[GW2] Time Lapsed Tyria

One Guild Wars 2 fan has a really cool site up that compares side-by-side the differences in the world of Guild Wars 1 to Guild Wars 2 called Project Tyria. For instance most of Guild Wars 2 charr country is built directly upon key locations in Guild Wars Prophecies pre- and post-Searing. There is the Barradin Estate:

I admit that I miss a lot of detail through the quick beta weekend playthroughs, and I usually regret not stopping to smell the roses when there is a lore discussion or someone talks about finding a quiet picnic spot with a Yogi-bear vignette. I can’t wait to see how Project Tyria grows after launch. I bet there are going to be a plethora of amazing side-by-sides.


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  1. Hey guys! Just want to thank you for featuring my website! It’s gotten so much attention because of everyone featuring it and I’m really glad to see that you support it! It is an honor!

  2. I said so on GWI, but it bears repeating here;
    Project Tyria is an invaluable resource for players who like the setting and lore of Tyria, but are not interested in the gameplay mechanics of the original game.

    I really enjoy reading up on the lore of Tyria in wikis, and will undoubtably have most of my GW2 characters join the Durmand Priory in that game. For someone like me, who has not played the first game, but still likes the setting, it’s wonderful to see these types of “before n after” style screenshots. I’ll be visiting Project Tyria regularly as long as they continue providing this type of fascinating retrospective look at the two games.

  3. Alucardalina, I thought this was a really neat project. I got so excited when I found the central fountain of Lion’s Arch in the new LA’s harbour; there was an odd moment of perspective. I’m looking forward to seeing more comparisons and discovering more familiar landmarks!

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