[Eve] First Blood

The atmosphere inside the wormhole is thick with tension and a restlessness is creeping into the collective consciousness of our comrades.   The CEO has seen this before, and knows full well that the only thing more dangerous than a hostile Fleet in your home, is a pack of Space Cowboys with nothing to shoot at for a string of days…

SynCaine broadcasts a fleet, and orders blare out over coms, “We need a scan fleet out, find us a Hole.”

Eager for action, we jump into our scanning frigates, and ships pour out of our Static like an angry nest of ants responding to a threat from above.   The brutal precision with which we take to the systems surrounding us is staggering, and a crooked smile pierces through my serene concentration as my probes pinpoint and dismiss cosmic signatures.   It sure looks like we are getting the hang of this.

“System clear… System clear…  Wormhole here, EOL… I got one too… scouting…” The men call out in rapid fire succession as we clear out a dozen systems in a flash.  After scouting and dismissing a handful of Wormholes, Rehvun’s voice breaks through coms…  “C3 here…  lot of anoms.   Launching probes to see what else is here…”

SynCaine orders the fleet back to the home system right away. 

“Sleeper ships or Kill ships, boss?” 

“We don’t know yet, just burn back here and get ready to re-ship.”

“Uhh, boss, it looks like they saw my probes, and are setting a trap for me on the wormhole…  it’s a Phobos, a Drake and an Ishkur,” laughs Rehvun.

“Even better… Kill ships it is.”

We burn back to the home system and I jump into Grey Wind, my combat Drake, and jump out to Losec and enter warp to the gate into the neighboring system where the action is brewing.   Glancing out of the cockpit to my left and right, my comrades warping side by side, eyes locking for just a moment…   a silent nod, a smile…  someone is going to die tonight.

The CEO orders the fleet to hold position on the gate as we finalize preparations and scout the remaining details required to catch these would be killers in their own trap.

Weezi takes over operational command as we enter warp to the system, running over the basics again and again so there can be no confusion…

My heart starts to race.   Adrenaline, blood and sweat permeating my soul, brewing a blood lust that’s pushing out all distraction and pulling my focus ever inward…  My heart is racing, but the hand on the ships controls is steady, and as Grey Wind’s warp collapses at the hole, Weezi’s voice shatters the silence in my Hull and fills the ships communication systems with a single voice.  “On my count.  Here we go… 3…  2… 1… JUMP!”

A single brilliant flash from the Wormhole was the only herald of the doom that was about to be unleashed on our unsuspecting prey.

As one, we enter the system, and I pulse my engine to drop cloak, initiate Targeting on the Ishkur and engage my missile bays.   A rain of terror explodes from my turrets shredding the assault frigates feeble shields, and I see the Phobos crippled by a point dropped upon it.

Just as Weezi predicted, the Wormhole flashes and the Ishkur disappears, and without a moment’s hesitation I jump through in pursuit…

“Ishkur gone, engage the Phobos…  Phobos locked…  destroy IT!”

My systems stabilize after the wormhole jump, and I target the Ishkur, engaging my Warp Disrupters…  Target lock in 3… 2… 1…   GONE.

“Ishkur escaped, I nearly had a lock, but he was just too quick,” I call out.

Over coms I hear the cheer as the Phobos is reduced to scrap metal.”Pod scrammed,” exclaims SynCaine, just as he and Dexter send the pilot on a journey into a clone bath a few hundred AU into known space.

My ship is destabilized by the jumps into and out of the Hole, so I warp back to our home system and board Nymeria to prepare for the Sleeper sites that sit in these pilots’ wormhole.

As we loot their system of hundreds of millions of ISK worth of Sleeper loot, our scouts see the few that remain sitting inside the safety of their POS shields, helpless to interfere lest they too be reduced to ash in their own system.

As I fly my drake back home after a night of successful combat, I can’t help as a crazy laugh bubbles up…  It’s done!  I have tasted blood for the first time…  and it has only stirred the lust to new heights!   


7 thoughts on “[Eve] First Blood”

  1. Caldari = tough but slow. Unfortunately, that’s true of lock times also – drake isn’t a great choice for fast pursuit ship / gate tackle.

    1. It was a lesser of two evils desition. THe only fast ship we had in the fleet was a Stealth Bomber and it was needed inside to deal with the Phobos.

      I was the only Drake with a warp disrupter, which makes it almost possible for me to die to the Ishkur if he decides to turn and fight after getting pointed. Very unlikely that he could break my tank without help.

      Downside of course, he gets away. No biggie, we still scored a Phobos (250,000,000 isk kill) + a Pod (40,000,000 isk)

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