The Most Exciting Post You Will Read All Week About Pretending To Fish

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Trion added in another skill with the patch called Survival. Survival seems primarily focused on giving you something to do with the fish you catch. It is basically cooking… seafood… along with the ability to make some camping gear. When the female survival trainer said, “Do you need help pitching a tent?” I thought perhaps I mis-heard… or that it was some sort of reference to the Diablo III demon hunter… everybody seems to be mentioning that.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “The Most Exciting Post You Will Read All Week About Pretending To Fish”

    1. I was just running one of those “flashback” quests where you pretend to be pretending you’re another character.

  1. T_T Someone needs to invent an iOS game that implements MMO fishing.


    Rift’s fishing reminded me how much I loved this mindless tap to get cute fish game, so I went and downloaded a few iPad fishing games.

    Fishing Kings, which is very nice, was exactly what I was not looking for. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the game, it’s great, but it also turns your iPad into some sorta wannabe Wii, which is not so good for playing on a crowded subway. XD And also, insufficiently mindless. In short, it was too much like a fishing simulation, and not enough like pretend fishing!

    >.> *wishes really hard for a lazy pretend to fish game for iOS, without stinky MMO attached*

  2. It has been a mighty stimulating discussion. I only wish I was smarter about it all.

    Either way, good show everyone. I’m off to click a lot of reference links and follow this little chat around the ‘net. /tips hat, raises glass

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