Sold in Two Minutes

GW2 first impressions, combat, questing, blah blah, no. After poking about a bit, I made a charr and I saw this intro. I’m sold. This is exactly the character I want to play. I’m in.

: Zubon

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  1. Enjoying the charr story a lot and their attitude, moreso than norn, playing through the Ash Legion story and finding it fun. The biggest thing that gets me is the history, poking about the ruins of Ascalon and that the Black Citadel is built on the ruins of Rin (the contrast between the metal structures built over the stone ruins is really cool), which you can visit by taking an elevator down from the gladium place, took a while to find it.

  2. I felt the exact same after I made my human warrior.

    Played him to level 11 and am extremely happy with.the game so far. Sure they have stuff to work on and improve but overall it has a fantastic base in place to work on :)

  3. Well that’s one thing about Guild Wars 2: the gameplay may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly pretty.
    And charr are badass.

    1. True. Sort of hits on the same level as GW1. You don’t see a whole lot of big damage numbers, which I think is stumbling people on the combat a bit. Love the movement and actiony feel, with the solid crunch of successful hits.

      1. well, we gw1 players will need to adjust to big numbers, considering the hp you have at level 80. those numbers are gonna get bigger pretty fast, count on it

  4. Seeing as I was sold in more like negative-two minutes, I don’t know how objective I can be. Still, I found the game to be immensely fun; the stories were all wonderful, all the races were fleshed out, the combat felt alive. I admit that it was a little annoying to see, every time I zoned into Queensdale near the garrison, “Warmaster Whatsisname is making a run for the old armory!” which he apparently does every time he A) did it more than five minutes ago or B) needs to go to the bathroom. Or something.
    But I have to say that I know I didn’t get far enough into the combat (only level 14-15) to really appreciate it to full, and I think a lot of people I’ve seen complaining about the combat didn’t either; it takes awhile! ArenaNet is trying to make the game paced so thaat the starter areas are easy to master, so people can learn the basics, seven-to-twenty zones are more challenging, for practice, and beyond that it just starts to get rough. One weekend is not enough by a long shot.

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