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The latest news on Copernicus is not good. Reason comments. Recent successes on Kickstarter led to discussion of the inevitable project that is not an utter fraud but just the normal well-intentioned vaporware (or a released but lousy game). Rhode Island’s loan guarantee is the potential equivalent of a $75 contribution from every citizen, except that they pay only if the project never ships.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Other Funding Sources”

  1. Local radio is blowing them up, especially Curt.

    If the MMO never ships, the project management was on par with Duke Nukem Forever. So ridiculous.

    1. Only 410,000 copies of KoA: Reckoning have been sold to date… That can’t possibly cover the massive cost of purchasing and sustaining Big Huge Games, and they are releasing content downloads for free like crazy…

      I just don’t understand what they have been doing for the past five years. I read somewhere, they bought BHG because they wanted the engine and world rendering from Reckoing, because they had the art concepts and models down, but couldnt put together an engine that would run it.. I did a wtf then, but figured with the talent they have on board it must be under control, but this doesn’t look like it.

      At this stage of development they should have promotional video of the game world, a name at least etc… mindblowing…

      1. The 410k number cited is only for box sales in North America. It includes neither digital distribution sales, nor the rest of the world.

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