wasn’t forcibly removed from the group. I’ll never use the name I used for that character again.

    TL;DR: I’m an asshole.

  7. Ah, yes….this horridly awkward moment occurred years ago in Everquest2.

    At the time I was playing a ranger and the guild had been working for weeks and weeks to clear a raid zone. On the evening in question, we’d been in the zone for some 4 hours and had cleared all the trash and bosses and had arrived at the final boss. I must note that in those days trash respawned…….

    We had all prepared for the final fight, we did a quick strategy review and launched into the fight. At just about 20% health on the boss things were going well and we were all getting excited. At that point and quite by accident, I evac’ed the entire raid group outside the raid zone. All 24 of us landed outside the dungeon entrance. There was no running back as it was 2am and the trash was all back up!!

    I still get christmas cards from guildmates reminding me of my evac.

    1. If I was giving a mouse away, you’d be the winner because I’ve been part of raids where this has happened. Love it.

  8. In EVE Online, I was given an award by my corporation leader – “Most likely to be found AFK in an astroid belt in the middle of a war”. I am still quite proud of that award – I display it with pride. =)

  9. Well….I’ve never written this anywhere but here goes:
    when I started playing WoW in 2004, I misunderstood what the [General 1.] and [General 2.] tabs were in the chat window (it was beta and I wasn’t familiar with the term ‘general chat’. I am also no English native, ahem). all I saw was people speaking in each and I assumed the ‘Generals’ were official WoW GMs chatting together. you know, General one and General two were ingame, maybe answering the noobs.

    When I asked my partner about how to get answer from the Generals, he couldn’t stop laughing for the next 3 days or something.

    true story. >_< (I will come to regret this yet.)

  10. I leveled in vanilla WOW from 1-60 as a resto druid. They had no strength. I had to run from everything, but I was so worried about surviving I wanted heals to keep safe.

    Sure I killed NPCS, but I think that was mostly from them dying of boredom as I swung my staff at them and healed every third global cooldown.

  11. Very simple to answer this one. It came during WOTLK and our guild was running a 10 man raid. It was a long night and we were on LK and things were going great until me, the mage, ice blocked in phase 2 where the cliff breaks free and I fell to my death. Yes, I ice blocked on the ledge, the ledge broke free and I wiped the raid because everyone was laughing uncontrollably. To this day we still talk about it.

  12. World of Warcraft, TBC days. We were in Black Temple, working on downing Gorefiend. We’d had a wipe and me, as a shaman, got up to start ressing people. We’d had respawns on the way I believe. So I start to cast my spell, green swirlies flying around my characters hands, when… whoops.

    Turns out I’d his Astral Recall instead of Ancestral Spirit. So amid laughter on Vent I explained what happened and removed Astral Recall from my bars. At least they got a good laugh out of it.

  13. During Vanilla WoW I was raiding with my guild, I didn’t realize raids would go so late and when my mother told me it was time to go to bed and I had school in the morning I tried to pull the “10 more minutes” routine, for about an hour. After that she came in yelling and telling me she’d unplug the computer. While arguing back with her my hand got heavy on the push to talk vent key and everyone in my guild heard me fighting with my mother and at the very end of the fight a quite loud and audible smack was heard over the mic as my mother slapped me an unplugged the computer. I was the laughing stock of my guild as “that kid who got smacked by his mom”

  14. I typed the full encounter of my previous nights sexual escapades into the guild chat channel instead of a PM. It was pretty rough…

  15. I was very much a noob at one point in time with MMO’s but that was long ago and my story is more of a recent event than a coming of age, noob becomes a man story.

    This happened in World of Warcraft during a Looking For Raid. We were at Madness and I was tanking it with one of my guildies. The fight was going very smooth with no problems that would normally occur but right at the third platform when we started to pick up the Corruption in the back, I went to get in position and fell off the side of the cliff promptly killing myself. My guildy asked me what happened and I said “I don’t know, I walked up and suddenly I was in the water.”

    Truth be told it was my error and I had actually just kept moving until I fell totally forgetting that I needed to stop.

    We went on to win the fight as my guildy was a beast of a druid tank and soloed the rest of it on his own. It was terribly embarrassing though and I constantly watch my footing on mountains and ledges in any game now.

  16. This wasn’t really embarrassing at the time, but looking back on it I can see how much of a mistake I made.
    Anyone remember that Black Moa Chick minipet questline from a while ago in GW1? Well I did it. I felt so proud of myself for getting that little thing, and it was so adorable. Do you know what I did with it? I sold it.
    “How much did you sell it for?” you may ask.

    I sold it for about 13 platinum.

  17. I’m thinking it was when I first started playing Guild Wars. I hadn’t played any other MMOs at this point. I started playing as an elementalist, and got my first skill, Flare. I started to wonder at some point why my auto-attack wasn’t doing more damage or reducing my energy since I got the new skill. About a week later I figured out I had to hit the number keys or click skill icons to activate them.

  18. My story dates back before the first desktop MMO – MUDs and browser based games were owning my time.

    Me and my guildmates were talking on chat, when some guys from the UK told us the terrible news; Lady Di died in a car accident.

    I knew that many of the brits felt as if they lost someone very close to them.

    Now, I’m not a native English speaker, so I had to concentrate on not messing up my condolences, but only when I hit ENTER did I realize that indeed I had written “May she rest in piece!” – which was uncomfortably in sync with the details of the accident. The responses were violent and mixed. It was immediately followed by a virtual lynching, no matter how hard I tried to explain myself. I became a troll thanks to a spelling mistake. :)

  19. We finished Karazhan early so we decided try out Battle of Mount Hyjal. I play a big blue Male Draenei Holy Paladin, who has been known to collect outfits (Black Tux, Purple Pimp Suit, Red/purple/blue dress).

    As usually I just sit there and spam heals so I rarely pay attention to strategy discussions beforehand. I was messing around with outfitter and going through my outfits. Battle started and I ended up healing through it in the red dress haha.

  20. Oh man I should not be telling this story, but for the chance at winning that mouse … here it goes.

    This was back when I was playing FFXI, I was a strapping young single lad in his early 20s at the time and I’d befriended a girl in the game. Don’t worry I know you’re thinking it was a dude but no, lol. So anyway, this girl and I had been talking for a few months, we finally ended up meeting and began dating as she lived only a couple hours away from me. So this one night she types a naughty message to me in a whisper. So, I’m sitting there with a grin on my face as I’m contemplating my response. Well, unbeknownst to me, the GM I had contacted about a loot issue from earlier in our Dynamis run just sent me a message. I hit /r to reply to my girlfriend and end up sending this message to a Game Master. >.< I was mortified as the GM happened to be a woman and she was, needless to say, quite confused and embarrassed. Yes, she told me SHE was embarrassed lol! I thought that was the end of it and I regained my composure. I go to resend this whisper but to my girlfriend, but this time I don't realize my chat is in say… yeah… so anyway now not only did I send this naughty message to a GM… I now put it in say in the middle of town. Players began /shouting and /whispering me and talking in /say and emoting around me making fun and 'ROFL'ing…oh god it was quite possibly the worst MMO moment ever… and now I so graciously shared that with you, so here's to hoping it was worth it, lol.

  21. Pulling the Curator early. Three times. In one night.

    I had never raided before. Our guild raid had filled up with this pug, and he was mad about something – loot roll didn’t go his way, I would assume – so he pulled and then dropped, and they wiped.

    I was a hunter. I had finally ground enough AV to buy the crossbow, maybe my first purple, unless I’d had some lucky drops in heroics – it’s been awhile. I was offered a spot to fill in, ’cause I wasn’t awful in heroics, and they needed another body. They explained to me what to do – kill the little add things – and I knew how to misdirect.

    A warrior had right-clicked on Curator so that he was doing the “I want to attack” emote thing. In tells, while we were waiting for something or other, I asked the warrior how he was doing that. He told me to just right-click on the boss. GUESS HOW THAT WORKED OUT ON A HUNTER.

    But he laughed and said over vent that it was his fault, he hadn’t thought about who was asking. So we’re sitting ready to pull, and the raid leader says something to someone about “go” and I did. Raid leader made a big deal – that was an understandable mistake for a newbie, no problem.

    Aaaand then the last one wasn’t quite the same. I have always used a focus macro to misdirect. I didn’t realize that I’d accidentally switched my focus from the tank to a priest while inspecting them. I actually pulled at the correct time, but Curator went right up and gibbed the priest.

    After that things were fine, and I was told that my dps was good enough to come back, and they even thanked me for filling in. But I made sure to be late on raid nights for a couple months before I tried again.

  22. I had a druid tank in World of Warcraft, during the Burning Crusade expansion. I played from 60 to 70 and tanked raids for my guild for months and months before realizing that I had never gone back to the trainer to get the newer ranks of my tanking abilities. By far the most head-hanging embarrassment I have ever experienced in an M.M.O. It still makes me embarrassed thinking about it.

  23. Back in Vanilla WoW I had a friend who was an amazing Feral Druid. He would wait outside Blackrock Mountain and gank key members of guilds as they were running to MC or BWL.

    This one time, he was waiting for me.
    I was the most geared Holy Priest on the server, and my experience in the raids had given me the job of “teach these noobs not to suck.” So without me, they wouldn’t start.

    But I was running late, was alone, and had nothing to fight back with.

    There wasn’t dual-spec around at the time, so it’s not like I could switch to shadow and beat him down.

    Nope.. just me, a holy priest.. and psychic scream. That’s all I had.


    By the time I reached the instance, my res counter was at over 5 minutes of sitting on my corpse waiting to pop. I hopped on the vent we often used together and started freaking out at him.

    He won’t ever let me forget it.

  24. I accidently spelt my Warrior’s name wrong(Skywarior instead of SkyWarrior ;<) but played with that character for almost 5 years ppl always bitched about it made me feel really sad ;<

  25. My most embarrassing moment was writing this paragraph in a desperate attempt to get the coolest mouse ever since I can’t even afford to buy gas to get to college and work.

  26. I spent 10 mins heavily, wittily referencing Star Wars, it was real quality stuff.
    Such a shame i was playing STO….

  27. I might get a lot of flak for this… But I was involved in the infamous World of Warcraft funeral video. I was a member of Serenity Now who was the attacking clan and while I feel bad for what happened, it was pretty epic… Nothing like that has happened since.

