[Eve] Maximum Efficiency

Just yesterday I was commenting on how fickle wormhole life can be…  In retrospect, a large part of that is we have reached what I consider to be ‘Maximum Efficiency’ with regards to our Home System.

Basically, what I mean by this, is we have gotten into a rhythm that essentially guarantees that every ISK of activity within our system is harvested in short order of it materializing, and the skill level of the pilots doing the work has gotten to the point that this is a largely trivial effort.   This leaves little ‘content’ left for the other 22-23 hours per day when Anomalies or Signatures just haven’t spawned ‘yet.’

Yesterday I was out scanning the home system, and found three Signatures and five Anomalies had built up since many of our crew spent Tuesday battling Error 37 instead of Sleepers.  I quickly resolved and ignored our static connection which had been bookmarked earlier in the day, and within a few minutes I was adding new bookmarks for a Gravmetric Site (YAY!) and an outbound connection to Class 3 W-Space.

A month ago, we viewed Wormholes in our system as security threats, and something to be distrusted and feared, and we largely collapsed or criticaled them as soon as we found them…  ESPECIALLY if we had content to play around with in our system.

Now, the vast majority of our pilots see a Wormhole as opportunity.   This is a critical step in the progression and development of a Wormhole corp who have aspirations to eventually grow beyond the “Kiddie Pool” as one of our friends refers to C1-3 systems.

Wasting no time, I warped to our new playground to have a look around.   Entering C3a, I quickly identified just one Cosmic Anomaly, a Tower and  Bestower Industrial ship which I assumed was unpiloted inside the POS shields, using my on-board scanner.   In addition, a quick glance at the POCOs (Player Owned Customs Offices) that appeared on both my Overview and D-Scan identified the occupants of this system.  

This is important for two reasons…  First, I plug the system ID into Staticmapper which will tell me the Class of wormhole if I don’t already know, the probable Static connection,  the Variable, which are buffs or debuffs applied by the complexities of the system’s sun, and the level of activity in the system based on Kills of Sleepers, Players and Pods.  Next, I plug the Corporation’s name into both Evewho, and Eve-Kill to get some intel on the residents of the system with whom I am now co-habitating.

In a matter of minutes I know I am dealing with an Industrial focused corp with limited activity and membership, I know when they are active primarily, and their general efficiency with regards to PvP (i.e. where they hunt, or get hunted, and how they fare in those encounters, as well as the ship classes they typically use.)

Rechecking D-Scan, I determine that these pilots are offline, and I am free to launch probes to see what else this system has to offer.   A quick, single probe scan reveals six Signatures, one of which is the connection to my C3 from whence I came.   While my single probe was timing down, I was launching and positioning an additional six to create a complex, multi-axis scan machine that resolves signatures quickly and accurately.

The Signatures end up being three Ladar sites (Vast, Barren and Minor) and two additional Wormholes, both leading to High Security Space in two different regions.   Checking D-Scan again, and noting that I am still alone, I take the time to warp around, Bookmarking both strategic locations within their home, as well as to create two Tactical Bookmarks, which essentially refer to area’s of space that can not be warped to without active piloting of a ship, or Combat Scanning Probes.

I have done this, because tonight, we will be back.

I quickly post a message on our private forums regarding the find, and put out a call for pilots to temporarily suspend their raid on Error 3006 to come wreak havoc on our neighbors.

At the dedicated time, pilots begin logging in and we enter C3a with a contingent of Sleeper ready Battlecruisers to clear both the NPCs from the Ladar sites (which I warped to and activated earlier) and the single combat site.   After the sleepers from the Vast Ladar site were dealt with, the combat team moved on, and our three Gas Cloud Harvesting ships warped in and got to work.

 Over the course of the next few hours we pillaged their system of every last ISK of content, before heading back to our home system and finishing the night by clearing our own Anomalies.

Maximum Efficiency in our home system, and getting close with our neighbors.  We still have work to do, to improve our PvP efficiency, but that is progressing well also.   Once our skill ques catch up to our goals, we will be ready for bigger and better Classes.




10 thoughts on “[Eve] Maximum Efficiency”

    1. We were briefly stalking a Mammoth doing PI collection, but he just warped around and then logged off without ever realizing he was being watched/ hunted. It turned out to be a nonrelevant part of the night.

  1. Good writeup of the Corp’s evolution in WH space. It’s funny how the ‘content’ changes without the actual content changing. What was once a threat is now an opportunity, and what was once a problem is now a profit.

      1. LOL, I have no idea what that means…

        We have a clearly defined leadership structure, so I wouldn’t call it anarchy, but we are free to do more or less whatever we want… We divide all loot to the active wormhole members so in terms of communism, yes sort of.

    1. I’ve come to realize a great first defense in WH space is to keep all your anoms cleared. It’s a great indicator on whether there is profit to be made, and thus effort to be spent there.

    2. Penny, I appreciate the vote of confidence in my abilities, but I’m pretty sure for a while longer if we cross paths, it will be me riding the Pod Express home, not you…

      OH! Thats a perfect name for your new Loki… “Pod Express”

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