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I’ve seen this video pop up around a few places on the net, and think there can be no better compliment than further promotion. CaraEmm shows off the Guild Wars 2 dynamic events in a really interesting way. He provides multiple perspectives of the action, and he is careful to show how a single event chain is all interconnected. It is great that CaraEmm really showed what it is like to stop and smell the flowers because there are things like this everywhere in the game. I completed this event chain over last beta weekend too, but I was busy snowball fighting outside while the kids were talking. I missed that whole part of the story. Anyway, this video is well worth a watch.


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  1. Would never have thought to follow that NPC back to his forge when he had finished collecting the ore. Following NPCs seems to be a big thing in the game, saw a charr NPC running along a road, and decided to follow him, he ended up setting up a camp that had been destroyed.

    It can be strange though running into an event in the ‘middle’ of a chain, killed the big goat first, then fended off bears, then collected dolyak meat, that seems a little out of order but did stick around for another cycle and caught all the NPCs dialogue that time, left before having to collect dolyak meat for the second time. I think that is going to annoy people with a completionist streak, but for people with a more laissez-faire attitude getting snippets of story and piecing them together over sucessive characters or at future times replaying areas should feel less of a problem. I know that the events likely cycled too quickly and probably be adjusted, but there was a real danger of breaking the ‘magic’ behind the event chains.

    1. Running into an event while it’s in the middle of a chain shouldn’t actually be all that weird. The Dynamic Events emulate a real world, that’s alive and moving. It only makes sense that events aren’t going to wait for you to show up, just like that wouldn’t happen in real life. (A siege in the middle-ages wouldn’t start JUST when you arrive in a village)

      ArenaNet already said (Don’t have a source ready) that the current rate of Dynamic Events was intentionally sped up for Beta Test purposes. In the final game there will be a significant wait between event chains.

  2. And herein lies GW2’s problem with trying to convince people what it is doing is actually different and exciting.

    If you show up 2 seconds late to the bear attack all you see is the quest text that says “OMG BEARS! Kill [this bar’s worth] of bears.” To a player who doesn’t listen to the world they natural response is to think that this is just a fancy k10r style quest. It’s a shame, because the narrative of the world is beautiful, but hidden and never in your face. As such, if you don’t look for it you’ll miss it.

    I think what they could do to combat this is have *more* npcs running “away” from these dynamic events shouting and pointing players in the direction. So when a new dynamic event kicks off, spawn some NPCs and have them run away from the event calling for players to come and help. As it stands the only thing that draws players into Events is the UI. And because of that everyone is making the (incorrect) assumption that they are just a well dressed version of normal quests.

    It’s a shame, because as this video so expertly illuminates, this game’s writing and story telling in even the most basic of quests is simply stunning.

    1. Actually your suggestion is already in the game, an NPC runs up to the player and starts a dialogue and emoting, you can then talk to the NPC and they will mark the event on your map, even if you are outside the normal range that an event will automatically be highlighted.(Didn’t happen for every event, but happened a few times for me over the weekend, and it was really cool when it happened.)

      1. Yeah, I know it happens. It just seems like players who are new don’t see it. So the idea was the just inject a few more. You and the below commenter are correct, it can be too much if done wrong.

        It’s just a shame to see people not appreciate the work they poured into every event. Meh, I’ll enjoy it.

        1. They have eyes, but they do not see…

          Less poetically, but no less accurately: Ya can’t fix stupid!

    2. I’m not sure that ANet necessarily needs to change anything. Having tons of NPCs flailing around when a new DE would trigger would get old pretty quickly. It will take some time for players to 1) realize that there’s more to DE’s than meets the eye, 2) rushing through content is not a good idea if you want to experience the game, and 3) having a living breathing world means that you, as a player, will come across an event that’s fully ongoing and not necessarily get what’s going on at first glance (i’ve heard ppl complaining that some DE’s are just ‘kill these monsters’ without anything else to it).

  3. I don’t think it’s a shame. It’s going to take awhile for players to learn. Perhaps after some time in PvE if they see an NPC chugging across the zone that will turn out to be a clue to follow it.

    Others might simply not care. Between the lore and non-event conversations, etc. there are so many layers that can be ignored, but ArenaNet put all those layers in for people that like to stop and smell roses. And they are sweet.

  4. Living… breathing… WORLD…

    The depth of this game (in so many ways) exceeded my very, very high expectations. There’s definitely parts that still need work (duh… still in beta TESTING) but there was such obvious craftmanship, attention to detail, and wonderfully challenging complexity.

    I was more than a little bit anxious (prior to the BWE) about whether or not my hopes for this title would even be partially met. I really wanted another MMO that I could luxuriate in for years, as I was able to do with a few older titles… After just my first experience with the BWE I can relax – for me at least, this is my next online home.

    Folks who claim it’s just the same questing as other titles, but dressed up better, simply are not paying attention. They glance, half-heartedly, and see only what they want to see…

    If you’re ready to truly explore and learn in a new game environment again, then this game will not disappoint you.

  5. I read a post that said that it took test gamers (people who had played traditional MMOS, e.g. WoW, but never heard of GW2 before) several play sessions to fully realise how much was going on; One weekend aint gonna cut the mustard

  6. I think you might want to check out CaraEmms’ second video Dynamic Events Consequences. It was quite eye-opening, even for a Guild Wars 2 addict like myself

  7. Cool video, there was a lot here I never saw much of over the weekend, but it makes the whole event system very fun for those of us who like little details :)

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