[GW2] I Name Thee Greed

The herd has shifted a little with ArenaNet’s rules for keeping names from the original Guild Wars. Basically log in to Guild Wars soon to get your Guild Wars names on the list. The list holds for the three-day headstart period and the day of the launch. After that miniscule time period, it’s fair game. One-word names are fair game from the start. Afterall, only one player in Guild Wars 2 gets to use the sweet, sweet name “Wizardex”.

It might be the most coveted name for Guild Wars 2 at the moment. Greedy name grubbers. It’s amazing that there is so much greed around names.

Four Days. That’s it. I honestly thought that once my account was linked I would get quite some time to lock down my Guild Wars character names. Let’s see, I have 10 character slots in Guild Wars with the majority of characters being over five years. Guild Wars 2 comes with 5 character slots… perhaps? I have four days to decide how many character slots to fill with old names or risk losing them. Or, in profitable terms, I have four days to decide how many character slots to buy.

That’s pretty rough. Then again, there a few names I am looking at like a vulture. How sweet it would be if that jackass that owns “Hiro Protagnist” let’s that name go back in the pot. (Actually the jackass is a pretty cool guy I have talked to once or twice to in Guild Wars about his monopoly of that name.) I’m sure on day 5 there are going to be plenty of vultures like me trying orphaned names. Greedy name grubbers.

What I would love is to be able to also safeguard a few one-word names, ArenaNet. I am sure I am not alone in the willingness to throw down a couple bucks to bogart one. ArenaNet is already about trading off time vs. money with the gem exchange, and the launch day name snipe is purely about time (with a huge amount of luck). Next beta weekend event just open up the gem exchange with a microtransaction to safeguard the name.

ArenaNet could even make it a lottery. Pay $1 to enter a lottery pool to win the name “Legolas” or “Drizzt”. The three-thousand losers that don’t get the name “Legolas” get $1 worth of gems instead. That’s $3,000 in ArenaNet’s pocket, and a fairer way to get that name.

Why isn’t ArenaNet greedier?


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  1. “I have four days to decide how many character slots to fill with old names or risk losing them.”

    Unless you count the time between now and the headstart, sure. :)

    I have 8 characters now. I know of one or two names I would want to keep, so I am planning characters for them in GW2 now. Also, if you have the 3-day headstart then you have pre-purchased, which means you can probably be in a beta and maybe even plan out the character’s look.

  2. The four day time limit is my biggest issue as well. I understand the need to free up a lot of names, but since they refuse to give a release-date, only hinting on it coming soon, during summer vacations, where there is a significant risk of users not being close to their computers, for a few weeks, four days is too short.
    A month would be ok, there are still enough one-word names to satisfy new players.
    But four undisclosed days seems like a lot different than the EotN-statement “you can save your names for Guild Wars 2”.

    1. Not saying this is guaranteed to work, since, as you note, we don’t have details yet, but…

      If it turns out you pre-purchased and really really can’t be there for the headstart or for day 1 to get your names, I’d open a ticket with ArenaNet and explain the situation. Maybe giving them your GW1 account info along with the names you would have used from it, there will be something they can do.

      I think the sky has fallen enough over the last couple of years. Time to prop that sucker up on some concrete pillars and see what actually happens as we get closer to launch.

  3. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones – the only name of my 10 characters I care about enough to keep (that of my first-ever GW1 character) is obscure enough that I’d have no worries about losing it even if I were somehow tardy on making a character with that name.

  4. It’s after launch AND after support tickets have been addressed (I’m guessing they mean tickets specific to names.) So probably several days after launch. Also, go by the odds of someone else coming up with the same name. Most of mine are unique enough that I’m not worried, and I’m only making 5 anyway.

    If ANet allowed people to buy names in advance, customers will have some serious (and arguably justified) hissy fits.

    As for single names, the whole reason they are allowing us to safeguard our GW1 names is as a courtesy so we can preserve our characters if we choose. It’s not about saving names in general (although some people are doing just that with multiword names, myself included as a precaution.)

    Single names should be fair game.

  5. Doesn’t bother me because I rarely re-use character names. I make up (or steal) new names for almost every character I make, which is a lot. I do have one default name I use just to get into betas or F2P games quickly, but I don’t attach any significance to it and if it’s taken I just play with the spelling ’til it isn’t.

    I don’t see any of my characters as “me” so they all need to have different names because they’re all different people. On the odd occasion lack of inspiration or impatience leads me to re-use a name I always regret it because it’s never clear thereafter which is the “real” one.

    I won’t be re-using any of my GW1 character names and I won’t know what my GW2 characters will be called until I hit character creation in Headstart.

