[Eve] Two Corporations: One War

Last night, I joined RvB – Blue Republic.

Things in the Wormhole are going great, we have been busy with Sigs and Anoms, and the occasional fleet roam, but until a few final skills in my solo-gank Bomber build finish up, I am largely incapable of stalking in W-Space solo.

My 3rd account that I built a Freighter/ Trader pilot on has finished up that skill plan, and I was debating what to do with the account now, when I read about Red v Blue.

RvB is an epic, endless, galactic war between thousands of friends who pew pew at each other in High Sec, all the time.   I had to get in on that action, so I rolled a new alt, and applied to Blue Republic.

With a Rupture, two Rifters and 200,000 skill points, I made my way to Blue Republic HQ and signed up for my first fleet last night.   Red Fleet was camping our station, but promptly warped away as forty of us undocked to give chase.

To date in Eve, I have never been in a fleet of 10, let alone 40 so this was exciting and new for me.  Add to the fact that 99% of my time in New Eden has been spent in W-Space, Fleet PvP with 100-150 in local is a bit disconcerting.

For the next five hours I served in Blue Republic under two very skilled FCs and saw more than a dozen skirmishes and four massive pitched battles, one involving a lot of Battlecruisers, which I am told is not a common occurence.

I didn’t do too badly on the night, going 10 and 6.     Two of those deaths were noob mistakes as I was reshipping and flying back to the fleet, sitting on a gate trying to figure out where everyone is and getting alpha’d by Red Fleet passersby…  I even killed a Wolf and two BCs!

RvB is an absolute blast.  The pilots are great fun, and since everyone is there “For the Lulz” it makes for some great fights in a relaxed atmosphere.   Everyone expects to get blasted a few times, and even when we lost an engagement, there was a jovial attitude about it.   I have started a spec plan on Serenity that will focus on Minmatar Frigates, Cruisers and eventually BC to play her exclusively in RvB.

I had such a good time, and burned through ISK fast last night, that first thing this morning, I loaded up my Transport alt, and Shipped twenty Rifters and Fittings from Amarr to HQ…  That should last me until the weekend at least…

GFs all around!



Update: The fight made it to Eve News 24 with a great video posted from the Red Fleet point of view.  If you look really close, you can see me in the fight, as well as my eventually firey death!

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  1. Glad you’re enjoying RvB – I shall be keeping an eye out for you.
    Red Fed 4 ever

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