    I’m not going to share my Username, but I can be seen throughout the video online unleashing the biggest blunder in all of MMO history.

    Google: “Serenity Now Bombs a Funeral” to see the video and you will see what I’m talking about.

    The truth is, I love gaming and what we did in that video was a fight between clans, although at a peaceful funeral…

  28. Unfortunately my English is not so good, so I can not write as much as I think.

    But I can only say I ♥ CYBORG :-)

  29. My most embarresing moment was keeping a 20 man raid waiting while I was busy, I thought I would be back after 3-5 minute, after 45 minutes I return to my computer greeted by the abundance of hate mail that was waiting for me… Bad times.

  30. Oh,hey i have not much time to write here a beautiful comment ’cause i have to return quickly in game,my character is begging me to frag someone… I hope that one won’t be you xxx See ya,or not :D

  31. Let me think…I was on a game on Starcraft2 , as always i binded on the “1” key the workers on 2 the nexus and on 3 4 and 5 the army,when i used the key to recall the army i missclicked on 1 and send out workers to attack.I Didn t notice that and my oppenent win the game while laughing … -.-

  32. sigh.

    About the time Runescape was upgraded to the 3d client…I was lured and killed by a Black Wizard spawn on my way between towns, with all of my best armor and weapons.

    I then spent the next fifteen to twenty minutes begging my friends list for handouts.

    Embarrassing on about 4 different levels – not only was I playing Runescape, but I was sucking at it AND begging.

    Not sure if I’ve been called a noob more times than that particular occasion.

  33. My worst MMO moment was when I first got into MMO’s and my friend let me try out one of his level 30 characters in Age of Camelot. I just started attacking the first player I saw and chased him down until he called a mod on me and I got my friends account suspended for a week until he could get things sorted out with the mods. After that my friend never let me play on his account and that’s what got me into MMO’s

  34. Well this might not go on for long like some others and I’ve never told any one but, well I might get something for free.
    The first time I played WoW I was playing with my cousin, I chose Dwarf hunter he was a Gnome something or other, one night after school I decided to wander into the wilderness of Azeroth alone and for the next 6 hours I was lost, I blew off hanging out with my crush at the time, didn’t leave my seat for anything while swimming around the ocean completely lost only to find land, get killed by some tiger thing and do the entire thing again, this went on for a week before I gave up the game, it’s now been 7 years since I touched WoW and my friends think it’s because I couldn’t pay the subscription.
    May not be one of those stories of good people doing something embarrassing but I’m hoping that the mixture of perseverance, love of the world and general stubbornness will put me through. Oh and did I had been playing a month or so?

  35. I was playing Tibia long time ago with some real life friend, one of them just discovered that his ‘cybernetic’ girlfriend was a real boy (what a surprise heh), and he keep ignoring him while we were outside his house. Minutes after the ‘gf’ came back when all our friends left, just he and I were still there, she was yelling “YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT TURN ME ON”, I didn’t know what to do, if laugh, answer something, be mute or just leave.

  36. I started playing Meridian 59 when I was 10, so I managed to do a loooot of silly stuff, mostly involving butting into adult conversations in /broadcast and unsuccessfully trying to pass myself off as one of them (“My favorite drink is Scach”)

    But the most constant source of embarrassment was my character name. Pickled ginger was my new favorite food, so I named my (male) character Ginger.

    I was pretty embarrassed when I was told I had picked a girls’ name… and I was told about once per time I logged on.

    No way was I going to delete and rename, though! After all, dedicated playing after finishing up my homework had gotten me all the way up to 35 hp! So I merely kept playing until Everquest rolled around and I could finally pick a new name… you can see my posting username to see how inventive I was at age 12.

  37. my most embarrassing moment in an mmo was in wow vanilla when i was on the starting island of the night elves, to do some duelling with others while i was really really drunk, it was about 4o’clock in the morgning after my “exams finished”-party in shool.
    i really do not know anymore why we did it there and not in front of IF or somewhere else.
    i was a level 60 fully t2 equipped hunter and we duelled a little bit close to the northern cliff of the island, which is pretty high and unclimbable if u fall down. so, by roaming around in a duell, i really dropped down there and fall a distance far enough to kill me. i revealed as a ghost and did not want to need repair so i didnt buy back there, because in vanilla it would have been about 20gold which was 4 to 5 hours of solo farming. i dropped as ghost tii revive at my dead body, did not hit the right spot and fell down into the water. i travelled around the whole island but couldnt get up, so i tried to swim to the next island but there was the axhaustion-zone which u cannot get through because its to big and i did not know, that if the bar is empty, you’ll go back to the graveyard, so i turned around and did not know what to do. then i did the most stupid thing anybody ever could to…i was sooo drunk that i just thought i cannot use this character ever again because i cannot come to my dead body, so i logged of and deleted it…..
    the next day when i woke up, the first thing i did was logging in because i thought it must have been a dream, because when i wasnt drunk anymore, i surely knew that anybody could revive ot at least i could write a ticket that i am “stuck”, but well….no dream…no more hunter…4days of rage which expanded to 2 years of not playing, i just started again with new friends in WotLK….now i am level85 healshaman

  38. Was a level 60 Druid tank in my WoW guild at a time when Druids did not tank (innervate and stay out the way please…). We ran the 20 man content, AQ20, ZG20 with no problems with me as a off tank / healer.

    We decide to do 40 man content, so allied with another guild, we convinced them that Druids could off tank – and I was all ready for my first MC raid. Spent ages getting gear, rings to give myself the best chance possible – and on my debut died within 5-6 seconds… Vent went into uproar “told you so” etc… our guildies were “ummm ok not what we expected…” and I sat there scratching my head wondering what had gone wrong, open my tab and suddenly get that newb feeling… “uh sorry guys, I’m still in my resto gear…”Soooo i think i’ll win with this…. :/

  39. I once made a 40 player guild run in world of warcraft and it took me about 1 hour to get all these people, and the guys the joined in the beginning was getting pretty pissed of.

    We were doing AQ and was going to get all the mounts. When the tank had all the npc at him and the players started to attack them, I noticed one more npc that they missed
    (It was my first time in AQ and I was very tierd becouse it took so long to set this up).

    So i attackt the npc and it went into the aoe as predicted. The only problem now was that it was the boss so when we killed it the raid got locked(we were lvl 85 so it diden´t take long to kill him).
    I was so embarrest that I hold my hand over the chat and ALT+F4 myself out and dident log in again for a week.

    So that was my storie hope you liked it! :)

  40. ummm…the most embarrassing situation was in the last mOnth.. it all about counter strike 1.6. i was playing CS and suddenly a player of my team flashed over me.. i was angry , then I thought it was by mistake. But same situation was again in the next round… i was out of control and i started abusing him..

    The person did the team flash said to me “it was not my fault. u blocked me.” and the person was my best friend who did the team flashed.
    then i realized i did mistake. and i was embarrassed that it was my fault and i abused him very badly. i said sorry to him atlast.

  41. While not technically an MMO, my worst mistake was in Diablo 2. I was helping some friends in Hardcore mode. We were in nightmare difficulty, and I was using hydras to clear out what I could on the other areas across from us. I could see the enemies spewing lightning in all directions from every hit the hydras made on them. I was typing a message and I must have hit a button and switched spells. Went to throw more hydras out and accidentally… teleported. Into a lagging mass of lightning. Before I could even see what had happened, the lovely message stating that my level 70-ish sorcerous who I had spent MUCH time leveling and gathering items for, was dead and deleted forever.

  42. I had just started playing Tibia long time ago and I was a complete N00B. The thing is I wanted to do an exchange, so a player told me to drop my item next to him to complete the process, I did it. I’ve never felt so n00b in my whole life, I felt so helpless and so bad, OMG everytime I remember that I feel so ashamed. I’ve never said this to anyone, you’re the first to know…

    Have a nice day and good luck to everybody :) !

  43. I was playing WoW Beta as a Paladin and well there was a quest where you had to kill some boss monster. yeah beginning of the game i guess. I killed it once but the head that supposed to fall from him and i should took it didn’t appear. I thought it was a bug. So i killed him again. Nothing happened. I gathered party and killed him again. Nothing. Then again and again various people trying to help for something like 2-4 hours. Some friends of mine and also random folks. Weel in the end one of them sugested that we should go back to the sign with this quest. It turned out that I didn;t press the accept button… Oh god.. Why…
    Not to mention the madness of all the people trying to help me.

  44. Doing a Firelands progression run my guild had managed to finally get to Rag’s… what was my response on the first pull? Disengage off the platform into the lava resulting in a wipe because they had to waste a battle rez on me -.-

  45. One time, in Sammath Gul, I stepped right in the poop. :[

    Right in it. More than once.

    Or there was this other time…
    Moondog: Hmmmm.awesome view! I wonder if I can get over this gaurd-rail…
    System: You have been incapacitated be mis-adventure.

  46. I think my most embarrassing MMO thingy was probably when i “hored out” my alt.

    Yeah, that sounded wrong… anyway, i was playing on one of my alts, a female Blood elf hunter, running around ogrimmar, when suddenly some player decided to /w me, asking if i would give him a “”private show” in Ragefire Chasm, if he gave me the Mageweave set (You know, the tiny tiny shorts and even smaller top set) as well as 5000 g.

    I, being the intrepid little goblin that i am, decided that sure, why not – no one will ever know, and it’s easy gold.

    Turned out tho, that he also messaged my GM, giving her the same offer, and telling about me, so my character suddenly got a new, custom rank. Yeah. Not proud of that one. (as an aside, he did send me several more offers over the next week, but i declined – figured my reputation was battered enough already :P)

  47. Stepping into the EvE universe and getting attacked not by players but by something way more deadly … spread sheets. It’s like a second job i have to pay for

  48. Well, you guys remember the feet of lynx? those damn retardly overpriced feet for a lvl 19 twink in wow?

    Well I started playing in vanilla, a warrior.
    Got them to drop from a random mob in the barrens, feeling pretty good I’ve gotten a blue item. So I went to the auction house, put them bad boys up for a whole gold. yup that’s right one (1) gold. Felt so damn proud for my first gold back then.

