[GW2] Searches I Did Not Think Would Work on Google

guild wars 2 guilds
Yes, it takes you to the page you want on the wiki. Even “guild wars 2 guild” gets you the desired link on the first page of results. That is, if the page you want is how guild mechanics will work in GW2. If you wanted a list of Guild Wars 2 guilds, I don’t think that really exists yet.

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “[GW2] Searches I Did Not Think Would Work on Google”

  1. I have always felt that Guild wars had the absolute gold standard of internet help sites. The various wikis forums and help sites were extremely well laid out and useful. Here’s hoping GW2 follows the trend.

    1. The wiki seems to be off to a good start, and there are lots of committed users from GW1. I just hope the wiki is less necessary in GW2.

      1. Oh, don’t worry – it’ll be even MORE necessary, what with most crafting recipes being hidden and seemingly not unlocked account-wide when found…

        And given the tactical difficulty of many Personal Story missions, walkthroughs will be heavily desired.

        1. I had problems with my personal story only when I tryed them at lower level than the quest.

          IMHO, each class have diferent weapons that open diferent skills. There are no holly trinity, so each class is dps/tank/helaer at same time, just need choose the right weapon.

          IMHO, players will need learn to be flexible and change strategy and tatics at GW2. Players will need learn to change weapons frequently at combat (any combat, not only story quests and bosses).

          Be warned that mobs at zones 20+ will use a lot of diferent tatics and players need use diferent tatics too against them.

        2. well, its not NECESSARY, but it helps. in gw1 it was a kind of expected, you were looking at the wiki while playing the game.

        3. As far as I’m concerned, the wiki will be there for any time I’m stuck, curious, or repeating something later down the track, but to use it much at first would kill the exploration/discovery aspect of the game I love so much.

          Wiki’s great if you want to speed through to an achievement or requirement (hence GW1 right now in my opinion).

  2. Of course there isn’t a list of all guilds in the game. The Guild Wars (1) Wiki tried to do that with the “Guild:” namespace, and it failed miserably because it was userspace content that was upheld to standards of mainspace content but couldn’t be maintained.

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