  6. A better idea for A.net would be to reserve some one word-two word names and auction/sell them on their shop.

    or maybe sell naming rights; want a name 2 letters long? that will be 10dollars. want an offensive name? 100 dollars and its yours buddy.

    1. Character names have to be at least three letters long. I would pay ten dollars for a two letter name like “Su” or “Li” or something. But this could cause needless drama.

  7. 4 days is harsh when a majority of us gw1’ers assumed they were safely enshrined in our hom “forever”. and this 20 million number anet throws out makes it sound like they’re doing us a favor making more names available… how many of those 20 million are the ridiculous ‘names’ like “xxx sephiroth” or “ill illll”? or how about lyrics from songs? or possibly descriptions ie “Insignia Storage”? i’m willing to bet that there are quite a few ‘throwaway’ names.

    but that’s not even mentioning the 1 word names – the sheer quantity of them and the problems they pose…”Legolas Xxx” existed in guild wars 1 only because “Legolas” is not 2 words and “Legolas X” was taken. i think MANY people (myself included) will revert back to a 1 word name, probably something they’re commonly known as in ts/vent/mumble. And that’s great. That 20 million now doesn’t look so daunting as you open up a myriad of combinations for Legolas to throw 3 x’s in his name now, in 2 word or 1 word fashion!

    but there is also the problem of what happens if Ravious isn’t “fast” enough to snag Ravious? That’s not cool. There should be a way to reserve these 1 word aliases, or verify that you ARE THE ravious. of course, that would take effort and time on anet/ncsoft’s part and so it won’t happen. it may have been smart to allow pre-purchasers the ability to reserve a 1 word name for their account. but that still doesn’t solve the problem of first come first serve.

    it’s interesting to see the guru thread keeping their cool about this issue. there are lots of people in the community that are known by their 1 word name…either for being badass players, trustworthy, reputable, philanthropic, or a semi-famous blogger (as in ravious’ case). there are also some serious pvp’ers coming from other games who are known online by their 1 word handle…and there are also a lot of kids out there who will want to grief someone by “stealing” well known aliases.

    it’s just silly to think that THE ravious will have to select Ravious Xxx because his ping was a millisecond too slow. it’s also silly that i feel pressured to rush through char creation, completely neglecting all character personalizations, in order to “secure” my 1 word alias. remember, it’s more than just a game.

    1. > it’s also silly that i feel pressured to rush through
      > char creation, completely neglecting all character
      > personalizations,

      I never understood why step 1 in character creation (not only in GW2) is not the name. That’s the most important thing. Then, if the name is free it’s locked and you can proceed with step 2.

  8. It’s one of the advantages of being a role-player at heart – like bhagpuss I generally name my characters individually at creation, and mine will all be getting race-appropriate names. I do have the name Curuniel which I usually use for a first character, but a) it’s almost never in use, and b) I did too much role-play in GW1, and there was a Curuniel there who developed her own character, so in Tyria it’s no longer a simple avatar name.

    Now if any of you bastards goes and steals Rakir Smokeheart or any of my other ideas, I might have an issue :P

    1. I have 2 names from GW1 that I will be reusing. I also used one of them in LOTRO. They both have first and last names, which I like. Using 2 names allows for a lot more diversity then xXLegolasXx and XxLegolasxX.

  9. I’m honestly more worried about how many character slots I’m going to end up compelled to buy to experience all the races, professions and personal story than the names.

    Like Curuniel and bhagpuss, each character is a different ‘person’ and has to be named appropriate to the look it has. GW2 also has so much lore that it’ll feel weird for me to not have a race-appropriate name.

    I was already wondering if I was going to re-use 1 or 2 of my names from Guild Wars 1, they don’t quite fit, Elonian or Canthan names especially, and they’re already so unique two word names that I doubt anyone will hit upon the same name.

    GW2 allowing one word names puts me into a naming dilemma. It might be nice to use a short, sweet one word name… but it doesn’t strike me as Guild Wars thematic either for certain races. Last BWE, I ended up with 4 slots filled with first and surnamed completely different looking Charr, let alone anything else.

    When push comes to shove, I’ll probably end up going with what fits the character. And I’ve had plenty of practice in City of Heroes coming up with alternate ‘fitting’ names.

  10. Hold on!! Have I been reading all the latest ANet post wrongly? Are the scales about to fall from my eyes?? I read the Tweet/post as saying that you had from Jan 1st this year to release day to ACTIVATE any GW1 character. Activated characters would have their names registered to the linked account for a ‘considerable’ period of time (not disclosed how long) AFTER release. I understand that to mean that I can go on my GW1 account, play for 30 secs on a particular character and have that 1-word name saved for my use in GW2 – whether I decided to use it immediately or some time after (again depending on the length of ‘considerable’ but with plenty of warning from ANet). Great Gods of the Internet – give me your wisdom!!!!

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