    It took pretty long time before I knew my mistake, well I suppose I made someone extremely happy…

  49. I was playing RuneScape after watching a ton of videos of people PK’ing, and decided to try and give it a shot. I wasn’t the richest int he world, but had some money to spare. I bought a full set of D’haroks armor, world hopped to a PK’ing world, and crossed the wilderness ditch. That’s where it wen’t downhill. I began a fight with another player. In a matter of seconds I was skulled, and killed by a Korasi sword special. Didn’t even last 2 minutes. Lovely. I then began chatting to one of my friends, and decided to go and try to PK together. Off we went with our gear. He engaged in a fight, and I proceeded to find another fight, leaving my friend from sight. A little wile later, he comes running over to my fight to watch, as he just won his. I equip my godsword and go for a special. When I go to click on my enemy, he moves, which moves my mouse on screen over my friend, and I watch as I crush my friend. Oops. I just killed my friend, and I can not pick up his gear as it was not “my kill”. Woopsies.

  50. Well, seven years have passed since this happened and i’m still ashamed to even think about it.

    It was in my first year in World of Warcraft, level 60, going for UBRS. I was lucky to join a very good guild on the server i was and joined them on vent for the first time to do that dungeon.
    On the way there, a guy on vent was explaining me how i could get my first legendary weapon: something in the line of: see the lava down there well, you have to use a water breathing potion, jump in, use a few health pots, get to the very end of the path (some shortcut to brd or something) and once there, that there would be a chest with the so called legendary sword saying that so far, no one managed to get there before dying and that i would be the first on the server to get it.

    Well, i believed him and i jumped…

    Let’s just say they all had a very good laugh on vent, and well, so did i… :p

    Did i say i was ashamed ? :)

    (sorry, english isn’t my native language)

  51. One night, i was bored, and started a good pug for Ulduar25 man achievment-run, with 2 friends. I was in charge of all healing, wich ment i had to sit there and explain all the tactics for healers and yell at people who fail etc, since i see everything on my meters and healingbars.
    The thing is, iam a girl and have a very girl voice. I hate getting attention from random people, especially in pugs, just cus iam a girl, so allways when i pug, i use a voice-changer, wich makes me sound like a 30 y/o guy, but hey, atleast iam not being sent back to the kitchen or asked for naked pics of me. So yeah.
    Before a bossfight, i was sitting there for like 10 min explaining the tactics for people, answering questions etc. Everyone seemed to understand and everything was fine.
    Right before we pulled, i quitted a few background-programs to skip lag etc, since my computer was kinda bad back then, and i accidently quit the voice-changing program.

    Tank gave the pull-command, and we started the fight. 5 sec into the fight, a random dps guy stands in fire and dies. I got kinda mad, since i spend shitloads of time explaining what to do and how, so i went all nerd-rage and yelled some nasty stuff and called that guy some bad things.. Imagine, a mad girl yelling on you on ventrilo cus you were standing in fire…
    Everyone started out with childish comments, some of the people though i was a 10 y/o kid, and i paniced right away, lost my focus and died, by standing in the fire…

  52. ok i hate it, i was in Runes of Magic in Aslan Valley in the Necropolis of Mirrors and cause my idiotic doing in the Ini my guild wipe 3 times on every fucking Stageboss.
    The Guild has thrown me after the ini from the guild and I chat on the World denounced, so I could forget my account and no longer needed to play

    sorry for my bad english cause i need a Translator for it

  53. Well, as a newbie I wasn’t really sure what to do exactly. WoW was my first MMO so I had saved all my talent points as a hunter till I was level 50. Ugh.

    But the worst was when I was doing a tryout for a top tier guild at he time and I was supposed to be pulling the whole instance. Seeing as it was my very first time in Blackwing Lair I had no idea what I was doing but luckily I had done a little research (they had cleared it before any real videos or strats were any where in the net)and some of the other hunters were giving me /whispers.

    We got to the infamous Death Talon Room (the room with all the tiny Dragon Welps that keep respawning. First couple went well, then the next pull came. I had my target, aimed at previously before I sneezed, and I guess I hit tab. Next thing I know onto the next pull without noticing I changed targets and the whole room comes with.
    That was the end of my tryout :( Terribly embarrassing and miserable. C’est la vie~

  54. A long time ago in an MMO far, far away…

    When I was a young buck playing the original Asheron’s Call I didn’t know anyone else who played MMOs, so I was eager to find a good guild to teach me the ropes. I played all hours of the night and kept running into the same group of people who I assumed were night-owls like myself. It turned out they were all Brits and in an English Adult-only guild, so I did the only reasonable thing any kid does online: I lied my way in.

    I constructed an elaborate fictional background story about being from the UK and even started watching instructional videos to learn a fake Brittish accent. I could’ve kept the lies to a minimum and likely would’ve escaped unscathed, but each new tidbit of information that was blindly accepted by my guildies would spur me to invent more.

    Instead of being 15, I went with 24 and gave myself a fake job and make-believe education. Unfortunately I finally blundered one time too many. My fake education put me in the same graduating class as the guild leader’s wife and when innocently pressed for details my entire story crumbled around me and I fessed up.

    I was stripped of my ranks and expelled from the guild, but eventually I would get my revenge in the form of later guild vs guild battles where I slew many of my former comrades and reclaimed small bit of the pride my deception had surrendered.

  55. I had a muscle biopsy the day before, and was still on some powerful pain meds. I was BORED, but fuzzy headed and groggy. I was leveling a Warrior on WoW, and was telling someone tanking as a warrior was so easy, I could do it asleep. To prove it I qued up for a random dungeon, and got one of the Scarlet dungeons (the one with the dog whistle). I pulled the first mob, then tabed to a new target, and clicked the middle mouse button, my Charge ability, pulling the next mob. I panicked and tried to run back to the original pull, but run straight into the third group. I did everything I could, but we wiped, on the first mob. The second try ran great, up until I pulled the houndmaster along with two other mobs, and due to my inability to use cool downs, we wiped a third time. We lost a dps after that, and got a new guy in no time. We continued on deeper into the dungeon, were we wiped 4 more times. At this point I had a fresh group of people, and we wiped two more times before I was tired of getting angry tells, and I logged off, got a name change, and tried again a week later.

    1. Actually, I recall something far more embarassing. I was a just a pup, and Planetside had come out. I wasn’t all that great, more entertained by the bullets than the map. I loved flying, and thouht what could be easier than piloting a galaxy? I was a proud member of the Terran Republic, and had a full galaxy, MAX slots and everything, even a vehicle in the back! There was another galaxy nearby, and we were getting ready to head out, and hopefully turn the tide of battle. To this day I still don’t know how, but I decided to be cool and be the lead Galaxy. Somehow it flipped upside down, and crashed into the galaxy next to me, exploding us both. Two galaxies full of people, dead. I reacted quickly and logically… I unplugged the computer, waited an hour, then deleted that character.

  56. long ago…daughters old boy friend installed BF2142 on my pc because i had the better vid card, playing one late night i joined a squad an was running around learning the game, guarding a missile launcher the squad came up to it…i looked at them… looked(moved mouse)right…coast clear…looked(moved mouse)left…mouse button meet keyboard and fired off a clip and killed the leader…got bounced before i could apologize…felt like a bigger nO0b than i was. an the KB an mouse are not side by side ever since

    love the D20 roll, still have my lucky D20 on the desk just in case.

  57. Well, first of all, excuse me for my poor english, it’s not my native language :P

    I remember playing a korean game named Mu, just go to trade with someone and he told me “show me your stuff” and (well, thinking about it, it was kinda silly) i just droped my stuff for him to pick it up and “test it” to never see him again!!!!

    Just after that I saw my running after him across the realm until he finally log off… with my precious stuff!!!!

    And of course, the always stupid question “how can i obtain more gold?” hahahahaha

  58. Most embarrasing MMO moment would be on SWTOR we as a guild had started to do 16man nightmare endgame content and this evening started out as no other, ensure all health pots/flasks were available for a night of ”fun” anyhow we got to Karraggas palace and we started to clear the content I was tired from work and was attempting to heal to the best of my ability on my Mercenary healer little did i remember the night before i had rerolled specs on my Merc to pyro tech, just so i could have a bit of a change in Pvp anyway as i was raid assigned mainly to heal the tank I was gobsmacked to see him fall well under healing ability then facepalmed when i remembered I had changed specs and he died, my guild found it hilarious and had to wait around for me to go respec :P

  59. Oh I can think of a few but how about this, main tank AND raid leader, 25 man, in WoW, ICC, all going well, run in on a 1st boss, press the wrong button, kick myself out of group!! Yelling into mic would someone QUICKLY get me back in group while still tanking boss!!

  60. Back when Runescape was still big I was trying to sell 21k steel arrows while training my fletching skill. Now back than 21k steel arrow was worth around 500k gold. I was doing the usual mass spamming Selling 21k steel arrow best offer! Than this guy started sending trade request, he offered me 500k gold I being the greedy 12 year old kid immediately mass clicking accept. Unfortunately the guy I was trading with was a scammer and manage to switch the amount to 50k gold before I could check. This is your usually scammer story to this point but I immediately called him out and trying to report him to Jagex, but somehow he freaking convince my younger self I was lucky to get 50k gold and should be content. I said okay and left the matter behind until today.

  61. Long story short… Pulling stuff during WoW raids by falling asleep in front of the PC while moving forward, and having to make up excuses of how that happened

  62. The fact that i have played MMORPGs and used the knowledge and concepts to try play MMORPgs outside of the my PC,this being many years ago, its pretty embarrising that it did’nt go well, id rather not say the rest :I *Shy Face*

  63. My most embarrassing moment was back in the days of Ultima Online. I had just acquired a horse and was out killing some villainous something or others with my trusty steed helping fight in battle. After vanquishing the foe, I turned around and left my room to hit the bathroom (as I had been holding it in a bit too long). I returned to my game to see my character being brutally attacked by my equine friend. Somehow, I must have accidentally attacked my horse and after we killed whatever monster we were fighting at the time, my horse turned and let out all of his pent up rage upon me. I came back just in time to see the final blow, as if the horse was waiting intentionally waiting to mock my death. So there I was, clad in armor and with a sword and a simple steed pummeled me to my early grave. The worst part? In those days of UO, your corpse could be easily looted so after I respawned and tried to run all the way to where I was, I lost everything I had. Thank you horse. t(‘.’t)

  64. Picture this, you’re a freshman in High School, playing Ragnarok Online with your friends, and having a skype call with these 5 buds simultaneously at 3AM on Sunday morning. After countless hours of grinding and preparation, stocking up on hundreds of potions and perfecting our upgraded weapons and armor.
    Then, trekking through relatively desolate forests and deserts, following one guy’s sketchy map he found on some korean website to a supposedly unknown Easter Egg in the game with superb drops.

