[Eve] Fickle Wormholes

The past few weeks have been a series of ups and downs in Wormhole Space.  We had a string of really good spawns at the beginning of the month and are now in something of a slump with regards to new Cosmic Signatures…

It can be very frustrating to log on, scan the home system and the surrounding constellations, and realize that there is almost nothing you can feasibly do that will be of any significant benefit.   On a positive note, the last payout was a whopping $348,000,000 ISK so we are really getting good at milking the spawns we do get.   Now if we can figure out how to make content more consistent, though I think we all already know the inevitable answer… move to a bigger Wormhole with a 2nd WH Static.   If only we were ready for it, but we will be soon.


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