[Eve] Two Months

Today marks two months since I first set foot in New Eden.   It is hard to believe it has only been that long because I feel like I have seen and accomplished a lot in that very short period of time.   Let’s take a moment to reflect on what has happened over the last few months and take stock of my current situation and near term goals.

I joined INQ-E, moved into a C3 Wormhole, celebrated a 9th Anniversary, Burn Jita, Hulkageddon, the list goes on an on…  all in two months.  That is more that I would expect from a year in most MMOs.

My Pilots:

Lord Cyndre: SP 3,400,000

Captain Cyndre: SP 3,000,000


Lord Cyndre is a combat pilot specializing in Caldari racial ships and skills.   At the present time, my ships of choice are the Drake, Raven, Manticore, Buzzard, Noctis and a Badger Mark II.   I am fleshing out the fitting skills to V and all Missile support skills to IV or V currently and am on a short path to the Tengu.

Captain Cyndre is an Industrialist.   He celebrates today by skilling into the Hulk this afternoon!   He also flys a Moa Gas ship with GCH V, an Iteron M3, and has decent Planetary Interaction skills.  Over the near term I will be fleshing out the Ore Processing skills to utilize Mining Crystal 2s, then pushing my PI skills to max, before starting a basic Drake pilot build through to a Carrier at some far off point.

My Wallet: Across all my character I have about 500,000,000 ISK liquid, though I have a decent hanger and a top-secret business project underway that should net me 6-10 Billion ISK over the next two months.


My Hangers:


Lord Cyndre

Tengu: “Nymeria”

Raven: “Nevermore”

Drake: “Grey Wind”

Manticore: “Johnny Derp’s Probe”

Buzzard: “Ghost”

Noctis: “Lady”

Badger Mark I: “Shaggydog”

Badger Mark II: “I Scanned Your Mom”

Unfit: Tengu x1, Manticore x2, Hurricane x1


Captain Cyndre

Hulk: “Rock On!”

Retriever: “Tengu”

Moa: “Bean-O”

Iteron Mark III: “I3F”

Unfit: Hulkx1


If I add that all up, which I won’t do, my net worth is something like 3-4B I guess.   Not bad for two months in, but I view every one of those ships as lost already so I won’t be sad when they do get destroyed.   I don’t leave anything at home, I play to win, I fly dangerously, I lose a lot, and I don’t care.

In PvP I was 1 Kill to 4 Losses for April, and I am currently 2 Kills to 2 Losses in May.   I have missed more kills than I care to admit due to inexperience, but I am getting a lot more efficient, and my skills are finally starting to catch up to my thirst for blood.

Looking forward to seeing where I am in another two months.   Probably flying and losing at least one Tengu in that time…


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  1. I seem to remember you were training up Minmatar ships a few weeks back. Have you abandoned the Rustys?

    1. Started with the Min, but side by side the Drake is just a better ship than the Hurricane for what I am doing.

      That and I wanted a Manticore and Tengu so why train support skills for two different racials when I could get the whole encilada with Caldari?

  2. Speaking as someone who admires the concept of EVE, but never managed to get hooked, I learned through my 6 months + 3 month retry, that this is the most important part of the above post: “I joined INQ-E” (replace with suitable corp of your choosing).

    Nevermind the support of fellow players, or the avenues for things to do it opens up, joining a corp is above all important for one thing: It provides direction and purpose.

    There is simply far too much you _could_ be doing in EVE for the game to be anything but overwhelming, unless you have a goal to work towards at all times, above and beyond “fly bigger ships/earn more money”. In my first six months, it gave me great satisfaction to be Covert Ops-scanner-guy for our social corp, and being the person who could provide the fun for the others, by dropping a bunch of signature waypoints in chat/forums, and saying “I set up a fun night out for you guys. Go nuts”. When we looked into setting up a POS, my mining ship got busy hoarding fuel, so the others could focus on getting the isk to buy the thing. Had they only had a skill queue at the time, I might have been playing longer, but at the time, the distance to the next significant “bump” in capability was simply too long.

    In the last 3 months of retrying, after said queue went in, I did not have a corp to work for and with, and without that sense of purpose and the motivation, I simply burnt out.
    So you can do a lot in EVE in a short time, but the first thing you should do is find a corp with some ambitions, and join it asap.

  3. Funny that 3.4m SP allows you to do many of the things I can do, and at a level not THAT far below mine, with me sitting at 35m SP.

    “But I’ll never catch vets” always makes me laugh.

    Also when you say max PI, you don’t actually mean maxing all the PI skills to V right? Just the ‘right’ ones?

    1. CCU V, Planetology V, and the one that lets me get to 6 planets to V.

      And to your other points, I agree 100%. People don’t realize how little time it takes to become a perfect pilot in a few ship classes. This means they have just as much power as someone with 120,000,000 SP for those ships. The person with 120M just has more ships types and a broader set of skills.

      Thats why I like the Eve skill point design a lot. There is no cap to how high you can go, but they cap each ability rather quickly which maintains a nice balance between unlimited advancement and limited power.

  4. You and I started Eve around the same time and looking at our experiences is like apples and oranges. The depth and breadth of your immersion amazes me. We’re not talking a matter of “play time” either, I play all day.

    You get involved in a wide variety of activities, and develop your skills (play skills, not skill points) quickly.

    Keep the writing going, its interesting to read.

    1. It is more a factor of not being afraid to go do something even thought it might not be “wise” or “optimal”

      Take flying a stealth bomber for instance… that was a pretty dumb waste of several weeks of training at my level, but I don’t care, I wanted to do it so I did. I bet most people would O.o to know my first level V skill was Energy Upgrades V for the bomber!

      People spend too much time worrying about being ‘ready’afraid for this or that, or perfecting exactly something on an optimal remap plan… I say play the damn game, have fun, get blown up and let others worry about optimal this and perfect that.

  5. Low-sec, yeah right. I only go to 0.4 when I feel like risking a ganked Mammoth on a distribution mission for 0.2 standing’s points.

    Regarding WH, my problem is not having enough un-interruptable time. I’m on all day, but i’m afk 5 minutes out of every 10. I don’t like getting into a group activity when I know I’ll be a pain in everybody’s ass going afk.

  6. Been a pleasure being in INQ with you so far. Its a really great game if you just put in the time. The complexity of it is just insane but I love it!

    1. Speaking of complexity, the skill-tree map planning thingamajig they have was very helpful, when I tried getting back into the swing of things. That one they should make more obvious; I only noticed it because I’m the type of person who looks through every menu when I open a new game.

      I may not understand what the difference between Shield Operation and Shield Management is, but the skill-thingy tells me to get Operation first, if I want to run a shield tank. That was a cool addition, whenever they put that in.

      1. Assuming you are talking about Certificates, and yea, those are nice.

        Another useful tool is grabbing EVEMon, picking a ship you want to aim towards, and having it create a skill plan for you with all the recommended skills for that ship. Made training my 3rd account very easy.

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