    After awhile, as we were losing hope, we finally found the entrance to what looked like a jungley Dungeon. Now I, with my max level Priest, the magnificent scholar known as, Kakisho, had a very important responsibility. I casted spells like Gloria and Assumptio and a myriad of other spells as we very carefully proceeded. There were no save spots for at least 25 minutes of walking, and the chances of bumping into the very tiny entrance again in the very dense and randomly generated terrain was very unlikely. This was our only shot.

    So our plan was to see how strong the creatures were by sending a guy to test if they were agro and fighting one that was alone. As we expected, the creature was aggressive and nearly killed our teammate before ran back to us. I immediately healed him and with the 6 of us, we took down this one monster of hundreds. It would be very challenging to get through, and there was no experience or drops rewarded from this one.

    Still, we methodically, one by one, rarely two or three took down the lizards which swarmed this dungeon. Eventually, we found one chest with 1000 zeny in it. A pathetic amount, but it was proof that there was reward in this.

    About an hour later, we found the MVP. The problem was that we were having an argument on how to tackle it. “Johnny,” as I’ll call him was considering doing a charge, focusing him down and ignoring any mobs he spawned. Seeing that we knew nothing about this foreign monster, I suggested that we kite him, slowly wearing him down as we constantly ran in circles while some of took shots. The argument got a bit heated as I yelled into my mic. There were pros and cons of either strategy, one of the biggest problems being that the strong monsters which normally roamed the dungeon were starting to respawn randomly, and occasionally a few would spawn next to us on surprise.

    We eventually decided to go for it, since we were running out of time. I put on the buffs, and we hoped for the best as we ran in. And then it happened:

    Hearing my yelling from across the hall, my parents, awoken at 4AM in the Monday morning came in yelling at me as I tried my best to heal my party mates. It was very stressful to somehow try to convince them to let me continue for just a little bit longer. All the while, since I was trying to communicate with my team, they could hear every single word my parents said, and with my bed time at 11, they had a lot.

    I had headphones on so they couldn’t hear the game, so unknown to them was the laughter of my friends cracking up as my mother yelled in a thick Chinese accent how terrible I was. So, as I tried to contain my embarassed shame and frantic stress between managing two very high-tense moments, I tried to garble up responses, which ended up being…garbled responses. “But I jus neethewait igotbuthealwait” is an excellent example of one of my comebacks.

    Besides the insulting remarks of my parents being great ways to greet me with for the rest of the year (in all good humor), I was also banned from the game for the next month.

    (there was no drop :P, but it was fun).

  65. A decent amount of time ago now, back when W/Rt ecto farming was meta in UW I went through all the trouble of playing the warrior class (which I can’t stand) to get him to endgame. This was pre skill tomes so I had to do it all by scratch, and after investing so much time in him I decided to buy him a set of obby armor to celebrate (which was quite a bit more expensive than it is now). I didn’t even get to farming enough to pay off the set of armor I had bought for him when I decided to try him out in PvP to show off the armor. This was before I started using my PvE chars to PvP so I would frequently re-roll professions and delete the old ones for space. I logged in one day to find that my warrior was missing from my player line up, and scrolling through my chars 100 times didn’t seem to be helping find him. I filed a bug ticket and complained about the game being glitched, or my account hacked to the poor support rep, and members of my family. Later I had realized that I most certainly deleted all my hard work after PvPing with him because I was going to make another char to re-roll as in PvP. I had to type his name into the game and everything to delete him. It took me days to realize he had been deleted, and weeks to come to the realization that I had thrown away all my hard work, and even lost money on the armor I bought.

  66. Lotro Harvest Festival horse race. The first one. Winning the race got you a fancy horse which was quite a big deal. After trying unsuccessfully to win a few times I had a stroke of luck when all of the other riders left leaving me alone in the race. I took my time to make sure there were no mishaps and carefully steered the horse around the course. When the winning post finally came into sight I knew I was going to win so I typed into Kin (Guild) Chat: “Yippee I am the only horse in the race and I am going to win a Festival horse”.

    Unfortunately stopping to type in chat got me booted out of the race.

    The congratulations flooding in from my kin quickly turned to laughter when I sheepishly admitted I had lost the race despite being the only rider.

  67. I’ve been doing courier contracts in EVE Online for about a year now.
    Not many people do this, as it doesn’t really make good money/hour, and you need a good amount of capital to start off (as collateral just in case you steal the packages/get blown up)
    I do this because it’s quite relaxing and I can semi-afk while playing. And I want to be different.

    A corpmate tried to tell me that doing these contracts aren’t really worth it, and also pointed out that sometimes the contracts get used as a gank-bait for unsuspecting newbies (they put contracts with good rewards, while camping the gates, waiting for you).
    Not wanting to be lectured and feeling pretty confident (since I’ve been doing this for a while, and had been shot down few times doing these contracts before), I told him that you can tell the difference between real contracts and a gank-bait ones after doing this for a while.
    I also told him that the gankers would have to have a good target-lock time, as my ship is pretty fast and there are much juicier targets out there.

    A day went by, then suddenly I got smacked down by a Battleship fitted to handle fast, small ships like mine. It was fitted so that it doesn’t even need to target-lock, it just does good splash damage. I was 0wned pretty hard. I was carrying a couple of packages to deliver as well, which means I have to pay full collateral for all the packages lost.

    After further examination, seems like one of the contracts is obviously a gank-bait. I totally missed it.
    Now I have to eat my own words, and also lost most of my in-game money (due to ship and packages lost). Converted into real world currency, I lost about two months worth of the game subscription just for being overconfident/careless/stupid.

  68. I know this had been one the best M.M.O Gaming Mouse I have ever seen, but then, I’m here today as a different gamer. Well, this is my story of a FPS Gamer, David Chew. I am a user of R.A.T 7 and I find out the mouse really helps me alot in my FPS game especially the Precision Aim Mode and the 6 programmable button, but then, I’m a guy who prefer to use a MMO gaming mouse in a FPS game. WHY?? I wanted to take my game to the next level. For example Battlefield, I love to prone to avoid bullets, melee my opponents with the knife, throw grenade, supply ammo, medic, and even changing the gun when I’m out of bullet.

    All of this does not happen frequently is because I need to press and find the key on my keyboard during my time of “panic” in the middle of the war, I always fail and slow at this moment,and press those key mistakenly on my keyboard.

    This is where I only can set some important keys on my R.A.T 7, but all of this is not enough. I only wish I can have all the action programmed in one mouse and this is where the M.M.O 7 Gaming Mouse will take me to the next level and NO MISTAKE will happen. More and more upcoming games like Crysis 3, Ghost Recon Future Soldier is here and one thing, one soldier can have alot of attributes and I just hope, with the M.M.O 7 Gaming Mouse, I can set all the keys in this mouse and not again slow even “a” second in finding key to do my next action.

    This is why M.M.O 7 Gaming Mouse might really help the future FPS Gamer like me to even use a M.M.O which have 13 progammable buttons. With these BUTTONS, I will never be slow again to PRONE,to CONQUER, to WIN.

    Never again to miss out one key. Never again to get shot.

  69. Once upon a time, when raiding Karazhan was the new hotness, I was a druid tank. Being both a lady and a druid tank, popular opinion was against me. But I showed them! I charged in on the optional dragon boss and promptly changed back into human form, was one-shotted, and wiped the entire raid. YAY!

  70. During a massive raid on sette dessert (RF Online). Me and my strong friends stroll around killing everyone in our sight. I stumble along with a level 50 Accre Gunner. I’m a Mage btw. My friends did not notice the b*tch. Due to my intense greed to pawn. I went on alone without telling my friend and followed the gunner to a tunnel. I cornered him and started using funny emoticons. The gunner sets launcher and aimed at me. He then fired a warning shot. It was 1000 hp damage no biggie my HP is around 12k. I just laughed at him. Then he used a launcher skill, damage was 2k. I noticed my hp is not replenishing. I checked my potion bag WTF I have no POTS in my INVENTORY!! (there a program in game that let the player do auto pots so there’s no need to place the pots on hot keys for manual potting mages has many skills so i didn’t placed it in as an indicator wtf) I went to run but he didn’t stop hitting me! He used another skill with a damage around 3k! then poof. I died with a lot of minus on my contribution points and my certain points. Holy Crap I freaking earned those PK points for 3 days now its gone. Lucky son of bitch killed me! My friends noticed me in the party bar that I died. They go chatting like “where you @? Who killed you?” I replied, OMG Fucking Acre Archon (Race leader) with his party strolled me down! They had a hard time killing me on the run. Lets go for payback, wait for me @ the portal.” I freaking went to potion NPC and freaking bought 2 bags or healing pots. i was stomping my keyboard at that time.

    That was my worst blunder/blooper and would not dare to share it with anyone in my RF friends. Please let me win this amazing mouse. I’m going to wield it as a weapon of mass destruction. Thank you MAD KATz and MTR for this awesome opportunity!

  71. Let me think…. my most embarrasing moment…
    In Lineage II, i was a storm scremer lvl 70 full set, and my enemy was a necro lvl 60, and the end, he only has 500 point of life, and he cast “silence” over me, and its WORK!!, TEn lvl under my, and WORK, i had to run for all the rom, to finally die…. then for the angry i enchand my “arcana acumen +8”, and fail, so lost my best weapon to…. a sad day to me.

  72. While playing WoW shortly after cataclysm came out, I was questing when I came to the one where you get three companions, which are under your control. I ran the quest at least five times wondering why they weren’t really helping to kill the npcs before noticing all of the extra action bars…

  73. it was in starcraft 2 when i was a newb (still am even after 1 year of playing the game) i was doing my thang and thought i was doing great on how much minerals and gas i had.
    little did i know that there were FIGHTING UNITS which i had no idea about. i was literaly making SCV’s the whole time doing nothing except making supply depots of course and that my friend is a FAL.

