Bearded Lady

Q: There do not seem to be any female dwarves in Middle-earth. How do dwarves reproduce?
A: The “New Character” button is directly below your existing characters.

: Zubon

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  1. This is one of things that annoys me about Lotro and their respect of the lore. Maybe there’s more evidence but the reason for no female dwarves is that Gimli joked about males and females looking very alike and females not getting out very much. Surely they could have bent the lore slightly, like there isn’t going to be that many players rolling female dwarves in the first instance, or at least provide more feminine hairstyles and facial hair.

    Anytime there is any streamlining of gameplay, e.g. removing the rep restriction to get into Lothlorien, you have the lore nerds going on about ‘immersion’ and ‘the lore’, it was a silly out-dated mechanic because picking up orc filth for a few hours is enough to stop getting shot dead with arrows? At least now, players themselves can decide that they won’t enter Lothlorien until they have completed II.6.8, vanquishing an ancient evil and being properly welcomed as friend.

  2. This is a Moria quest “A feminine curve” which revolves around finding a female dwarf’s axe. The quest NPC gets appropriately excited about the find. The quest takes place in a dwarven nursery. I was disappointed the quest line didn’t go any further — especially since I play a dwarf (or played since I can’t tolerate LotRO game mechanics any more).

    Honestly I think the real reason is Turbine couldn’t make female dwarf models look good and dropped them from the game to avoid the effort expense.

  3. “How do you know you haven’t already met a female dwarf? Eh?”
    -Ogden Stonehealer (Guild Wars)

  4. Good joke. But of course I have to note that no gender is specified when creating a Dwarf character in LotRO, unlike the other races.

  5. Hi Moondog! :) Torang here.

    As MD noted, all dwarves are of indeterminate gender in Middle-earth. Thus you can’t create a male or female dwarf in LotRO, just a ‘dwarf’. Only dwarves can tell the gender of other dwarves; to other species the males and females are indistinguishable. Yes, female dwarves have beards, too.

    LotRO follows the lore precisely in this regard. Actually, generally speaking, they hew damned close to the lore in every regard; the exceptions are always debatably possible within the lore. People who aren’t hardcore Tolkien-fans often misunderstand basic things like how common magic was in Middle-earth and so assume the game is butchering the lore, when in fact this isn’t true.

      1. Eh, they’re really not far from the lore at all, honestly. The only real deviation comes in the form of the flashy visual effects, which I think are mostly for gameplay purposes. The level of magic and types of powers they have can all be tracked back to the Silmarillion with a bit of effort. And they are indeed awesome. :)

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