  74. Was vanquishing a big area in GW1 with guild-mates, was fearly new to the game. Near the end of the vanquish I step inside a area portal by mistake.
    I felt very bad and didn’t log-on for a week.

  75. When I was about 10, I was playing with my friend’s Runescape. I didn’t really know how to play, so I dropped all his armor. It turned out it was full Dragon.

  76. Lol… Well there aren’t many to report. I’ve played Guild Wars for years and years. Aside from the many times I’ve run out with no hero’s in my party… or run out of town with no skills or with entirely ridiculous skills OR the times when when (I usually play Monk) I’ve started the game, picked a character and run into battle thinking I was able to heal when I was in fact a Ranger or a Warrior only to die horribly with many a ‘NOOB! WTF’ shouts… Nah I think the best ‘Oops…’ moments would have to come from the new Tribes Ascend, where without a doubt I’ve killed myself with explosive weapons not quite as much, but certainly a fair amount as the people I’m shooting at… case in point… the Thumper indoors XP specifically on Dry Dock gen room.

  77. This story took place in college around 8yrs ago. My whole suite was playing World of Warcraft and we were trying out the different classes. One day we heard our suite-mate yelling and cursing at his computer screen about how bad the Rogue Class was. Knowing that Blizz’s intent was for all classes to be good in their own way, I set out to investigate the problem. Upon entering the room, my dear friend looked me in eyes and exclaimed… “Rogues are the WORST CLASS IN THE GAME!!”… he continued, “They have WORTHLESS MOVES that don’t even have a point!”. My curiosity was peaked, again knowing that there was no way that Blizz would make such a mistake (this was Vanilla WOW). I managed to calm him down and hear him out. He was trying to tell me fervently… that Backstab and Gouge were the MOST WORTHLESS moves… ever… in the existence of moves. LOL!!! He claimed that he could never get the Backstab to work because the mob would always autoface and it was always better to just open with Ambush. It was OBVIOUSLY POINTLESS! lol, then he continued onto Gouge and that the move didn’t even do anything long enough to even really stop incoming damage… how could anything be more POINTLESS!? After a silent moment of studying the intent of two moves (roughly 15secs), it hit me…
    “Uhhmmm, *name*… I think you’re supposed to use Gouge during combat, then move behind the target and Backstab…” My friend’s eyes light up, still in disbelief… “No Way!”… *He tries it*… “OH MY GOD!!! NO F****** WAY!!!”. Haha, that’s when I started laughing uncontrollably hard, which brought our other suite-mate in so I could share the story. Come to find out, Gouge/Backstab was the Bread and Butter combo for the Majority of Vanilla WOW, lol… and from that day forth, whenever our good friend thinks that he “just KNOWS” that something’s bad or imbalanced… we just remind him of his first perception of the Rogue Class. He usually curses, then gets real quiet after that…

  78. I had just rejoined ffxi and convinced my friends to help me farm some seals to get my AF3. We spent a couple hours hunting the same Notorius monster and needed 10 drops. I had 6 but my inventory was full so I started discarding trash but I accidentally discarded all 6 of my current drops. (they were in a stack)

    My friend wasnt too happy we had to start over again.

  79. The most embarrassing moment I had in a MMO was in Everquest. I was in a guild that was the product of the merging of two or three smaller guilds, bringing the guild up to around fourty members. As time passed I found I had quite a few differences of opinion with the current guild leader, but kept them to myself, preferring the diplomatic route.

    So one day I was in a party of all guild members and while we were meditating to recover mana, I expressed my full opinions about the guild leader in a long no-holds-barred comment.

    There was a long horrified pause as I and my group members realized what I done: sent it to guild chat.

    SGM: *insert long diatribe about GUILDLEADER*


    SGM: Er, I guess I should take my leave stage left then.
    GUILDLEADER: I think so.
    SGM has left the guild.

    I felt horrified that the subject of my diatribe saw my comment, and embarrassed for the screw up.

    The embarrassment did abate when within the next few minutes over ten people left the guild as well and messaged me to suggest we form a new guild with me as guild leader. Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, the new guild was born.

    As ego-stroking as the outcome of my embarrassing mistake was, whenever I am about to send a private comment that should remain private now, I try to take a second to make sure its going to the right place. Next time I might end up with a psycho internet stalker instead of a guild leadership to make my life more exciting. :P

  80. I was on World of Warcraft, and I decided to do a random 5-man Utgard Keep and was wondering why my DPS was so slow. We managed to finished without any deaths (surprisingly) and I only noticed after we’d left the group that I had a fishing pole equipped the whole time -_- I’m a kitty so I had no visual idea that anything was off :/

  81. A LONG LONG TIME AGO…… Just started playing the Original Diablo and still new to it not knowing what to do and this (nice guy) offers to help me level up and get some upgrades etc! SO a couple of hours later the Mother ..beep piece of beep beep goes and kills me to get skill points for killing me the beep … I was so pissed of if i could get my hands on him i would have snapped the low class in 2!! So that is my story and the day i learned that u also get Rubish people and cheaters playing games SO thats my STORY :)

  82. Way back in WoW when Scholomance was still a pretty popular place. My regular group of party buddies and I decided to give it a try. It was still a new dungeon to us. Anyways, I was on my frost mage. We were on Vent, and the tank tells me to go into the room full of slow moving zombies (when there were still a ton of them in there) and round them up, bring them out so he could pick them off.

    Well, he didn’t specify that he only wanted a few, so I ran through the entire room, yelling, “Oh my god, oh my god!” on vent. Tank realizes I am pulling the whole room out and around the staircase and starts dying laughing. I went splat, zombies began barreling around the stairs, and someone started playing the Benny Hill theme on Vent. From that day on it became our epic wipe music of choice and would get played on Vent.
    A good, if embarrassing memory.

  83. This happened when I first started playing EQ.

    Me (a wizard) and my RL friend (a cleric) were hanging around in commons, killing stuff and exploring. We were pretty new to mmos and EQ.
    Anyways on that particular day we met an ogre warrior, around our level but more experienced in eq. After chatting and killing stuff together (and learning we were not alts and genuine new players) he offered to show us befallen (which is a low level dungeon if you dont know).
    We were very excited with the offer and accepted.

    He was indeed very helpful; he showed us the entance, he explained what to expect inside, and about spawns etc as we continued inside.
    When we killed the first keyholder he passed his loot right and let my cleric friend loot it. After that he took us to the door and warned us that the spawns behind the door would probably be too hard for a 3 person group but said we could continue as long as we are careful. Well it was the first time we were in a dungeon so we deciced to push on.

    As mentioned earlier, we were pretty green, excited and ego-boosted (from the flawless run of our first dungeon up to that point) and soon after our first bad pull happened. After assessing situation, ogre Warrior gave the order to Run and we 3 bolted to the door. Not sure how it is now, but in those days to open a door in eq, you needed to pick the key with your mouse and click on door. I was close on following my friend thru the door and to the zone entrance.

    We zoned out in such fear and excitement that we never looked at the chat window. There were numerous “OPEN THE DOOR” shouts in the group chat. Even after that we waited for the ogre to come out. After some silence we asked if he was OK and coming out. He did not reply. We zoned back in, went to the door, opened it to see the corpse lying on the other side.

    I have seen the scene in my mind’s eye. An ogre punching and kicking at an unyielding door, while a dozen undead were coming towards him, crawling, bashing and clawing. Newly met “friends” have abandoned him in their haste to save their own hides. The flicker of life sucked out of him, his last thoughts, “why?”

    Too much table top RPG does that to you. Bridging the gap of events in such dramatic ways.

    In reality, we didnt know doors were closed after some time or keys are needed each time a locked-door is closed.. or that the ogre warrior didnt have a key…

    He was very understanding during our continious apologies on his way back (my cleric friend was too low for rez then) but I can not describe the feeling I had watching his corpse while we were waiting for him to come back. I felt deeply ashamed and I believe it shaped me and my friends mmo playing styles. Not long after I re-rolled an enchanter and to this day I can not remember another situation where me or my cleric friend havent ran last during our whole EQ adventure.

  84. (I can’t enter or win the contest, but this post/ comments are too awsome not to be a part of. Also, that mouse is either 1) a Transformer or 2) an Autobot. No way its just a mouse.)

    My most embarrising MMO molment was at the very beginning of Vanilla WoW, I was gaming on a very old laptop that was NOT built for gaming. I had terrible lag and litterally stuttered through the first 50 levels of the game, but fourtunatly for me, I was with friends for the bulk of that time, and while they teased me mercilessly about it, it wasn’t a big deal.

    Then came out first opportunity to “endgame raid” with the group that later merged with our friends guild to become the servers dominating raid guild through BC…

    You all remember Upper Blackrock Spire had that chain you had to run up and jump across to get to the entrance?

    Well, I logged on and they were forming up, and I was told to get on Vent and bust ass for the zone. Opps, I dont have the flight path yet… So laggy slow me, flew to the closest one I did have and started to run to the BRM.

    I died no less than 5 times just on the run… By this time, they are wondering what the hell is taking me so long, and our new friends are getting impatient, while my buddies are dying laughing, knowing full well I am probably lagging off cliffs or into spawn camps.

    I finally make it the mountain, relieved to finally get going, face burning from embarrasment… Only to lag right off the edge into the lave as you come down that first hallway into the mountain…

    Fourtunatly, the graveyard isn’t THAT far now, so I was able to get back fairly quick, and taking it slow, make it to the chain… only no one told me about the chain, so I went up the stairs… into the teeth of those mobs who killed me at least another half a dozen times before the raid leader finally asked WTF was going on in frustration and sent the whole crew down the stairs to clear the adds so I could get up.

    Ironically I got a blue set piece that night, we clicked so well as a team that we formed our raid guild and went on to dominate the raid game on our server, and even though I bought a new gaming computer a few weeks later, I never lived that down.

  85. Back in my EVE Online newbie days, I was floating about in outer Empire space, waiting for a war to end so I could join a new corp out in nullsec (it was First Flying Wing, during their days in Primary. Alliance down in Scalding Pass with Cult of War and Gentleman’s Club).

    Anyway, I was doing some minor mission-running and belt-ratting to pass the time, keeping an eye on our Empire space offices and monitoring the dead-end lowsec pocket system next door where we had a logistics POS set up. I come back to the NPC station from a ratting patrol through the pocket and find a Kestrel floating off the station, sitting next to a cynosural beacon. I rattle off the info in alliance chat, and am informed that the Kestrel belongs to a known ally/alt corp of the guys we were wardec’d with. So I decide to take the initiative, reload my Caracal’s missile launchers, activate my shield hardeners, and MWD into combat range of the Kestrel.

    Being a newbie at the time, I had forgotten all about the fact that hisec stations traditionally have those nice gun emplacements around them. Predictably, I only got a couple of launches off before my cruiser’s shields collapsed, and barely got the third volley out of my tubes before the paper-thin armor common to Caldari ships crumpled and the ship exploded.

    I reported this to my alliance, and for years later I would be reminded whenever pulling escort on a logistics run into hisec that sentry guns were actually a thing and would kill me if I started shooting at non-war targets.

  86. I was a hunter during BC and was doing AV before being called to help out during Mags. Pet was on aggressive since it’s easier to scout out rogues and druids and the raid was having a hard time with Mags. Needless to say, huntard’ed when my pet on aggressive aggro’d one of the Mag’s cube holders and instawipe.

  87. My worst moment in WOW was when i lootet a lot of armory and stuff. I sold all the stuff at the auctionater, because i couldn’t use it. During the auction i leveled up and at the same time the items were sold i leveled up to the required Level. So i tried the Raid again and again but i didn’t get the armory for my levels again. So after i bought some new armory and started the rain again the first thing i lootet was the helmet and after i while i had the same equipment again -.- i was so pissed off after i found the helmet that i smashed my Cyborg R.A.T. 9 against the wall and now i need a new gaming mouse and so i wanted to win this M.M.O. 7 as replacement because at the moment i use a logilink to play W.o.W. and Counter Strike.

  88. I remember on LoL I spent an entire 30 minute game chasing after an opposing player that was cleaning up various areas of the field by himself. I took it upon myself to take his blood and chased him to kingdom come and back just to get that kill. 28 minutes later and I feel close, I finally catch him in a long exchange up top and begin firing. By this time, everyone else in the game had leveled hugely and I was still at something stupid like level 2. He turned around, killed me instantly, and trundled off unaware of how epic that was to me. I was then reported by the other members of my team for enemy boosting and warned for it… bad day bad day bad day.

  89. My most embarrassing MMO moment?

    I played Maplestory for about 2 years…

  90. My most embarrassing moment was in Maplestory. There had been a new weapon that was released and I really wanted it. It was a novelty weapon and didn’t do much for my level. I found a guy asking around if people wanted to buy it. I said I was interested and told him I would buy it for 1m. He started saying 2m after that. Me thinking it was an auction and someone else was privately chatting him, I wasn’t about to let that weapon go. I said 3m! It went on so on and so forth until I realized I was bidding against myself and no one else wanted the weapon, and I single handedly spent 20 times the amount it would have gone for. I purchased it to not lose face…

  91. I was 13 or so, young and stupid, and I had been playing Ultima Online for 2 years give or take. Big Shout out to the Catskills community if anyone see this. Anyway, I had grown old of the game and had done pretty well for myself, I had a nightmare and I was one of the first and one of the few people in the game to have a Castle for a home. It was fully furnished, I mean I took days upon weeks upon months changing the color of furniture, getting the right stools and benches and tables; you name it, I customized it. This is where the bonehead moment comes in, mind you, I was 13ish. So I put it out there that I was leaving the game and was going to sell my account and the response was huge, I’m talking dozens of people telling me they were interested and about the same amount actually giving me monetary offers, a couple which were in the $1,500-$2,000 range. ***WARNING BONEHEAD MOVE INCOMING*** So I was foolish enough to give one of these people my account name and password, you know, so they could check out the account first hand. I was blinded by the amount of money, who wouldn’t at that age. Next thing you know, like Keyser Soze, POOF, my account was gone. No in game GAMEMASTERS or technical support willing or able to help me at that point (For some odd reason). I’ll never forget it, one of the, if not THE saddest gaming moment of my life. Hope you all enjoyed!

  92. My worse MMORPG mistake was in runescape, and this mistake actually got me a temporary ban. My little (and apparently curious) brother was on my computer before me, and I had not known. In game, I usually have a message copied and pasted to spam for selling purposes, however I quickly crtl ved and hit enter almost instantly, just to see a bunch of porn websites in colorful font appear across my screen. 2 hours later I then recieved a message from Jagex, stating my ban. I was reported by 20+ people for “offensive language.” And just to top of this fail, I just purchased membership 2 days before. -.-

  93. During the wrath of the lich king days of world of warcraft I was running with the same guild I ran with during the burning crusade days. We get all the way to professor putricide. I’m sitting there waiting for them to explain the fight to the people who hadn’t done it. A bit bored I start messing around with stuff on my desk oblivious to what is happening on the screen and just ignoring most of the chatter. Then I hear over vent “DEF!? what the f**k are you doing!?”. I look up and I had unknowingly hit my auto-run key. So I ran right into the room. I decide screw it and start kiting all the slimes and the boss as much as I can. I do this for a solid 3 minutes before finally meeting the cruel virtual fate I got myself into. Everyone laughed it off and such but I felt like a real ass that day. Making the group wait even longer while I marched my warlock back to the encounter.

  94. During the summer, my friends and I weer playing Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Hell Unleashed mod. My build was to be a tanking build so that I can take the full brute force of whatever the bosses threw at me. All 8 of us were level 64 and decked out as far as we can with Rune Word weapons and armor, as well as for our mercs. We made it to one of the last 2 or 3 minions that Baal summons (which took FOREVER.) We pulled an all nighter and I was falling asleep. I thought I was able to play laying down, and boy was I wrong. I ended up falling asleep and that minion cut me up like I was butter. Needless to say, without me War Crying my party to buff us again, they all got slaughtered and couldn’t wake me back up through Skype or texting or calling me. They all ended up quitting for not wanting to back and farm all that gold again and getting rejuvenation potions.

  95. I was in rift the other day, doing a daily dungeon. Charmer’s Caldera to be exact. Trion has just instituted speed clears as one of the many factors that go into its overly convoluted leader board system. We where just plowing through with no problem. we are all relic geared and all that jazz so it was just for fun. If you’ve ever been in CC youll remember the narrow long steps from platform to platform. i was right clicked to swing my camera around and accidently tapped the A key which is strafe, i was mounted, so i literally FLEW off the stairs into the lava. Thankfully, I was in rez range, they rez me, i try and hurry up to buff redo consumables and get back into the fight, just to run off the other side of the cliff and back into the lava! *facepalm. i recall a snarky “…did you just..” with my quick reply “stfu dont wanna talk about it!”.. Fail.

  96. My most embarrassing moment? Well, it’s a throwback, Runescape. Years ago I was extremely into the game, collecting all of the most valuable items I could, gilded armor, santa hats, all of the rare items. So one day my step-sister, who’s only one year older than me, shows up to my house. She played Runescape as well at the time, so, me being a cocky 13 year old at the time, decided to take all of my most valuable things out of my inventory to show her. I went to the area where the rock crabs (A low level monster with high HP for training) were, so I could show her my maximum damage hits. They were harmless, only hitting 0’s or 1’s on me. So my father had called me upstairs to quickly help him with something, so I asked my brother who was about 7 at the time to play for me, what was the worst he could do? Well, it was pretty bad. He ended up, SOMEHOW, dying. I came back and saw I was respawned in the main city. I lost everything. I think I cried for about three days. Yeah. I’ve never told anyone…

  97. When I was a young lad about 12 or 13 I was playing some MMO cannot remember which, but I do remember I was on my family computer and I was stupid and believed pretty much everything, as I was playing it after school I was going about my day grinding, doing quests, and chatting over the local area chats. Then suddenly I was asked out by the G.I.R.L, at that point I though he was a she, they sent fake pics and such, easily earning my young trust then one day he sent me a file over hotmail and I opened it, it contained a bomb and my family PC was shewed over so badly. The file also prevented the system from being restored and we had to reinstall windows, I claimed I did not know what had happened and blamed my sister for he usage of napster, that had then caused my parents to scold her and ban that program. That file also copied over some data from the PC and they were not very nice files it copied and they were kinda posted on my myspace, needless to say both my myspace, and email account were never used again and that game has been long forgotten.

  98. I got my tank to 85 on WoW and I quested for hours running dungeons day and night to get the gear I needed to be allowed to tank with our guild in firelands. I got the required gear and enchants and gems and god knows what. We get to firelands and I’m super excited at this point. Then my crappy wireless mouse started lagging so I went to get new batteries and I come back knowing everyone is waiting I start stressing and in the stress I knock over my coffee onto my keyboard and as I try to save the situation it leaks from my desk onto my pc! Moments later the electricity in the entire house goes out and I realise I’ve just fried my pc. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t dare log back in to wow for about a month. Luckily when I did and explained the situation everyone had to laugh. The total costs of that stress was 2000 euro so I still can’t laugh about it … Well… Maybe a little bit xD

  99. Mine was back in Star Wars Galaxies. I had saved up enough money to buy one of the bigger player houses in the game, I used to play a lot! I was in a guild who had a little city and we started to make streets because most of us had homes.
    Now after a few months I wanted to take a break for a few weeks due to school work and work. Now with these houses you had to pay “rent” for the home. Each day you had to put money into the house otherwise it would disappear. Knowing this I always put a few days worth of credits to keep it there if I couldn’t get into the game or remember to do so. Now knowing I was going to go away I put in enough for 3 weeks. I left all my items, crafting supplies and clothing in the home without any worries.
    I come back to the game in a few weeks to find my house gone. I ask around in the guild and it seems I put the money into someone elses home by accident. With all the houses looking the same and with so many I had forgotten which was mine. I remember not going inside the house to make sure it was mine since I “knew” this one was it. Needless to say I stopped playing a few days later, I just couldn’t handle the lose :(

  100. what comes in my mind is swtor
    worst thing is the ilum pvp and dont know why even with the terrible fps and playing on screenshots i kept doing it till i quited…
    big mistake there hmm i ran in mid of 30+ enemy players
    got melted in 2 seconds

  101. This isn’t so much a specific event, as it is a series of events. I remember back in high school I would play Lineage heavily (rather than doing homework, etc), and often times quit and comeback. Every time it was the same song and dance. New character and gear, then I’d nuke it all when some random thing didn’t happen fasten enough for me. Thankfully, as embarrassing as my habit was, the people I played with always welcomed me back.

  102. My worst moment in MMORPG was when I was playing with Chuck Norris and he totally owned me.

  103. Happened to me back in the days in WoW when I had just started playing it. Everything went smoothly and I was doing some quests, grinding monsters, etc. The usual stuff. I was kinda new to the MMO’s but I thought I was doing fine, leveling up like a boss. Few days passed by getting the first levels and touch to the game so I could really get into it and start busting through instances with my friends. Then one of them asked me what talents I had invested in. “Ta.. Talents..?” I hadn’t put any points in any talents despite being well over lvl 20. “No wonder it was so hard.” Felt so stupid I can’t even describe the feeling.

  104. In Guild Wars 1, I spelled my assassins name wrong and didn’t realize exactly how awful it was spelled. Dark Assasians… And also, I didn’t even know where to get armor so I was constantly getting beat down whenever I tried to do topk runs. And if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry about it. :/ and also in StarCraft 2, I tried to pull off the garbage where you type that you have left the game to make the others quit. I have a replay to prove it and I feel awful for it.

  105. My most embarassing moment probably wasn’t even my own. The second-hand embarassement I felt from this was overwhelming. I joined a guild back in the GW phrophecies campaign, it seemed pretty chill. However, we all met up in our guild hall and the leaders conducted a “Chuunin exam” – a thing from Naruto back in the days. I thought Naruto was ok, but to see a bunch of people roleplay something like that…well, I just didn’t know what to say. They went on to say how Naruto was their hero and it was the best anime of the decade by far. I summoned a meteor in a fight. Typed bye. Then shook my head in dissapointement.

  106. I’ve been playing RuneScape since the sixth grade, and you can say I’m a bit obsessed with it. I try to make sure I get the best XP possible, which means I need to play quite I often. Since I started college, I have been playing RuneScape in between my classes at the university library.

    One day somebody came up to me and said, “Dude, are you playing RuneScape?”

    I was shocked and quite embarrassed. I thought a list full of ridicule was coming my way.

    As I turned around, I noticed it was just one of my friends busting my balls about playing at school. It was still my most embarrassing moment playing Scape.

  107. Way back when I first started Guild Wars (1) I was playing a certain character that I had decided would stay in pre-Searing forever. Spending a substantial amount of time fighting the Charr across the wall, I began to amass a large collection of dyes. Being still relatively new to the game, I had no idea of the value of dyes, and in an effort to make room in my inventory, I sold 10 vials of black dye, not to mention a number of white dyes, to the merchant for 1 gold piece each. If you are unfamiliar, at the time vials of black dye were worth roughly 8000%+ more…

  108. I think my most embarrassing moment in an MMORPG was my after my first month in WoW, I was still talentless, so I asked in Trade chat how to open my Talent Tree. I shall never forget the power of the N key.

  109. A couple of years ago, I was playing Cabal Online. I was grinding in the middle of the night when suddenly a player tried to PK me. When I saw that his attack only took out about 1/8 of my life bar, I got cocky. I was laughing out loud in front of my pc. I said out loud, “how dare you scratch the great Harmonixer! (my usual screen name), prepare to face death!!”. After a few attacks I almost depleted the assailant’s life bar, but he kept using healing items. After a few more times of almost killing him, he suddenly retreated. I went after him. Little have I known that he had party members……. about 7 of them… He led me right to them. I never stood a chance. I was traumatized and humiliated. I didn’t log-in for a few days and I just ran away whenever I see more than 2 characters.

  110. There was a time when I was new to Guild Wars, and more specifically, to the Guild Wars PvP scene. I was still in high-school, so my impression of the ‘elite’ pvp players in GW was one of envy- they were like the cool kids I had no chance of ever being friends with. So anyways, noob me decided I’d done mostly pve for a year or two and it was time to start learning pvp. So I hop on my W/Mo, load up with the required mending + frenzy + healing signet build and enter random arenas. I’m met with mild success, if by success you mean ‘not dying constantly’ and things are going sort of ok. I’m on a roll! I just knew if I kept things up I’d be able to impress some jaded pvp players and get invited to their guild and then the sky would be the limit! So then it happened- I load into a new team, and it’s three players kitted out in the fanciest of fancy armors and all from the same guild with an ironic/sarcastic guild tag. This is my chance! But they don’t really want to bother talking to me- I say hello and get ignored. No matter, that’s how they work- surely they’ll change their tune once things get rolling and they see how awesome I am. In the back of my mind I realize there might be some resentment that I was placed on their team instead of whoever their fourth teammate was, but surely it won’t matter. I’ve got my hammer, and I’m ready to go. We’re waiting for the match to start when I notice the monk’s weapon: an eternal blade, rarest of the rare weapons, and completely awesome. I realize immediately that I wanted one. I begin to type to my guild about this cool sword I just saw some monk using, and nonchalantly mention how I’m thinking maybe I’ll pick one up- as if it’s just a matter of me feeling like I want one to get it. I go on about this sort of thing for a bit, but no one replies. It’s then that I notice with a sinking feeling that my text is in the blue of team chat and not the green of guild chat. My sense of embarrassment is strong enough to cause physical discomfort, but I have a goal and I can’t let this set-back stop me! The elite pvpers still seem intent on ignoring my bumbling presence in their otherwise pristine temple of gaming. It goes downhill from there, as I wildly flail around the map getting killed and generally proving completely useless against any kind of competent opponent. We’re clearly losing, so my teammates all hit /resign to end it early- they want out, I’m wasting their time. I don’t notice this at all, and continue trying to fight. Eventually I some some blue text on my screen- they’re talking to me! But it was just the monk screaming in all the glory of capslock about my low worth as a human being and providing suggestions for how I should best end the suffering that must be my life. Then they all quit the match in disgust and I went back to pve for a while.

  111. I accidently spelt my char’s name wrong, but played with him for almost 3 years and people were always bitching about it.

  112. I accidentaly rolled need on a piece of gear that I already had. it was a pug raid on Archavon or Emalon in vault of Archavon. I don’t remember which one any more. I honestly thought those epic pants were much better than what I currently had on me. Didn’t even bother to check it. Next day when I had time to check the situation out I realized I rolled need on stuff that I had. I contacted GM to help me resolve the situation. I remember making one paladin really happy for it.

  113. Most embarrassing eh… I bet there are many but maybe the one that I remember the most is in WoW, my first MMO it was just released and it was a very different game of what it is today. In those glorious days I was an innocent child who was barely aware of just how much some guys love to roleplay female characters… there was this female undead priest on our guild named Kinky, she used to talk always on third person and always looking at the cute/bright side of things. And so the weeks went by and the guild grew strong, raiding instances and slaying our foes all while chatting on the guildchat. One of those lonely days at sea I decided to tell Kinky how I thought she was sexy on guildchat and then all hell break loose… apparently I missed the night when Kinky told everyone she was actually a guy… oh god was I the joke of the guild from that moment on :(. I learned my lesson: There are some creepy people on the net… ’cause flirting online with a female character isn’t creepy at all.

  114. My most embarrasing moment in a MMORPG was also the very first time I ever played this type of game. It happened back in 2005 when I was just 15. My older brother was at that time a big Lineage 2 enthusiast and I was starting to catch the MMORPG bug from watching him play his level 67 Hawkeye. That’s why when he had to go away on a trip for a week I asked him to let me play with his character. Not long after he left I logged in to enjoy myself with a little MMORPG action. Seconds within my log-in the leader of the clan my brother was in invites me in a group: we were going to do some raid bosses. First boss – we all go to Forbidden Gateway to kill Cabrio which was easy because my brother would sometimes let me “farm” there in his place so I knew the lay of the land. Second boss – every one has to get to Tower of Insolence level 5 in order to kill Immortal Savior Mardil. First thing on my mind: OMG what is that and how do I get there? After calming down I opened the map and searched for the location. I found it and decided the quickest way to get there was to go to Ivory Tower and walk all the way to the Tower of Insolence, which was actually what every one did (beginner’s luck). Unfortunately every one got there before me and began to go up the stairs towards the fifth level. I didn’t know the way so i ended up surrounded by a pack of mobs who in spite of my best efforts killed me. At that moment panic kicked in. I was afraid that my brother was going to have my head for killing the character he worked so much to level up – i didn’t know at that time that one could simply press the “To village” button and be revived to the nearest city because i hadn’t seen my brother die ever. Things got worse when everyone in my group started spamming the chat with questions: “Where are you?”, “Where did you die?”, “Where’s the mofo that killed you? We’re going to ruff him up!” and so on. I was so freaked out at that moment that I fake disconnected and never logged on for the rest of the week. When my brother got home i was feeling guilty so I apologized to him for killing his character and promised that I would work really hard to get him back to the level he was on his old character. That’s when my brother looked at me baffled and after a few moments of silence he started laughing really hard. He then went to the computer, logged on the server, clicked the “To Village” button and that’s when i knew how much of a noob I was. Never the less I didn’t give up on playing MMORPG and made a character of my own: a sorcerer. I’ve been in love with MMORPGs ever since!

  115. Long ago, I was a guide in Everquest (that’s a volunteer customer service position). At this time, the major end-game involved Planes of Power, and several guilds were being major pricks with each other. One nasty evening, 2 guilds were trying to take out Rallos Zek in Plane of Tactics. This raid was required to flag people for the elemental planes. One guild was pulling the ogres from upstairs to the zone-in to wipe the other guild, the other guild was pulling mobs from the wings to upstairs to train the others. They did this sort of thing to each other out of spite.

    Haters gonna hate. Recursively.

    So I ended up getting involved in it, and as I was wandering around with the super sekret guide invis, I was watching idiot monks jumping up before the aggro cleared, training their own raid (instead of splitting mobs which they were trying to do), which of course was being blamed on the other raid. The feedback/dynamic on this was so bad that both guild leaders demanded that I despawn the raid target – so that the other b*stards couldn’t have the flags and loot. Against policy, I went to RZ in the upstairs part of the raid and typed /kill Rallos_Zek. Bang. Mob despawns, raids leave to cause trouble elsewhere.

    Oopsies, that target is part of a very complicated script which yours truely broke. GMs couldn’t fix it by resetting the zone, because “god level” scripts are somewhere else.

    To fix my charlie foxtrot, GMs had to reset the entire server, kicking everyone out of the game for about an hour. Not something you want done on an MMO during its prime years. Policy is policy for a reason, and one shouldn’t skip past it just to make a few dozen irate customers happy because the end result was to make a few hundred customers unhappy.

    End result: I didn’t get fired from the guide program for that. I didn’t get banned either. Both of which I was panicking and worrying about. What did happen was that neither guild asked me to intervene like that again.

  116. Flirting with a woman in WoW to discover that it was my (now ex) GF putting me to the test. S*it man!

  117. My worst experience on RAN Online was I didn’t get contented on my armor’s grade so which was it already had a good grade. There is a certain percentage of success in upgrading an item in the game. I spended all my golds for nothing and I made my armors worthless. It doesn’t stop there, I decided to buy E-Points to get my stuff back and I made another dumb decision. I spended all my E-Points for Phoenix Lottery Boxes. All I won from those boxes are just healing potions which cost way less than single box. I was hoping to get more but I went full retard.

  118. In my time playing EVE I once bought a new ship and since I had been up playing for some time forgot to check where this new ship was. after searching my transactions I realized it was 46 jumps away in low sec space, but I had spent too much to just leave and set out to get it. It did not go very well about 6 jumps in I entered lowsec space and was killed by a group of 4 and was respawned back at the space station I tried again and was killed again. countless tries later I got to the station (after loosing lots of ISK) to realize im not going to be able to get it back without it being destroyed.

    it just so happens that was the last time I planned EVE on that account and it still haunts me today.

  119. So there be this time where I was playing….ahh who am I kidding. I’m a dad with 2 kids and a amazing wife. The craziest thing in a game I did was while playing runes of magic. I got kicked out of my guild and shamed on the server for saying afk 10mins before a raid. So I then world messaged my gear away with the answer of trivia questions and made lots of people smile, while I was diein inside with the thought of all the hours im throwing away, and to only come back to the game 3 months later and farm it all over again under a different name to avoid the shame!

  120. To this day my guild never takes me seriously. We were working on the eagle boss in ZA in WoW. We were having problems, so I piped in vent, that I read somewhere if we run directly to the eagle boss, all the mobs will despawn.

    So we did it, and we get to the eagle boss, here comes a train of 80 elite mobs.

    Yep I never gave a Strat again, nor does anyone aske me for one….but it’s true I did read it somewhere…I think

  121. My most embarrassing moment happened in Lineage II, when I went to buy an item off of a player shop and ended up spending 100 million instead of 1 million, effectively losing all of my money for something practically worthless.

  122. Playing Ultima Online I had a chest full of gold checks in the bank which I took out to try and move around and I accidentally dropped a pile of logs in it from my bank as well which was more weight than I could carry. I freaked out when I realized the chest was sitting on the ground at south brit bank with almost my entire life’s savings in Ultima Online sitting open for the taking. Fortunately I was able to scoop it up to safety!

  123. I wasn’t going to admit to this, but what the heck. When I started Guild Wars Prophecies, I mostly played elementalist. When we lost our prot monk to graduate school, I became the prot monk, mostly by virtue of being willing to learn it. We rolled up for GvG one night, with a heal/prot 2-monk backline. I was running a Martyr prot bar, which transfers all party conditions to me. We came up against a guild that were friends of ours. They were running a condition heavy build. The conditions started flying around. I noticed a hex land on me, but gave it little thought. I hit Martyr. BOOM! Dead prot monk. WTF?!? Fragility. I had just suicided myself by pulling all those conditions onto me while I was hexed with Fragility. Our friends in the other guild hopped into our Teamspeak to tease me. I still haven’t lived it down! (I did learn to pay closer attention to what hexes did after that!)

  124. So my friend and I had just started a guild back in the early days of WOW. We were in Wailing Caverns with a non guild member. He asked how to quit his guild so that he could join ours.

    So as the helpful Guild Officers we were, we both typed /gquit.

    Um, we seem to have quit the guild. How do we get back in since we were the only guild officers?

  125. It was my first time playing World of Warcraft, and I reached new level. First thing I did after that was starting to look for an instance party. After about 20 minutes (was playing at 4am) I was at the dungeon with my party. It was new dungeon for me and I somehow become leader of party, which was not right. So, I decided to give away that leadership to a random guy from the party. For that moment I forgot my hatred to blood elves (because they always act like *****) and that random guy was blood elf paladin. So, I gave him the leadership and we were successful during that instance. After few rooms, there was a creep who dropped a good warlock wand I was dreaming about, it was twice better than mine, so I diced “I need that thing”. But that blood elf also diced “I need” even though he was not warlock. And he won it! After my request of that wand he said “it’s for a friend” and refused to give it to me. So we continued that instance, but I nursed a grievance. Later there was a dice throw for a good shield that paladin desired so much. And now I thrown “I need that thing” dice. And won it! After reading many new unpleasant stories about me, my mom etc, I said something like “Will exchange that shield for your wand”. And got instantly thrown out of the party. That’s how I lost a good item and got useless one just after giving leadership to a blood elf. And I was really mad. Sorry for my grammar, I’m from Russia.

  126. Ok so here’s my F*** up story.

    plying WOW Wrath i was the leader in a lich King raid/ guild run.
    we had spent hours going through Ice crown killing all the bosses and we got to the king him self finaly.

    on our first attempt we all wiped.
    the second time we came so close, There was only a few of us left alive with Arthas down to less than 500K health. As the only tank left alive i had aggro and i was battling him with all my might when i go right ahead and run off the edge of the platform… SH**.

    so yet again we failed and the group was getting annoyed now but we brushed it aside and thought 3 time lucky.
    we were right the 3rd time we downed him with more than a few of us left alive.

    as raid leader i had selected master looter so i got all the loot and there was some brilliant stuff that dropped.
    just as i was about to start dishing it out my bloody internet cuts off and i DC. bye the time i had got back on i had been kicked from my guild and branded a NINJA.
    i changed realms and character name i was so embarrassed.

  127. Im embarrassed about posting this just to win a mouse

    i never played a mmo :P

  128. Back when I was in high school I spent the night at my best friend’s house and played on his EQ account after he had gone to sleep. I was a noob and got killed and lost ALL of his money and equipment because I didnt know where I was or where I died. I also lost dropped his character 8 levels. He always suspected that it was me but I never admitted to it.

  129. Ragnarok is my very first ever online game I’ve played..there was a cute girl character standing infront of the prontera castle and I’m trying to ask for her cellphone number sadly she didn’t reply I’ve waited I think around 45mins for her response then suddenly another character came.He said that I was talking to a NPC and I was just WTF?just WTF!

  130. Let me tell you about a little lesser known MMO called Asheron’s Call. Death in this game was brutal – it would lower all your attributes and leave a corpse of yourself where you died with a number of your most valuable items along with a good chunk of your gold, on it. In order to do this, you had to do a “corpse run” and if you were deep somewhere where the mobs were thick, it could take all night, but you HAD to do it, you just DID NOT want to lose those valuable items you worked so hard for.

    So one night I was in the Black Death Catacombs late at night and got overwhelmed in the bottom of the place, which was way in, and of course died. It was already 2am and I had class the next morning, but I couldn’t stop, I had to get my items back. So I found a friend and grouped up with them and we were able to fight tooth and nail to get back to my corpse and retrieve my items and gold. We then had to fight our way back up to help another friend who had gotten themselves into trouble. At one point there is a jump you have to make to get up, below being the bottom of the dungeon and certain death, resulting in another brutal corpse run. Jumping in this game was a little tough since you have a jump meter that charges depending on how long you hold the spacebar, but hey I know this jump really well from being in here so much, so no biggie. Start to hold down the spacebar, and BAM! My roommate at the time who was sleeping SCREAMS bloody murder in his sleep and scares me completely out of my seat. Mtn Dew all over the keyboard, my wrist gets messed up, and worst of all? I completely missed the jump and fell completely to my death. My group-mates couldn’t believe it and at that point it was just time to forget about it and call it a night, as hard as that was to do. Moral of the story – when pulling an all nighter gaming session, for the love of God, wear headphones!

  131. This was at the start of WoW when it first launched on a PvP server. The guild I was in at the time liked to gank unsuspecting Horde who were coming into Ashenvale to go do the Horde quests in the area. They would have my low level Warlock with no pet stand out on the path, looking confused and lost, and they would all hide behind the huge trees. Then when a Horde came by, thinking he found an easy kill (Warlocks really sucked at the time), they’d all jump out and gank him. It was sad that I was the bait, but the tactic worked so well. This was of course revenge for the number of times the Horde would gank Alliance Warlocks who had to go to the Barrens to complete the quest to get their Succubus.

  132. My worst mistake was when I first started playing World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade. I started as a night elf and my friend was a human. We wanted to quest together so I decided to swim north on the west coast of Kalimdor to meet him. The journey took me several hours and I was unaware of the availability of flight paths which could have made my life easier. Instead, I continued swimming until I hit an invisible barrier and I fatigued to death.

    It’s been years since I’ve played and I’ll never forget that.

  133. Well I started playing Combat Arms and it was funny For 2 weeks some of the maps they had friendly fire on Well I ended up killing my own team members. Boy were they mad I just didnt understand it. And being disabiled in a wheelchair and only 50% movement in my right arm it was had. But now I have join with a group of guys ( clan ) That understand my problems and they all help me with weapons and gear if I really need it. See you have to buy NX dollars ( card ) to get better gear will only getting a very little on disabity I cant afford to buy NX so they really are a great bunch of guys. Oh I have seen and talked to players with the RAT 7 and they love it But for me it is an impossible purchase on my budget. They told me you can program it so i have everything I need on it would be really nice. Well thank you for reading this and have a bless day.


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